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The CIRP survey found that when customers do switch, they usually cite issues such as cost or network quality as the reason for the change. T-Mobile, hot on the heels of its burgeoning "Uncarrier" marketing buzz and rollover data plan introduction, announced it had grown its subscriber base to more than 55 million. This should put a scare into Sprint, which is currently clinging to its spot as the third-largest wireless provider. It also goes to show there are some customers moving about. I've only ever been with two mobile carriers in my entire life. The first was Verizon. The second and current one is Page Plus, which is actually a reseller of the Verizon network, so it's kind of like I never really left. Yes, I'm sacrificing perks like local stores, cutting-edge smartphones and discounted hardware upgrades, but that sweet low price around $30 per month keeps me hanging on. However, I do occasionally browse the offerings of the big-four carriers and drool over the latest smartphones. I just haven't been convinced to jump ship yet.

Of the 5.7m 4G customers added in 2014, 1.7 million signed up in the last two months of the year, suggesting 4G uptake is accelerating, That's good news for EE, which could have seen numbers slow as rival networks got into the game after a year-long head start in which EE was the only 4G network, With all these data-hungry 4G fans signing up to enjoy extra-fast speeds it's no surprise that the amount of Internet used also went through the roof, 2014 saw six times as much data gobbled up as 2013, The peak for uploading was New Year's Eve as everybody sent selfies to Instagram and Whatsapp, while the peak for downloading was Australian striker Tim Cahill's fantastic left foot volley against the r just case iphone x Netherlands in their World Cup tie on 19 June..

The new customers take EE's total number of 4G subscribers to 7.7 million. "5.7 million net additions was an impressive number for EE," says industry analyst Kester Mann of CCS Insight. "According to our research, EE has more 4G customers than any other operator in Europe."Mann attributes this growth to the introduction of new tariffs, the launch of pay-as-you-go services, a decline in smartphone costs and wider coverage. EE now offers 4G service in 510 UK towns and cities and 3,894 villages, reaching more than 80 percent of the population. In some cases, those rural outposts are enjoying decent Internet speeds for the first time. Fixed line broadband hadn't reached them because of their remoteness or the size of their population -- the smallest village covered by EE, the wonderfully-named Elvanfoot in South Lanarkshire, totals just 52 people. Hello to everyone in Elvanfoot.

Predictably enough, the hotspot for 4G is in London's hipster capital Tech City -- better known as Silicon Roundabout -- where early adopters, tech startups and r just case iphone x standard issue hipsters make the most of doubled 4G+ speeds, Kester Mann predicts "continued strong growth in 2015 as smartphone prices continue to fall and awareness of 4G technology among consumers continues to increase." 2015 will be a big year for EE: not only has the network expanded into TV with the EE TV set-top box, it is also set to be swallowed up by BT in a £12.5 billion deal, It's essential for the network that EE continues to win 4G customers from rivals O2, Vodafone and Three..

The UK's first LTE network now has 7.7 million 4G customers -- and their peak for downloading last year was Tim Cahill's sensational strike against the Netherlands. Australian Tim Cahill's World Cup wonder goal was the biggest moment in 2014 for 4G fans as EE added nearly 6 million customers to its super-fast LTE network. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Ascent Solar is developing this portable solar blanket and battery system for military use but anticipates bringing this product to the general market as well, Inbo Lee and CTO Joe Armstrong of EnerPlex / r just case iphone x Ascent Solar show me how simple this 18.5V array is to unfold and use, When the panel array is folded up with it's battery it's about 8"x16"x3" and weighs just 8.2 pounds, It takes 2 hrs to charge this 86.5Whr Lithium Ion battery, which features 2 USB ports for connecting your devices, which will charge just as fast as they would in your home..

Dubbed UberCargo, the company's new service allows users to call a van and transport large items, like a mattress, surfboard, large pet, or anything else. While the owners of the products are encouraged to place the goods into the vans on their own, Uber says that the drivers will help, if requested. Pricing for UberCargo is based on time and distance traveled, so it will vary. For now, Uber is testing the service in Hong Kong, but it could make its way to other markets. UberCargo works in much the same way as the company's ride-sharing service. Customers call for an UberCargo driver to meet them at a location, input a destination, and then load up the van. Users have the option to ride along with the cargo or track it to its destination via the UberCargo app.

Uber has had its fair share of troubles over the past several months, Its services have been banned in cities around the world, a few of its drivers have been arrested on charges of rape, and some countries have said that it's offering an illegal tool for travelers, Earlier this week, the company was taken to task by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission for failing to provide ride data, Most of the complaints against the company around the world have come from taxi groups that see Uber as a threat, Now that the company is testing out the logistics market, it's r just case iphone x unclear whether competing companies could go after Uber similarly to taxi firms..

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