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Liu on the other hand claimed the city was spending too much on fire, police and city staff and not enough on maintaining the city. “Look at the city’s pie chart, that’s 44 percent of our budget that is being used on police and fire, and the city manager’s salary is $250,000, I think that is why Highway 680 is broken and everyday when we drive or go anywhere in that area it is always jammed. There is no money or budget spent to widen, and this is something budget-wise the city needs to change,” Liu said. “I think the street maintenance needs to be fixed. I do appreciate the city staff. They are an outstanding team, this is just some public projects that we can work on.”.

Froomin’s answer drew laughter from the audience, “If we had a poor city council we would be having a recall election, They are doing a great job, red shoe dance central For my daughter, she is always complaining that there is nothing to do in Fremont, so working on creating a space to engage residents,” Froomin said, “Things we can do better is working on paying off our unfunded liabilities and debt now, It is time to pay if off, the fiscal cycle is cyclical and we have a good team and before we hit another bad time we should pay that off so we are not in worse shape.”..

Ahmed, citing that he did not know enough about issues that the council could improve on, passed on answering that question. Liu said while she agrees that there should be entertainment options for residents, she thinks it should remain family friendly and should not include bringing dance clubs to Fremont. She also said she did agree with the current plan set out for the Downtown and Warm Springs districts. Froomin said, “Millennials are the younger groups like my daughter and her boyfriend that are not really looking for marriage or kids and are just looking to make money and enjoy life. The Downtown is where that is going to happen. The Downtown area is where they are going to go to spend time and be entertained, they don’t want a house or picket fence or kids so the Downtown district is what will attract millennials like my daughter to spend their time here and not in places like Mountain View.”.

Jones agreed, saying that the biggest complaint he has heard from younger folks is that there is nothing to do in Fremont, “We did have a number of clubs at one point, but they drained a lot of resources and a lot of people came from out of town and caused trouble, I think like Marty said, we have a Downtown coming and this is a new generation and they want everything at their fingertips, they don’t have a desire to go out looking for things, They want to be able to go for a walk, do some shopping and maybe enjoy some coffee red shoe dance central and be entertained whether that is street entertainment or other forms of entertainment, They will be contained in the Downtown and hopefully that will keep them here,” Jones said..

Salwan said that it has been an honor to serve on the council and work on these projects, and to make the Downtown a destination. “We had economic leakage, where people are leaving Fremont and going to outside to other cities for fine dining and entertainment, and the Downtown is our way of bringing that money back and creating a place where people can socialize, hang out and be entertained,” Salwan said. Additionally, “Warm Springs is the biggest landmass in the Bay Area, and we view this as a 21st century employment center, providing housing and jobs and amenities with restaurants and retail. I happened to work with the community to create the ‘Innovation District’ while on planning commission, so we worked closely with the economic development so everyone knew where these jobs will be translated and this will hopefully draw a lot of good companies in.”.

Lorenz said he had been “bullish” about getting a Downtown area, a dream of the residents of Fremont since the 1960s, and said that the sales tax and revenue that the city would get from the development of both the Downtown and Warm Springs area would bolster the budget red shoe dance central and allow the city to provide additional services and amenities to residents, “I know the economic development team is having workshops for small businesses,” he said, adding it was important to meet small businesses at their level because not all rules or guidelines applied to their specific situation..

Mei said that after speaking with a number of small business owners, “especially if they have locations in other cities, that Fremont is not business friendly. This is a challenge for us, there are a lot of things going well but definitely room for improvement, even though there are challenges, we can grow what we are doing and I think we will build a better business environment.”. Ahmed said that having a simple process for small businesses to go through, and having one point of contact, would help make Fremont friendlier to small businesses, so they don’t have to go to different departments and people to get things done.

Sharma said the different regulations and people that small businesses have to deal with it make it red shoe dance central difficult to be a small business owner in Fremont, “It isn’t that everything has to go through an attorney’s office, it should be one contact person and that person takes them through the whole enchilada, it’s so easy, This city is not business friendly, You can sugar coat it however you want, if we are going to say you have to pay the bills, we have to provide better services to smaller businesses.”..

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