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A preview test run of Google’s online coding lessons this week was deemed “awesome” by Carmen Ramirez y Porter, 11. “It’s not very complicated. It’s easy and fun and really cool to see how it turns out when you finish,” she said. National Center for Women & Information Technology CEO Lucy Sanders, a leading advocate for women in computer sciences, sees the Made With Code initiative as a pivotal moment in what has been a long-term challenge of getting more girl geeks growing up in America.

“It used to be that as a computing community we didn’t really talk about gender issues, But pointe shoes for high arches now we’re really pulling together, from corporations and startups to nonprofits and universities,” Sanders said, “I’m very optimistic.”, There’s plenty of room for change, Female participation in computer sciences has dropped to 18 percent, down from 37 percent in the 1980s, and only seven percent of U.S, venture capital deals go to women founders and CEOs, Just 20 percent of the 30,000 students who took the Advanced Placement computer science test last year were girls, according to a College Board analysis, which showed no girls at all took the test in Mississippi, Montana or Wyoming..

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, one of the earliest Google employees, points to societal and economic drawbacks if women are not participating in the booming tech economy. Also, she said, “I miss having more women counterparts.”. Tech firms are overwhelming male — Yahoo on Tuesday released a report showing 62 percent of its global employees are men. At Google, about 70 percent of the roughly 44,000 people it employs throughout the world are men. This year, the search giant commissioned a nationwide study to find out why so few women pursue technology careers, asking 1,600 people about whether they were encouraged to study computer sciences and had opportunities to learn to code.

Their findings, shared with the AP this week in advance of public release: Girls have little exposure to technology and computer sciences, That doesn’t mean they’re not interested, however, If parents, friends and teachers encourage their daughters to pursue computer sciences, schools offer more courses and more role models step forward, the field can be leveled, But to capture girls, it’s got to be fun, That’s the plan for a “Made With Code” kick-off event in New York Thursday for 150 girls, where indie rockers Icona Pop will perform and coders will demo how they make everything from animated movies to designer fabrics with software, Actress Mindy Kaling, who is the event’s master of ceremonies, said she fights gender bias in Hollywood, but pointe shoes for high arches when a techie friend told her about Silicon Valley’s gender gap “it was staggering.”..

“Just as television and movies need to reflect their audience, I think it’s important that people who create technology reflect the diversity of people who use them,” she said. Chelsea Clinton, who is representing the Clinton Foundation at Thursday’s event, said she got her own first computer in 1987 from Santa Claus. “Ultimately computer science is helping to create the future,” she said. “So when we think about the future, we know we need to be doing more in this country and around the world to ensure that girls and women see computer sciences as real, viable options for them.”.

Entrepreneur Dez White wasn’t necessarily pursuing a tech career when she asked a patron at her family’s restaurant to teach her to write software, She just had an idea for an app and wanted to make it, “It was very hard for me to get my head around it,” White said, “I didn’t go to Stanford for code.”, pointe shoes for high arches Today, she hires coders for her firm Goinvis, which sells privacy apps that allows users to send texts that self-destruct at a set time and emails that disappear from an inbox after they’re opened..

But in addition to her day job, as a successful female African-American entrepreneur, she realizes she needs to be a mentor as well. “I think young women don’t even realize computer sciences are an option. It’s not laid out like nursing and social work,” she said. Next year, she’s planning to organize a technology retreat for high school girls, and she tries to hire women for her growing company. “It’s hard. We have to really look. Their numbers are very, very slim,” she said.

“Unlimited sparkling water?” someone asks, In the end, however, the budding Googlers are most excited about the work, “The project I’m working on is super high impact, and I’m looking for ways to make my mark,” says Rita DeRaedt, 20, studying visual communication technology at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, She admitted to being a bit starstruck after she was assigned to a team pointe shoes for high arches headed by a designer she’s long admired, With summer’s arrival comes an influx of thousands of Silicon Valley interns, Well paid and -perked, young up-and-comers from around the world who successfully navigate the competitive application process are assigned big-time responsibility at firms such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox and Twitter..

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