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On a recent night in LA, the show was kicked off by Peaches, the electric dance music queen, who descended on a platform from the rafters belting out the song, “Boys Wanna Be Her” as strobe lights flashed, music blared and hundreds held up camera phones to capture the moment. Then it was two hours of happy mayhem punctuated by energetic strippers, comedians telling plenty of flatulence jokes, a parade of nearly naked ring girls, more loud music, more flashing lights, and lots and lots of comically violent performances by the luchadores.

Finally, it was time for Cassandro, the cross-dressing transvestite who is the Liberace of wrestling, He came waltzing into the ring in a sequined robe, blowing kisses to the audience and wearing a colorful wrestling costume that looks more like a woman’s bathing suit, Unlike most luchadores, Cassandro doesn’t bother with a mask, He says he doesn’t want to hide his pretty face, It’s a face plastered with glitter, rouge, eyeliner, bright blue eyeshadow yoga shoes for plantar fasciitis and even brighter red lipstick..

But don’t let appearances fool you. Cassandro is a superb athlete, holder of three championship belts. And so what if wrestling is fake. There’s nothing fake about the high dive he’s about to do off the balcony. “People ask how you can do it without getting hurt. The answer is you can’t,” he said before the show. He’s got the pins in his surgically repaired legs to prove it. On this night, he landed hard on his collarbone and grimaced in pain. But the show must go on. So he got up, tossed his vanquished opponent back into the ring and pinned him.

“I was a 16-year-old kid who got paid $10 cash to unload the truck for the Bill Graham concerts at the Berkeley Community Theatre,” Mayeri said in an interview held at the 97-year-old UC Theatre, “I’d unload the truck, set the stage, usher the yoga shoes for plantar fasciitis show, tear down the stage, repack the truck, Sixteen hours of work, and I would have paid ten bucks to do it.”, Mayeri eventually became chief operating officer at Bill Graham Presents, a concert promotion and production enterprise, “Bill Graham Presents was a great place to learn,” Mayeri said, “Bill Graham was a great teacher.”..

Mayeri’s latest venture began in 2009 when he planned to renovate the theater at 2036 University Ave., for which he has a long-term lease, as a for-profit company. He got city zoning permits and initial funding but was unable to raise the needed capital. In 2012 Mayeri adopted a broader approach. He incorporated the Berkeley Music Group as a nonprofit. In addition to producing events — mostly music but also comedy, film and speakers — he’s planning to train young people in event production and to use the venue to support other nonprofit arts organizations.

Mayeri said he’s planning 75 to 100 events annually that will showcase a “diverse range of music — everything from Americana to zydeco.”, Noting the Freight & Salvage with 440 seats, the Berkeley Community Theatre with 3,500 and the Greek Theatre with 8,500, Mayeri said there’s a need downtown for the midsize UC Theatre, which seats 1,460, And the space can be configured with tables and dance space for about 800 people, he said, The education arm of the nonprofit group plans to partner with Berkeley Youth Alternatives, Oakland-based Youth UpRising and the Berkeley YMCA-PG&E Teen yoga shoes for plantar fasciitis Center to train young people ages 17-25 in event production, Many students would have scholarships, Mayeri said..

Despite raising a little more than half his $5.2 million goal, Mayeri says he’ll start renovations this summer and open in 2015. “We’re confident that we’ll get the support,” he said. “We have some backup plans … and there’s a great positive response from the community.”. The city has stepped up to help, deferring payment for building permits. Mayeri said he’s “in conversation” with the city for additional support but is not ready to reveal details.

City Economic Development Manager Michael Caplan said reopening the theater will contribute to downtown revitalization, “It’s no mistake that the downtown restaurant scene is so vital because of the success of the arts district, which brings a lot of people in for evening entertainment before they go to the show,” he said, The project will build on the yoga shoes for plantar fasciitis UC Theatre’s long history, which began in 1917, when it was a cinema showing first-run films, In 1976 Gary Meyer acquired the theater as one of the first in the Landmark Theatres chain, where he was a partner..

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