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I don't know if I'd ever need a pair of video headphones, or even want one. If they were affordable and comfortable enough, maybe. Right now, these aren't. But the dream of kicking back and wearing one of these on a long plane flight is still alive -- at trade shows, at least. They're not exactly VR, but head-worn video glasses were once again lurking in Las Vegas, promising entertainment on your face. Can the idea finally take off?. Somewhere between VR headsets and smart glasses, there are "media goggles;" for lack of a better word, headsets that double as mobile displays. These types of things have been lurking around the dark corners of electronics-convention show floors for well over a decade, but thanks to the rise of head-mounted wearables and VR, they've made a return.

According to HTC's Mo Versi, vice president of product management, the company has received technical approval on the update and will begin deployment in the coming hours, Looking through some of the replies in Versi's tweet, it appears that some have already been handed their Lollipop, It's worth noting that neither version of the HTC One M8 is subject to additional certifications from the wireless provider, so carrier-branded models iphone screen protector dust shouldn't fall too far behind this Android update, HTC makes good on its promise to deliver the latest version of Android in a timely manner..

Not surprisingly, the Trick Cover also comes from Japan. It is on sale from the Nitto Products Shop for around $28 (about £19, AU$35) for the regular iPhone 6 version. What really brings the joyful nuttiness of this case to life is a video showing a power user performing tricks with an iPhone firmly ensconced in the gadget. The case has a sliding rail system that lets the phone slide to the top edge, exposing the screen for use. It can then be slid back into place to cover it up. All of this is accompanied by a pleasing clicking noise as the case flips around. It won't automatically turn you into an iPhone-wielding Bruce Lee, but there's definitely an appealing novelty factor at work here.

Martial-arts fans will note that, despite the nunchaku advertising, the case is really a bit more like a butterfly knife than a set of nunchuks, There's no little chain in the middle iphone screen protector dust to allow you to swing it around, catch it over your shoulder and take on a posse of zombie-ninja-assassins, Despite this shortcoming, your colleagues will no doubt be impressed when you whip this bad boy out of your pocket during a meeting, flip-flop it in the air above the conference table, and smugly take a call while shooting them a look that dares them to say anything about it..

(Via Fast Co. Design). Introduce your iPhone 6 to a whole new world of ninja-style acrobatic tricks with a case that slides and flips your phone. Novelty smartphone cases have become something of an art form. While the pinnacle already may have been reached with KFC Japan's fried-chicken drumstick case, there's still room for innovation. Take the Trick Cover iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus case, for example. It's a slide-y, flip-y, floppy creation that allows you to perform one-handed, open-air phone acrobatics every time you take a call.

Uber's so-called "smart data" will include trip details, such as time stamps on Uber rides, where trips began and ended, distances traveled and trip duration, The data will be collected in a manner that retains the privacy of both drivers and riders, the company said, This is the first time Uber has offered to provide such data to a city, and Boston might seem an unlikely place, Last month, an Uber driver was arrested there for allegedly raping a woman, iphone screen protector dust It was the fourth time a customer of ride-sharing services in the Boston area, including Uber, had reported an assault or inappropriate touching in December, according to the Boston Globe..

The new partnership perhaps marks a new day. Uber said it believes its smart data will help city planners -- and presumably more cities in the future -- improve traffic planning, reduce congestion and identify streets that require improvement, like filling potholes. According to Uber, the data will be shared by ZIP Code Tabulation Area, which is the "US Census' geographical representation of ZIP codes.""This will help us reach our transportation goals, improve the quality of our neighborhoods and allow us to think smarter, finding more innovative and creative solutions to some of our most pressing challenges," Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh said in a statement Tuesday.

The collaborative effort is a detour from recent developments between Uber and the city of New York, where the municipal Taxi & Limousine Commission this month shut down all but one of Uber's operations centers because the company failed to share trip data -- such as where passengers were picked up -- as the city had requested, Uber said that providing such information would give competitors, like taxi companies, an unfair advantage, Why the collaboration in Boston but conflict in New York? Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment, Update 1:41 p.m, PT: "As we have grown, so iphone screen protector dust has our ability to share information that can serve a greater good," an Uber spokeswoman said, "We look forward to partnering with cities across the country to deliver data that will help cities achieve their transportation and planning goals without compromising personal privacy."Uber's operational challenges extend well beyond the East Coast of the US, Late last year, Uber was banned in New Delhi after the company was found to be operating without the proper license in the city and one of its drivers allegedly assaulted a female rider, Soon after, Uber was banned from Spain and Thailand, and it ignored warnings not to operate in South Korea, It also continued to operate in Portland, Ore., despite protests by the city, though it later agreed to suspend its service there for a few months..

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