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The film sets the mood with a sea of flashing bulbs and shouted questions as a devastated Beverly makes her way down the steps of the plane that returned her to Hollywood. In the face of the chaos, she faints before saying a word. Unanswered is whether it was the reporters that sent the 17-year-old into a swoon or the sight of her mother amid the journalists, wildly waving and calling her name. Perhaps that is in part what makes the film such uncomfortable watching, the way it echoes modern-day celebrity train wrecks, from the alcohol and drug abuse to sex with minors. Years pass, names change, the news cycle speeds up with Gawker, BuzzFeed and the online rest disseminating the latest lurid details 24/7. Fame, however, remains as irresistible as ever, the public as insatiable.

That might suggest a more insightful film than writer-director team Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland have given us, Instead of a cautionary tale, they’ve looked at Flynn’s life through rose-colored glasses, The actor is made out to be a cad, to be sure, but in that arrogantly charming, forgivable way, Fanning’s hopelessly devoted young Beverly is clever but not conniving, Hollywood is not even cast as a co-conspirator, The villain is the mother, Sarandon plays the many disappointments of Florence’s life like a winning poker hand — starting with the accident that ended her career as a dancer and left her with a wooden leg and a sour mood, Her own hopes dashed, Florence refocused what does nmw mean in ballet shoes on her child, grooming Beverly for stardom from the moment she could walk and talk, The film only alludes to those years, but Fanning is quite good at showing us the finished product; a pity she’s not allowed to show much else..

Just as Flynn is the star in this story, Kline is very much the star of this film. The actor, more often cast as likable and light, makes fairy-tale Flynn maleficent. Kline dances on the knife’s edge of impropriety with such ease that it makes the dissipated legend he portrays more magnetic than creepy, which should be taken as both praise and criticism. By the time the film catches up with Flynn, he is approaching 60 and casing the studio lot for lovelies. Muted, nearly black-and-white tones from director of photography Michael Simmonds serve as reminders that this is the 1950s, and the way the aging star is shot peeking through his office blinds has a promising “sex, lies, and videotape” quality. But it soon piles up in a forgotten corner alongside the mention of the actor’s statutory rape charges and other random hints that there might actually be something terribly sinister going on.

Crisp, cool and beautiful, Beverly catches his eye, In short order, Flynn wines, dines and deflowers her, Suddenly, he can’t live without Woodsy, as he dubs her not long after what does nmw mean in ballet shoes they’ve met, She reminds him of a wood nymph, he says, as if their indiscretion would not count if she were some magical creature not bound by earthly rules of decorum, or under-age laws, The rest of the film essentially argues that theirs was a true romance, That it was love that led Flynn to walk away from “Lolita” when director Stanley Kubrick refused to cast Beverly in the title role, That it was the star’s belief in her talent and pressure from Florence that led him to make the dreadful “Cuban Rebel Girls” starring Beverly, That their age difference wasn’t quite so bad, since Flynn thought the girl 18, not 15, when they met, and Florence cops to forging papers so her daughter could get work at the studios..

It’s not long before the film’s procedural pacing begins to overshadow the emotion. In fact, a good deal of “The Last of Robin Hood” is spent building the case against Florence. She was certainly one of the guilty parties, facilitating her daughter’s relationship, selling Flynn’s story after his death, losing custody of Beverly. And what of the movie star’s guilt? There is a scene deep in the film that catches one of Florence and Flynn’s late-night conversations. As if to convince herself, she is recounting the actor’s virtues, suggesting his concern for Beverly’s career reveals a good man with good intentions. With a weary smile, Flynn allows he is nothing of the sort. That Errol Flynn would have been interesting. But the curtain never lifts, the wizard’s true nature is never revealed, and you can’t help wondering where “The Last of Robin Hood” left its moral compass.

The children were in a camp with hundreds of other student ambassadors from throughout the Asian Pacific region and the Oakland students stayed at the homes of Japanese families, The Asian Pacific Children’s Convention students were: Jazmin Moreno, Acorn Woodland Elementary; Michael Paltiel, Montclair Elementary; Dilbert Iraheta-Juarez, Acorn Woodland Elementary; and Alexandra Ortega, Korematsu Discovery Academy, LeRoy Gaines served as the chaperone, The 44th annual high school exchange occurred from July 25 to Aug, 4, Six Fukuoka high school students and two chaperones visited Oakland, Daily activities included: English lessons; a history lesson regarding the art what does nmw mean in ballet shoes from the Japanese American internment; a meeting with Mayor Jean Quan; visits to UC Berkeley, Oakland Museum of California, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Pixar Animation Studios, an Oakland A’s game as well as a dance exchange; and volunteering their origami and calligraphy skills at MOCHA (Museum of Children’s Art)..

“I’ve been flung around the room by dancing boys all day,” says the cabaret sensation, theater artist and international uber-diva, who is currently putting the finishing touches on her new show for Berkeley Repertory Theatre. “An Audience with Meow Meow,” which opens the company’s 47th season, promises an evening of song, satire and the kind of inspired mayhem that only Meow Meow can create. With choreography by Tiger Martina and music supervision by Lance Horne, the show is directed by Kneehigh Theatre’s Emma Rice, whose previous productions for Berkeley Rep include “The Wild Bride” and “Tristan & Yseult.”.

Meow Meow’s shows in smaller venues have been termed “kamikaze cabaret.” But she has something very different in store for Bay Area audiences, “There’s certainly a kamikaze element to it — the wildness of flinging myself on an audience,” she says, “That doesn’t change, It’s got songs and some of my magnificent what does nmw mean in ballet shoes monologues, But this is a full-scale theater piece — a new musical play, It has a narrative, and it’s quite intense and beautiful.”..

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