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The couple was saved by their sideline, packing and selling bags containing tea and exotic ingredients. They changed the name of the company to Mighty Leaf and moved to Sausalito in 1999. In 2004, they moved the company to San Rafael; the couple live in San Anselmo. Mighty Leaf’s wares are sold in 13,000 retail outlets including Safeway, Whole Foods and Andronico’s, and are served in local establishments including Toast in Novato and Mill Valley, Sol Food in San Rafael and Mill Valley, Comforts in San Anselmo and Fish in Sausalito. In 2012, Shinner told North Bay Biz magazine the company’s annual sales were in the “double-digit millions.”.

While America is sometimes described as a melting pot, it’s tempting to describe the North Bay as a teapot, or at least a sort of rolling tea party, with many such companies in the area, One of them, Silk Road Teas, is also in San Rafael, Silk Road specializes in pointe shoes 101 artisan and rare teas such as Drunken Concubine (Zui Gui), The Republic of Tea, based in Novato and named one of the country’s best places to work in 2013, blends and markets organic and exotic teas from around the world, Founded in 1974, Traditional Medicinals, purveyor of Throat Coat, Nighty Night and a host of other nationally recognized teas, is headquartered in Sebastopol and pioneered the herbal medicinal tea market in the U.S..

Across the bay, Numi Organic Tea is a premium, Fair Trade sustainable company specializing in unique and innovative blends. Peet’s is headquartered in Emeryville. Peet’s itself was acquired in July 2012 for nearly $1 billion by German conglomerate Joh. A. Benckiser, and is expanding nationally. “It’s (the acquisition) a great opportunity for the company,” said Conway, who would not say how much Peet’s paid for Mighty Leaf. “The products are complementary. Peet’s is single estate teas, classic teas, while Mighty Leaf is more innovative,” Conway said. Single-estate teas come from a specific tea plantation.

“We are two Bay Area companies with a commitment to quality and fanatical customer bases,” Conway said, He was referring to the fact that both brands have a large following of loyal customers, dubbed respectively “Peetniks” and “Mighty Leafers.”, “The reception on pointe shoes 101 social media has been positive,” Conway said, and a look at Peet’s Facebook page confirms that the Facebookers were pleased, “A great addition to an already awesome product line from my most favorite tea purveyor!” said Michael Langham, among other comments..

An ex-Rolling Stone associate editor and senior writer cum online music pioneer, the 61-year-old author describes the narrator of his coming-of-age story, 19-year-old Michael Stein, aka “Writerman,” as “a caricature of his teenage self,” a rock-crazed kid with raging hormones who’s obsessed with Bob Dylan and the “Visions of Johanna chick,” Sweet Sarah, he meets and falls in love with at a meditation center in Woodacre. In Goldberg’s tragic love story, set in Marin County in the late ’60s and early ’70s, young Writerman begins his betrayal of Sweet Sarah at the Depot and its downtown plaza.

“It’s the first time he looks at pointe shoes 101 another woman,” Goldberg explained, noting the parallels between the arc of his fictional tale and the maturation of the music he’s spent his career writing about, Novelist Tom Spanbauer calls Goldberg “a total rock ‘n’ roll geek,” a characterization that’s borne out in the rock references on just about every page, “There are so many songs about teen love in the early days of rock n’ roll, and that’s a big theme in the early portion of this trilogy,” he said, “Then things change and get more sophisticated and evolved as the books progress, just as rock music did, I was taking emotion from songs and from albums and manifesting that into my fiction.”..

Raised in Mill Valley, Goldberg went to Tamalpais High School (class of ’71), where he wrote about rock for the student newspaper and once convinced the late Mill Valley guitar god Michael Bloomfield to play at one of the dance concerts, replete with psychedelic light show, that he produced on campus. In an early chapter in “True Love Scars,” Goldberg’s Writerman recalls seeing Janis Joplin, the Doors, the Byrds and avant-garde rocker Captain Beefheart at a music festival in an amphitheater on Mount Tamalpais.

In real life, he was a wide-eyed 13-year-old when he took in the Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival, a seminal rock fest on Mount Tam featuring those bands and many others over two history-making days in 1967, the Summer of Love, “It was really mind blowing for a kid that age to experience the Doors and Big Brother pointe shoes 101 and the Jefferson Airplane,” he remembered, “It was also this total countercultural scene up there, There were booths selling beaded necklaces and peace symbols, all this stuff that hadn’t become a cliche at that point, It was early on, it hadn’t started to get real weird yet.”..

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