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Attendance is free of charge to all chamber members and their guests. For more information, call the chamber at 925-323-6524. A marketplace filled with beautiful crafts and services from women all over the Bay Area opens at 6:30 p.m., with the ritual — led by Daughters of the Goddess Kahuna and High Priestess Leilani — beginning at 7:30. This Daughters of the Goddess observance is to honor and celebrate loved ones who have passed away, using a collective altar dedicated to our Ancestors.

Taco Bell and McDonald’s on Lone Tree Way — a block west of the school — posted signs on their doors Tuesday saying they are closing their dining rooms on school days from 3 to 4:30 p.m., although they will continue to offer drive-through service, Burger King, which is even closer to the school, already has started keeping groups of teens out of its restaurant repetto la bayadere pointe shoes after school, That restaurant still is allowing families to use its dining room but only letting five students at a time enter and stay for 10 minutes..

“I think it’s a community issue, to be honest with you,” Joseph Franco, a Burger King employee, said Thursday as police officers and security guards patrolled the shopping center nearby. “It’s management’s way of trying to deter the delinquent behavior.”. Out-of-control teens have been a problem in and around the plaza for years, jaywalking across a busy thoroughfare and disrupting businesses, prompting some customers to shop elsewhere. Since Andrea Brooks first witnessed a parking lot brawl involving dozens of teens last spring, she has stopped scheduling weekday afternoon appointments for her daughter at the plaza’s Western Dental offices.

“I felt really unsafe, I will not go after school gets out,” the Brentwood resident said, “There are so many (students hanging around) that I can definitely see that if something were to happen, it would be an unsafe environment.”, The sheer number of Deer Valley High students who gravitate to the shopping center can set the stage for trouble, agreed Mark Sochor, manager of the Round Table Pizza restaurant there, Adolescents are tempted to act up in front of an audience, he said, noting that it’s been suggested the school district try to control the size of the groups that congregate there by staggering the repetto la bayadere pointe shoes times that the high school releases students at the end of the day..

Social media also contributes to the disturbances, Sochor said. Kids use their phones to advertise fights that are brewing: “The next thing you know, it’s on everybody’s Facebook page.”. Sochor considers Round Table Pizza fortunate because it adjoins FoodMaxx, which he says has an armed guard stationed inside. At the request of merchants, Deer Valley Plaza’s property management company added a second security guard to patrol the premises toward the end of last school year. And before classes resumed last month, FoodMaxx representatives talked with police and Deer Valley High’s principal about how to prevent the loitering. The Antioch Police Department has bolstered its presence in the plaza since the start of school, said Capt. Tammany Brooks.

Nonetheless, Sochor still sees disruptions about once a week, whether it’s fights, bullying, or simply a mass of kids cranking up a car repetto la bayadere pointe shoes stereo and staging an impromptu dance party in the parking lot, McDonald’s could not be reached for comment by deadline, A Taco Bell spokesman said in an email, “The health and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority.”, Meanwhile, Antioch Unified School District Superintendent Don Gill said he and a school board member met with the police chief and mayor Thursday morning to come up with short- and long-term solutions..

“Today we believe that we really needed to get all the parties together,” Gill said. In the meantime, the school district will be trying to convey to students and their parents that kids are taking a risk by hanging out in groups at the plaza. Gill said he noticed Thursday that Deer Valley High had blocked off its front entrance in an attempt to have students disperse through multiple exits once classes ended. “I don’t know if it’s the solution, (but) it’s a solution,” he said.

Perhaps the high school should offer more after-school recreational activities to encourage teens to stay on campus longer, repetto la bayadere pointe shoes Gill added, But he had a caveat, noting that the problems are occurring on private property, “It’s beyond the ability of the school system to enforce (the law) and take on responsibilities that are more appropriate for Antioch police,” he said, Other ideas that agencies floated at the meeting included having the school district identify certain students who are seen hanging out at the plaza and calling their parents to find out whether they know what their child is doing..

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