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All of that has led to a glut of cities and countries -- including New Delhi, India, Portland, Ore., and Spain -- calling Uber illegal. Over the last several weeks alone, Uber has faced increased scrutiny over its methods for doing business, and the company has been hit hard after two drivers -- one in New Delhi and another in Boston -- were charged with sexually assaulting female passengers. For its part, Uber, which is available in 250 cities around the world, has argued that it continues to operate within the law. The company says it works with local governments wherever possible to ensure its services fit within legal constraints.

Seoul has been one of the more outspoken Uber critics, Back in September, before Uber even officially launched in the city, the local government said that the service would be illegal, Seoul said that it would have law-enforcement officials pretend to be riders and arrest drivers operating through Uber, The city also said at that time that it would establish a reward system for citizens, Despite the threats, Uber launched officially in Seoul iphone screen protector japan earlier this month, At the time, the Seoul government said that while "there is growing support for Uber" in the city, the company must still "abide by the nation's laws." The government has consistently said that Uber violates the country's laws by having drivers essentially rent vehicles to carry passengers..

Uber has argued that its own independent research showed that the car service was heavily supported by Koreans and "is safer than any other mode of transportation in Seoul."It appears at this point, given the new reward system, that the city doesn't see it that way. Neither the city nor Uber immediately responded to a request for comment. The South Korean capital says it will give up to 1 million won, or a little more than $900, to anyone who reports cases of Uber drivers carrying paying customers.

Mozilla, best known for its Firefox Web browser, has partnered with Japanese carrier KDDI to launch the Firefox OS-based Fx0 phone in Japan, the companies announced on Tuesday, The handset will go on sale on Thursday in Japan, Pricing was not announced, Mozilla launched Firefox OS in 2013 to provide a low-cost alternative to Google's Android and Apple's iOS, Including the Fx0, there are now 16 Firefox OS-based smartphones available in 29 countries around the iphone screen protector japan world, A key component in Firefox OS is that it relies heavily on the Web to deliver the software experience to users..

So far, Firefox OS has been designed for emerging markets and customers who would want a simple handset for a cheap price. The Fx0, however, is being pitched as the "first high-spec Firefox OS smartphone" by both Mozilla and KDDI. The smartphone was developed by LG and comes with a 4.7-inch screen and a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor. It's the first Firefox OS phone to run on 4G LTE networks. The Fx0 will launch with 16GB of onboard storage and includes near-field communication. The phone can handle nearly nine hours of call time on a single battery charge, according to KDDI.

The app maker, Confide, launched an ad campaign on Tuesday, offering the business version of its self-destruct tool to entertainment studios, networks and labels for free, in perpetuity, Its ad in the Los Angeles Times starts: "An open letter to the Sony executive team, iHack victims and the entire entertainment community."Confide's move is little more than a savvy marketing pitch, but there is some validity to its service, According to the company, its app iphone screen protector japan offers end-to-end encryption for digital communication, Once a conversation is complete, the messages sent between people automatically self-destruct, leaving no trace on any server..

If the service sounds familiar, that's because Snapchat provides a similar product with photos and videos. However, there has been rampant debate of just how private Snapchat's content really is. In October, for instance, a report surfaced saying that a 13-gigabyte library of photos and videos from over 200,000 accounts were accessed and kept by third parties. In addition, any Snapchat conversation can be captured through a screenshot. For its part, Confide declares that its service is foolproof. The company's FAQ page states that when a message pops up, each word is covered. As the recipient "wands" over each word, it temporarily appears. As the wand moves on, the word is covered again, so the entire message is never visible. There is no opportunity for forwarding or archiving the messages. Screenshots are also controlled through Confide.

"We alert you (and the recipient) if the recipient attempts to take a screen shot," according to the company's FAQ, Confide began offering a free, consumer-focused version in Apple's App Store and Google Play marketplace earlier this year, The company had planned to launch the business version sometime in 2015, iphone screen protector japan But after the recent Sony Pictures hack, which included exposing a number of damaging emails from executives, Confide decided to accelerate the rollout and start offering it to affected companies..

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