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Suggesting the library is not necessarily about books any more (though books and similar media remain popular), Fitzgerald noted a brand new technology called 3-D printing — involving machines that create solid objects from various materials based on three-dimensional digital designs — is another technology he is striving to bring here. “It essentially looks like a box and what it does is it takes plastic and kind of melts the plastic and literally prints out a design,” Fitzgerald said, noting users of the technology have created jewelry, puzzle pieces, architectural models and artwork. “It’s just a way to open people up to new ideas.”.

He said the ultimate goal is to gain more engagement with Milpitas’ local library, “I’ve found since I’ve been purple pointe shoes here that there’s a large amount of support for the library, from the community and the government,” Fitzgerald said, “But we’re always doing things to get more people to use the library, but we struggle with certain age groups, including younger professionals.”, Fitzgerald said Milpitas’ library wants to engage people for a lifetime..

“It’s not always easy but we try,” he added, noting the library in some sense has to compete with commercial booksellers and the Internet for items like e-books. “I’m still surprised people don’t know the library even has e-books. But I think that’s one area where we’re starting to do better and can improve a little bit… Once people find out they can get those same e-books for free from the library they’ll probably do that.”. Fitzgerald, a Castro Valley resident who is married and the father of two young boys, is a native of Abington, Pa. — a more than 55,000-person community northeast of Philadelphia.

“I grew up there and went to Penn purple pointe shoes State University and got my undergraduate degree in English literature in 1997,” Fitzgerald said, Though he studied English for his love of books, Fitzgerald deviated from the literary path a little when he went to work in the private sector in the 2000s for Washington, D.C.-based Comtex News Network — a high-tech company that aggregates the news of the day from various media sources (such as articles and press releases from different publishers) and streamlines that information into one format for paying client businesses for use on their websites..

“The main thing I did was technical support and customer service,” he said. After working there for nine years, Fitzgerald said his love for reading and books won out. “I found myself in my job kind of drifting away from that, it was just kind of the day to day and I wanted to get back into that area; that’s why I love libraries because it put me a lot closer to books,” Fitzgerald said. In the early-2000s, his wife, Mazie, got a job in Silicon Valley and Fitzgerald — able to telecommute for his job at Comtex and effectively able to work from anywhere — decided to move to the West Coast, a place they’d not really visited previously.

“We were looking to make a change, we were in Alexandria, Va, at the time and we were looking to do something different,” Fitzgerald said, adding since moving here they love being in the Bay Area, “And we’re not moving.”, The couple has two boys, John, 6, and Collin, 3, In 2007, while in the Bay Area, Fitzgerald earned a master’s degree purple pointe shoes in library science from Drexel University in Philadelphia, He was hired by the county library that same year and worked part time in the Los Altos Library, About a year later, he got a full-time job at that library, In 2009, Fitzgerald moved to the Cupertino Library as a supervising librarian..

“I had some managerial experience before so I think that helped me in my career path,” he said. In the future, besides technology, Fitzgerald said he will continue to promote new programs and events here though some are still being thought out. “I don’t want to say exactly what we will do because I want to try and understand the community a little bit more but there’s always lots of options and there’s certainly a lot of great (library) systems in the country that do a good job with that,” he added.

In addition, Fitzgerald said he hopes to better “package and promote” ongoing events to get cross interest from the public and draw people to Milpitas library — something he did while working in Cupertino, “A lot of performing arts stuff,” he said of events he’d like to see showcased including Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, local opera companies and dance groups, “I’d like to package it together where it’s week, after week, after week; it’s really kind of marketing in a way and it’s really ensuring that while we’re talking about one we’re talking about the other and it builds and purple pointe shoes snowballs, The whole idea is to get people in the door, Plus, you know going to the opera is not cheap and this is free.”..

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