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CNET has reached out to HTC for comment. We could assume that the two devices picture here include the successor to the HTC One M8 , which is allegedly called the HTC One M9, and a variant. As some readers may recall, the last couple of months have given rise to whispers of code names of HTC "Hima" and "Hima Ultra". Other names tossed around also include One M9 and Hima Ace Plus. As to why these newly pictured phones don't match up with those leaked in the past, HTC Source has an answer. According to a source close to the site, HTC has been using dummy cases to hide the real deal.

Allegedly, the next-gen models will employ an edge-to-edge glass panel and centrally located cameras that call to mind the Desire 826 , One only need a quick peek at today's image to see this matches up with phantom 2 iphone case last weekend's report, HTC has a press event scheduled for March 1 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where it is expected the 2015 flagship experience is announced, Stick with CNET over the next weeks as things could get more interesting in the run-up, A newly surfaced image suggests that HTC could announce two devices at March 1 press event..

More than 400 million phablets will ship in 2019, five times the the estimated 138 million to be shipped this year, the report said. As such, phablets will account for more than 20 percent of mobile devices shipped in the next four years. The phablet is defined by Juniper as a handset with a screen size of 5.5 inches to 6.9 inches that can be held while making phone calls -- but not necessarily for an extended period of time. Big-screened smartphones have surged in popularity among consumers. That's one reason why Apple launched the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus last year -- to reclaim customers and market share lost to Android vendors.

Thanks to sales of both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple scored record earnings last quarter, raking in $18 billion in profits, the world record in corporate profitability among public companies, according to Standard & phantom 2 iphone case Poor's, But it won't be high-priced phablets that will drive the market, according to Juniper, Budget devices will bring phablets into the mainstream around the world, Juniper said, Sporting ever larger screen sizes, many flagship smartphones will be phablets by default over the next two to three years, And though phablets are still phones at their core, many people are using them more as media and gaming devices..

The surge in demand for phablets will continue to bite into sales of small-screened tablets. As such, Juniper expects tablet adoption to weaken in regions such as China, where people do most of their computing on smartphones. Many consumers are finding similarities among laptops, phablets and smartphones in terms of power and functionality, another factor that plays into the demand for big-screen phones. "The same chips can now power any mobile device, from smartphones to laptops," says James Moar, the report's author. "Hardware capabilities are blurring, with devices like cellular-connected tablets, phablets and smartphones with console-level graphics and sound systems becoming much more common. This shifts device design parameters to budgets and use cases, rather than technological features."Big-screened phones will account for more than 20 percent of mobile devices shipped by 2019, according to Juniper Research.

This week sees America's biggest "marketing conference" -- one that culminates in a super-sized football match watched largely by corporate executives, How coincidental, then, that someone phantom 2 iphone case fell on the notion of recruiting a football player to break the world record in selfie-taking, Before yesterday, the record stood at 657 in one hour, Kudos to Lee Goodfellow of Glasgow, Scotland, Guinness World Records and NBC Sports Digital teamed up to smash that record, recruiting Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson to assist in the quest for self-centered glory, I can only guess that Peterson was chosen because cornerbacks generally have agile fingers, always ready to poke, prod and pinch opposing wide receivers into high degrees of enervation, And then there's the fact that he is the NBC Sports Digital correspondent for the week..

As Arizona Central reports, Peterson was seated in the gym at Deer Valley High School in Glendale, Ariz., as students were given two seconds to peer over his shoulder and hope they got in the shot. You might have your definition of a selfie, but, for the Guinness people, your face, arm and neck must be visible for the shot to count. Also, you have to use a tablet or phone, and you have 60 minutes between you and the record books. It was clearly wise to also recruit sprightly students, who are surely so used to photographing themselves. Self-reference breeds self-reverence, after all.

So within the hour, Peterson and his youthful selfie-helpers managed to take 1,449 images, Yes, the record was crushed, mangled and stomped upon like at least one lineman will be in Sunday's game, For myself, I only find one redemptive characteristic in this event: Peterson didn't use a selfie-stick, Technically Incorrect: Arizona Cardinals' Patrick Peterson manages 1,449 selfies in phantom 2 iphone case an hour, But how? And why?, Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives..

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