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Naturally, it was “auf wiedersehen” for the Dirndl Girls. (The waiter got off with a reprimand.) So what was the upshot? A public relations disaster. Reason: over Cindy’s protests, the show said Speisekammer is in Oakland instead of Alameda, and Alamedans are very particular about not living in Oakland’s shadow. “People were furious!” says Cindy. “I got hate mail. People assumed it was our fault and said they’d never come here again.”. But please don’t blame her, folks. She tried to warn Stiles, and she thought her message got across. So she was as shocked as everyone else when the program finally aired, using the dreaded O-word.

Bike About Town, Grab your bike and helmet and join Bike About Town, presented by the city of Albany Recreation and Community Services Department, It’s a family friendly bike ride, with bike safety info, raffle prizes and more, 6:30 p.m, June 20, Wheels of Justice, 1554 Solano Ave., Albany, albanyca.org, Ocean View Park Clean Up, where to buy ballet slippers Join the dedicated and fun volunteers from Friends of Albany Parks as they work to make Ocean View Park even more beautiful, 9 a.m, June 21, Ocean View Park, Child Care Building, 900 Buchanan St, Volunteer forms available at albanyca.org, 510-524-9283, lkelly@albanyca.org..

Origami Time. Learn basic and intermediate origami folding techniques from sixth-grader Ayyan Ali. 11 a.m. June 21. El Cerrito Library, 6510 Stockton Ave. Free. 510-526-7512, www.el-cerrito.org. Magic at the Library. Children age 4 and up can enjoy the magic of Daniel Barash and the Shadow Paws puppet workshop. 6:30 p.m. June 24. Albany Library, 1247 Marin Ave. Free. 510-526-3720, aclibrary.org. Great Books Discussion Group. Participants are encouraged to bring their favorite book, poem, essay or other selection to share with the group. 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. June 25. Albany Library, 1247 Marin Ave. Free. 510-526-3720, aclibrary.org.

Weekly Family Singalong, Sing some old favorites and learn new songs when Dale Allen Boland leads this family singalong, 4:30 to 5 p.m, June 25, Albany Library, 1247 Marin Ave, Free, 510-526-3720, aclibrary.org, EcoFilm Showing, Filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia and city of El Cerrito’s Environmental Quality Committee present “Symphony of the Soil,” a mix of art and science that looks at the wonder and beauty of soil, A discussion with the filmmaker follows the film, 10 a.m, to noon, June 28, Rialto Cinemas, 10070 San Pablo Ave., where to buy ballet slippers El Cerrito, Free, 510-215-4361, www.el-cerrito-org..

World War I Centenary Panel. Panel discussion on the state of Europe on June 28, 1914, the day the assassination of the Austrian Grand Duke sparked the beginning of World War I. Six speakers will represent perspectives of Germany, England, France, Austria, Russia and Serbia. 3 to 5 p.m. June 28. Arlington Community Church, 52 Arlington Ave., Kensington. $3 students. $7 adults. 415-671-5836, www.wha1ha.org. Last Day of Peace Dinner and Dance. Buffet dinner followed by period music and dancing from 1914. American Ragtime Ensemble providing popular tunes of that year. Relive Edwardian era like a guest at Downton Abbey. Fundraiser for World War I Historical Association. 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. June 28. Arlington Community Church, 52 Arlington Ave., Kensington. $40 to $75. 415-671-5836, www.ww1ha.org.

Monday Matinee, Kermit the Frog and friends make their movie debut in the family-friendly “The Muppet Movie,” as part of Monday Matinee at the library, 2 to where to buy ballet slippers 4 p.m, June 30, Albany Library, 1247 Marin Ave, Free, 510-526-3720, aclibrary.org, 16th Annual worldOne Festival, El Cerrito and worldOne Radio host the 16th annual July 4 worldOne Festival, featuring live reggae, Latin and world music; a children’s fun area with carnival games, jump houses and rides; arts and craft vendors and booths; and more, 10 a.m, to 6 p.m, July 4, Cerrito Vista Park, 950 Pomona Ave., El Cerrito, Free, 510-559-7000, el-cerrito.org/july4festival..

My uncles are Quakers. During World War II, one joined the Marines, The others served as noncombatants: engineers, medics, unarmed surveillance (flying spy planes). They all, over the five years they served, at some time worked to retrieve a fellow American who had been captured, regardless of the circumstances or the personal danger to themselves. Escaping from captivity was the duty of every soldier and assisting the escape was the duty of everyone else. If assisting the escape could be done bloodlessly, by exchanging hostages instead of shooting everyone in the vicinity, that was the preferable course. If it meant replacing the combatant by a volunteer noncombatant, that was also acceptable.

Everyone knew, and agreed, that obtaining the freedom of the captured soldier was the highest priority, Have our priorities changed? Is playing legalistic games in Guantanamo for where to buy ballet slippers the next 20 years preferable to releasing a captive and wounded American soldier? Is being holier-than-thou, refusing to talk with the enemy, preferable to releasing a captive and wounded American soldier?, Anyone who thinks we should not have gone to any lengths to release Sgt, Bowe Bergdahl and get him safely back for medical care should say, up front in 20 words or less, what they consider is more important than the life and safety of an American soldier..

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