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“I risk my life every night for you (atop the pillar),” she said, adding with her patented sarcastic charm: “But what’s my life compared to your happiness?”. Cher’s between-song, often self-deprecating, banter was as good as, if not better, than her actual songs. “I think that John Quincy Adams was president when I started drinking Dr Pepper,” she said with that million-dollar smile. And she also didn’t miss the opportunity to zing the younger generation of dance-pop divas.

“I can still get into my ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ outfit,” she smirked, “Take that Katy Perry.”, The singer would indeed ‘Turn Back Time” and celebrate her roots studio shoes for yoga in Sonny & Cher, She sang virtual duets of “The Beat Goes On” and “I Got You Babe” with her former husband Sonny Bono, using archival footage of Bono — who died in 1998 — on the big overhead screens, There was also a Sonny & Cher highlight reel shown, which featured several touching clips from the duo’s famed TV variety show..

The multitalented performer, who has also achieved much success in movies, closed the main set with a powerful double shot of the hits “I Found Someone” and “If I Could Turn Back Time.”. Cher then returned for a high-flying encore — quite literally. She boarded a small platform, which was hoisted by cables far above the heads of fans. She sailed about the arena, looking every bit the “Goddess of Pop,” as she sang a stirring version of ‘I Hope You Find It.”.

What was unusual about the scene is that Thomson is 79 and all of her classmates are over 60, They are members studio shoes for yoga of a unique weekly class for seniors in a sport more commonly known for gravity-defying jumps than helping people with arthritis, Invented in the 1980s in France, parkour is a sport usually favored by extremely nimble people who move freely through any terrain using their own strength and flexibility, often using urban environments such as benches, buildings and walls as a type of obstacle course, It’s also known as free running..

The London parkour class of about a dozen students is taught by two instructors who have adapted the sport’s main elements to a level that can be handled even by those over 60 who have replacement joints or other medical conditions. “I wondered whether it was a government plot to get rid of old people when I heard about the class,” Thomson joked. She said she has balance problems and that the class helps her feel more confident about getting around. “Being able to get outside and do silly things like hugging trees is great,” she said, referring to a stretching exercise.

While most fitness classes aimed at seniors focus on calmer activities such as dance or yoga, experts say parkour is a reasonable, if unorthodox, option, “When I first heard about this, I had a picture in my mind of elderly people jumping off of walls and I thought there was no way this could be appropriate,” said Bruce Paton, a physical therapist who works with the elderly at the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health at University studio shoes for yoga College London, He is not connected to the program, “But when you look at the things they’re doing, it’s actually quite gentle and could increase their strength and flexibility to help them with their daily activities.”..

Still, Paton said parkour could potentially be dangerous for people with serious heart problems and warned anyone with a joint replacement or muscle weakness should be careful. The parkour instructors said everyone who takes the class fills out a health form and they are particularly careful to dissuade participants from doing too much; several students have artificial joints, arthritis or a pacemaker. “Every single technique in parkour can be changed so that anyone can do it,” said Jade Shaw, artistic director of Parkour Dance, who teaches the class. The parkour sessions initially began as a pilot project last year and Shaw is hoping to get more funding to expand it further. For now, the classes are free and held at a Tibetan Buddhist center in South London.

“I think it’s very beneficial and I’m hoping we’ll soon have a lot more older people bouncing around the parks,” she said, David Terrace, a health and fitness expert for the charity Age U.K., said any efforts to get older people more active should be welcomed, He said adaptations have been made to other studio shoes for yoga sports to help the elderly exercise more, such as turning soccer into walking soccer and building customized boats to accommodate wheelchairs for sailing, “There’s no age limit for exercise, it’s just about the individual and what they feel comfortable doing,” he said..

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