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The family ended up buying a house on Palmetto, just so many doors south from the soon-to-be-opened Seavue Movie Theater. Joanne was not happy about it. “It was 1949, I was 14 and I was going to Sacred Heart High School,” she said. “I had gone all these years to school with the same friends and now all of that was going to change.”. The family moved from a flat in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley District. The house in Pacific Manor was brand new and had a yard. She liked that immediately and has lived in Pacifica ever since.

Her dad worked as a supervisor pointe shoes color at the main post office in San Francisco, He had also been a driver with Yellow Cab, Her mom worked as a Yellow Cab driver during the War, In fact, she was San Francisco’s first female cab driver, She went on to work at the Bank of California, “This area was very different back then,” Joanne said, “So much open space and of course that was before the widening of the highway.”, Joanne transferred to Jefferson High School in Daly City, There were just a few students on the coast and their bus driver lived in Linda Mar, He was also a biology teacher as well as the drummer at Nick’s Restaurant..

“Back then we kids used to meet at Louie’s Creamery after school,” she recalled, “or at Tic Tock for hamburgers. On Friday and Saturday nights we’d dance to the jukebox over at the Quonset hut in Sharp Park.”. Joanne learned how to drive on her father’s 41 Packard. When she turned 16 the car was hers. “I used to speed down the highway in that car, just like all the kids,” she laughed. Back in her teen years, Joanne also rode motorcycles. “I used to get into ‘teen’ mischief with my three girlfriends,” she said.

They would go swimming at the archery range, “they had a puddle there and pointe shoes color we were in it,” and would ride horses out of Happy Hollow Stables in the back of Pacific Manor, “One time one of those horses ran away with me, all the way from the top of Pacific Manor, across the old highway, and out into the sand,” she said, “It stopped just at the cliff, Thankfully my dad didn’t see it because he would have kicked my butt.”, Joanne was raised Catholic and until Good Shepherd opened, she used to walk to Rockaway Beach where church “and confession” was held in the Trading Post..

She started working in San Francisco at age 16. Her future husband Don Wright drove a truck in the city and also worked at the gas station just across the highway in Pacific Manor. He saw her walking one day to her job on Brannan and honked. She didn’t pay him much attention until she ran into him in Pacifica at the gas station. She was 18 when they married. Their first child Joseph was born when they were renting a place on Pacific Avenue in Sharp Park. Their son Donald Jr. came along when they were renting on Moana Way, though he only lived a month. The couple then moved to Vallemar where they bought a “small house” on Juanita Avenue. Their daughter Patricia was born there. They moved to a bigger place on Adobe Drive in Linda Mar and then eventually back to Pacific Manor.

All of pointe shoes color Joanne’s family lived in Pacific Manor, which included her husband’s folks, his brother and his family, her sister Mary and her husband Frank Nash and their family, In 1954, Joanne’s father-in-law and her husband bought the Surf Club, which was renamed the Surf Lounge when they moved to the west side of the highway, They owned it for 38 years, Joanne did the bookkeeping and office work and Don handled the bar, “We knew everyone back then,” she recalled, “We couldn’t go through the grocery store without running into half the town, And everybody loved Don, He was a good guy.”..

“My brother-in-law’s barbershop was right next door when we moved to the west side of the highway,” she continued. “That was a lot of fun to be there with Frank.”. She lost her husband Don in 2002. They were married almost 48 years. “I’ve lost a lot of family,” Joanne said, “including my oldest son, my sister, and my niece. But I still have family here and they mean everything.”. “I have a lot of good memories here,” she went on to say. “Heading over to Nick’s for dinner and dancing or to the Mori Point Inn. I still have the Mori Point Inn cocktail book. We used to make some of those drinks at the bar.”.

One of the highlights this year, by popular demand, will once again be the “Rustiest Car Contest.” Your vehicle entry must be driven down Palmetto Ave, on its own power, The winner will receive an award certificate and “bragging rights.”, Leading off the parade will be Grand Marshal Mayor Mary Ann Nihart, followed by members of the Pacifica Sports Hall of Fame as Honorary Grand Marshals, Parade festivities will include marching bands, spirit squads, actors, musicians, dancers, students, costumes, and more, We invite you to come show everyone what your group is all about, Build a float and showcase your creativity, All community groups, schools, pointe shoes color individuals and organizations are invited to join, Dress in costume, carry signs and provide your interpretation of our theme, “Seaside Dreams.” Come join the fun..

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