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Lobbyists, company executives and U.S. lawmakers from both parties have urged Trump not to settle simply for Beijing’s offers to make big-ticket purchases from the United States to help reduce a record trade gap. Going into the talks at the Diaoyutai State Guest House in Beijing, people familiar with the negotiations had said there were still significant differences on enforcement and the sequence of when and how U.S. tariffs on Chinese products would be lifted. Analysts had anticipated the scope of this round of talks to be quite narrow, but that both countries hoped to signal they were working hard toward a resolution.

Reuters reported previously that the two sides were negotiating written pacts in six areas: forced technology transfer and cyber theft, intellectual property rights, services, currency, agriculture and non-tariff barriers to trade, One person with knowledge of the talks said “translation is definitely an issue,” referring to discrepancies between the Chinese- and English-language versions, There remains scepticism that any deal can permanently resolve U.S.-China trade tensions, “Whatever implementation mechanism China agrees to, whether it is monthly women's shirts that require cufflinks or quarterly meetings or other check-ins, there are going to be problems,” James Green, a senior adviser at McLarty Associates who until August was the top USTR official at the embassy in Beijing, told Reuters..

Trump’s demands include an end to Beijing practices that Washington says result in systematic theft of U.S. intellectual property and the forced transfer of American technology to Chinese companies. U.S. companies say they are often pressured into handing over technological know-how to Chinese joint venture partners, local officials or regulators as a condition for doing business in China. The U.S. government says technology is often subsequently transferred to, and used by, Chinese competitors.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Barely a week after the U.S, Federal Reserve called a women's shirts that require cufflinks halt to interest rate hikes, policymakers are now battling a view growing in financial markets, and embraced by the Trump administration, that the Fed will need to cut rates before long, Larry Kudlow, President Donald Trump’s top economic advisor, said Friday on CBNC that while there is “no emergency,” the Fed should cut rates to protect the U.S, economy from slowing down, But no fewer than five Fed officials in the past 24 hours have touted the underlying strength of the American economy and argued the recent spate of weak data on business activity is more likely to prove fleeting than lasting..

Even the Fed’s two most dovish policymakers - the presidents of the St. Louis and Minneapolis regional banks - say they are not ready to agitate for the central bank to start reversing three years of rate increases. On Friday one of the bank’s centrists, Randal Quarles, the Fed Board of Governor’s Vice Chair for Supervision, offered an optimistic view of the U.S. economy and said more rate increases may be needed if recent positive trends in productivity and investment continue.

Quarles is the latest in a series of policymakers insisting the Fed has an option to raise rates even as markets increasingly regard such a move as unlikely, The latest monthly jobs report showed a sharp slowdown in hiring, and recent data shows factory activity, business and consumer confidence and inflation have all weakened, Indeed, prices on futures contracts tied to the Fed’s policy rate on Friday reflected bets the central bank will need to reduce interest rates by September, Speaking in New York, Quarles said he is inclined to dismiss the recent data as “a bit odd” and “inconsistent” with underlying strength, wage gains that should be boosting households, and a rise in productivity he feels could be “persistent” and lead to stronger women's shirts that require cufflinks growth down the road..

But it wasn’t just Quarles, who has long tended to be on the more hawkish end of the Fed’s policy spectrum. Even Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari, one of the biggest opponents of rate hikes at the central bank, told Reuters on Friday that it is “premature” to think about a cutting rates in response to economic data and market indicators. Also on Friday, Dallas Federal Reserve President Robert Kaplan said bond markets are pointing to skepticism about future economic growth. But some economic data in the first quarter was distorted by a partial U.S. government shutdown and consumers are in good shape, he said.

Perhaps most telling are remarks by the influential chief of the New York Fed, John Williams, who on Thursday said the U.S, economy is women's shirts that require cufflinks in “a very good place” and described the likelihood of a recession in 2019 or 2020 as “not elevated.”, “I’m not as worried about a recession as some of my colleagues in the private sector,” Williams said, “I still see the probability of a recession this year or next year as being not elevated relative to any year.”..

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