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Rimac has built up expertise in high-performance electric vehicle powertrain and battery systems. It already has 500 developers in Croatia and made an electric sportscar capable of speeds of 400 km an hour. Its expertise led Porsche to take a 10 percent stake in the carmaker last year. “Powertrains with 700 kilowatts of capacity are a niche product. Porsche focuses on the high volume stuff. They don’t have the capacity to deal with every niche,” 31-year-old company founder Mate Rimac told Reuters.

There are two ways to make sterling silver cufflinks monogrammed battery-driven vehicles: to use a clean-sheet design like Tesla, or to take a conventional vehicle platform that can also accommodate an electric version, For now, Daimler and VW have taken the latter approach, building electric cars on the same assembly line as their conventional vehicles, allowing them to scale up production without having to build dedicated electric car factories, VW has however started development of a fully dedicated electric car, the ID, which is due to hit showrooms next year..

Daimler engineers say the trend towards multi-powertrain platforms is likely to persist thanks to improvements in battery technology which allow even multi-powertrain designs to spawn electric cars with an operating range of over 400 km. But critics counter that combustion-engined cars have less space for large batteries, resulting in vehicles with a compromised design that have a shorter operating range than cars designed as electric cars from the ground up. “Eight years later and Tesla still has the better car than the Audi E-Tron, or the Mercedes EQC,” Rimac said. “It is not because the Germans are stupid. It is because they are not ‘all-in’. They work from the basis of the combustion engine toward electrification. I started electric only.”.

Start-up carmakers are better able to compete with large established players thanks to advances in virtual engineering and the prevalence of consulting firms that specialize in software and IT systems, like Germany’s Ferchau Engineering and Italy’s Danisi Engineering, Automobili Pininfarina is testing the sterling silver cufflinks monogrammed effectiveness of its advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) virtually, using a driving simulator program provided by Modena-based Danisi, drastically cutting down development and fine-tuning costs..

“You do 80 percent of chassis development this way and reduce development time by six to eight months. The rest is validation and fine tuning,” Automobili Pininfarina’s chief product officer Paolo Dellacha said. Before joining the start-up carmaker, Dellacha held various testing and engineering roles at Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo. Meanwhile Daimler’s AMG Project One, launched in September 2017, with 1,000 horsepower and a top speed exceeding 350 km an hour, will not reach customers until next year.

MONTREAL/SINGAPORE/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Gulfstream Aerospace and Bombardier are trotting out their longest-range business jets at an Asian air show this week, as they compete for orders from China’s growing elite, despite the country’s slowing economy, The Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition, (ABACE) opens Tuesday in Shanghai under a cloud of economic sterling silver cufflinks monogrammed uncertainty, amid slowing Chinese growth, the U.S.-China trade dispute, and Beijing’s crackdown on debt risks that has led funding to dry up in certain industries, brokers said..

“The biggest factor that impacted the business jet market was pessimism and uncertainty which stalled purchase intentions or forced those marginal owners to reconsider keeping their business jets,” said Jeffrey Lowe, managing director of Hong Kong-based Asian Sky Group. Still, Canada’s Bombardier sees its new $73 million Global 7500 business jet making inroads in Greater China against market leader Gulfstream’s $65 million-plus G650 family. The plane and train maker said on Sunday it secured firm orders for four Global 7500 planes that were converted from options taken by Hong Kong-based business jet management company HK Bellawings in 2018.

Greater China’s number of billionaires has been growing yearly by 10 percent over the past three years, and the Global 7500’s long range will help to “seize market share and to withstand any economic uncertainty in the region,” said Bombardier Business Aircraft President David Coleal by email, Both Gulfstream’s 650ER and the Global 7500 connect far-flung cities like New York and Tokyo, an allure for elite Asian buyers who want to fly non-stop to Western hubs, “You don’t need a G7500 to fly three or four hours, But when you do need (longer) range you can use this sterling silver cufflinks monogrammed jet,” said Thomas Flohr, founder and chairman of Vista Global and a Global 7500 customer..

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