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This is not your church-basement bingo — no offense, church basements. For one thing, this is on the second floor. And another thing, this is basically a stage show where a bingo game breaks out. There’s dancing, singing, laughing, some Arizmendi pizza, a little booze on the side, a lotta innuendo and the crumpling of spent bingo sheets with which unlucky bingo bums pummel the winners. There are prizes up to $200 — that’s a lotta cabbage — and things such as tickets to upcoming shows, or items donated from local businesses.

The only thing in common with church bingo is that it’s basically a fundraiser to help keep the other events going, says the executive director dame, name of Tina Blaine, who goes by Bean, I get it, Incognito, “We didn’t want to go traditional with this,” Bean says, “Traditional is boring.”, A lot of regulars show up with packs of pals, but you’ll find lots of newbies, too, like me, Bingo sheets were laid out on long tables in front of the stage, I sat by William Wong, in spats and suspenders, a snuffed-out stogie crammed in russian pointe shoes review his craw, He runs Localize It, a membership buying card for small businesses in Alameda, and loves this show, But it took a while, “I resisted for a long time, I mean, bingo?” he says, “But people would say, ‘It’s not that kind of bingo.’ They were right.”..

The stage was set with an overstuffed chair and a black sign spelling, “Dan’s Produce,” the local sponsor for the gig, written out in white with a little puppeteer pulling the strings, in “The Godfather” fashion. Godfather music played, too. I checked my chair for horse heads. The emcee, “Mr. Entertainment,” came onstage with a seersucker jacket and street-wise yammer. “Welcome to Big Lou’s bingo night! We’re gonna be lousy with prizes, and have some flimflam later on.”.

He went over the rules, which, if you remember bingo, are not very hard, “When you win, we’re gonna fingerprint ya’ and cuff ya’, Gotta be 18 or older,” he said, glaring around the room, “I think we’re safe in that department.”, Then Big Lou emerged, aka Ed Holmes, strutting out in a long maroon coat, spats, a yellow boutonniere and a violin case, “I’m ready russian pointe shoes review to call some balls,” he said, “You winners out there — and you know who you are — be ready.”..

Dancin’ broads in boas kept the flim, the flam and the glam going all night — led by Rhythmix founder Janet Koike (and spouse to Big Lou). Lou called out numbers. G-54, N-43, B-4 … nothing. But after a few games, I knew my number was up — in a good way. Right after a break and a fancy dance interlude to “Hey Big Spender” with Lou tossing out fake bills, Game 4 began with a prize of 25 big ones to the Alameda Bike Shop. All I needed was N-31. Come on N-31 … got it! I mean, “Bingo!” I jumped up in triumph, eagerly accepting my proper pummeling. Then, feeling on the level, I donated the prize back to the cause.

To quote the timeless wisdom of the Village People russian pointe shoes review … you can’t stop the music, Dawn Noel says she was hired to dance in the video for Spears’ hit “Work Bitch” and showed up for rehearsal Aug, 19, at a studio in Woodland Hills, according to TMZ, She and other dancers reportedly worked on their moves for several hours before Spears arrived “in a disheveled and confused state,” and had considerable difficulty executing even basic moves, she says, So this was unexpected because … ..

Noel says she was standing on Spears’ side when the singer twirled while unbalanced, extending her hands and smacking Noel in the face. Look, I’ve seen “Showgirls,” and I know these things happen. Noel says the impact was hard enough that everyone in the room heard a cracking sound. She says she was in a tremendous amount of pain, but all Spears did was say “I’m sorry” and continued the rehearsal. That would have been an awesome time for Spears to yell “Work, (expletive).”.

“It was called a youth conference then,” he said, “and it was centered around education, We wanted to engage youths and find out what their interests were.”, Fewer than 300 attended, as he recalls, and the scope russian pointe shoes review of activities was minimal, But that effort laid the foundation for what would become an annual event — Federal Glover’s Youth Summit — featuring speakers, performers, educational workshops and growing numbers of participants for a daylong program..

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