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The effort, first announced in April, is part of Facebook's large and growing efforts to expand its influence in the online advertising industry. Last week, the company announced Atlas, a new technology that allows advertisers to send ads to customers, regardless of whether they are on Facebook's website, its mobile apps or using programs made by other companies. In building Audience Network, Facebook is positioning itself to compete more directly with Google, whose AdMob rules the roost of mobile advertising today. Google took about half of the mobile ad industry's $17.7 billion in spending last year, according to industry watcher eMarketer.

Facebook is currently second fiddle, ringing up nearly 18 percent of mobile ad revenue last year and an estimated 22 percent this year, Twitter is a distant third, pulling in 2.4 percent, But the industry is growing rapidly, Mobile ad revenue more than doubled last year from 2012, and is expected to grow another 84 percent this year, That's much faster than growth of advertising over the Web as a whole, For Facebook, which didn't have much of an advertising effort for mobile devices a couple years ago, the rapidly expanding market represents an iphone screen protector removal even more important opportunity to bolster revenue and profit..

What isn't certain is whether Facebook's efforts can draw more attention away from AdMob and other ad technologies offered by competitors. Twitter and Apple both offer ad technology to competitors, for example, and a growing list of startups promise to make it easier to tap all the large networks of ad makers without adding too much complex code to an app. Still, Facebook thinks it will be different. One way is the type of ads it offers for apps. Unlike the typical banner ad at the edge of a screen, or a popup obstruction in the app, Facebook said its ads are made to look like natural parts of an app. The result is that on a news app, for example, the ad might be inserted in the stream of information, making it less jarring to look at.

This is a growing trend within the industry, but it's also one large companies like Facebook believe will distance them iphone screen protector removal from competitors, And like many other companies, Facebook makes money by splitting the revenue generated through ads with the app maker, though it declined to discuss details of those agreements, Facebook said it has already begun work with companies such as music app Shazam, game companies like Glu and Zynga, and dictionary maker Miriam Webster to integrate Audience Network into their offerings..

Its efforts are already showing results, too; Shazam and Glu saw increases in ad-related revenue. It's working well for advertisers too: Walgreens saw four to five times as many people clicking on its ads, Facebook said. The world's largest social network is expanding its advertising technology to other app makers, hoping to grab an even larger piece of the ad pie. The next time you see an advertisement in Shazam, it might be coming from Facebook. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

The South Korean electronics giant on Tuesday unveiled its first entrée into services, called Samsung 360 Services for Business, The operations will allow it to support enterprise customers using everything from smartphones to printers -- and the devices don't even have to be made by Samsung, It will be a one-stop-shop for enterprise customers who need tech help as more of their employees bring their own devices to work and as the company supports more technology vendors, Businesses are "looking for somebody who can come to the table and bring expertise in different areas and [be] that one partner they can work with," Robin Bienfait, chief enterprise innovation officer for Samsung Electronics, said in an interview, But iphone screen protector removal they're not looking for "one partner that's just going to come in there and say, 'hey, for this to work, you need all of my stuff.'"With its move, Samsung is taking on some of the biggest companies in tech, namely Apple and IBM, The two giants in July unveiled plans to work together to push Apple's products with business users, IBM operates a sizable consulting and services business, and it also will optimize its cloud computing services, such as device management, security and analytics, for Apples iOS mobile operating system..

Samsung is taking a slightly different track. It plans to utilize more than 10,000 of its worldwide employees -- including many new hires, though it's not revealing details -- to help deploy devices, migrate companies to new software, integrate systems, troubleshoot problems and provide an end-to-end security assessment of all of a company's technology. "We want to own the strategy and have a direct relationship with our enterprise customers in such a way where they see us as a true business partner as opposed to someone who manufactures the most desirable glass on the planet," Tim Wagner, senior vice president of Samsung Telecommunications America's enterprise business unit, told CNET.

The services move comes as Samsung struggles in its core mobile business, The company on Monday revealed its operating profit likely fell 60 percent year-over-year in the third quarter amid higher market costs and lower device selling prices, It's being pressured by Apple on the high end and vendors such as China-based Xiaomi on the low, As growth slows in Samsung's core mobile operations, iphone screen protector removal the company has looked to new markets to boost its profits, In particular, business users have become a big focus for Samsung over the past several years..

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