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Apple declined to comment. The iPad rumors come just as Apple launched the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, both bigger-screen smartphones that have already broken company records in their first few days of sales. A successful launch of the iPad could help Apple protect its dominance in the tablet market and reinvigorate tablet sales. A report this week suggests only a new iPad Air will make an appearance at an expected Apple event next month, with the iPad Mini coming early next year. Rumors continue to percolate that Apple is planning to unveil its updated iPad tablets in late October, though there is still uncertainty on which models will show up at the event.

Apple's new iPhone is "in the final stages of review for approval, with results due shortly," Miao Wei, chief of China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, told iphone case vape Chinese Internet portal Tencent on Tuesday, according to Reuters, Wei wouldn't say exactly how much longer the review will take but expects the results "very soon," he told Tencent, "The iPhone 6 has entered the final stage of the approval process, now it's just a matter of time," Wei said, "Netizens, please wait patiently."The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus went on sale on Friday in the US, UK, Puerto Rico, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, France, and Germany -- but not in China..

Sales of the iPhone 6 in China have been stalled reportedly due to delays in regulatory approval. Last Thursday, Apple received approval for the iPhone 6 to tap into the country's domestic frequencies, according to the official government Xinhua news agency. But one hurdle remains. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology must officially approve the new iPhones for network access before retailers can start offering them. Last year, China was among the countries that got first dibs on the iPhone 5S and 5C during the initial launch weekend. Assuming China could have been part of the iPhone 6 launch this year, the delay in government approval is costing Apple a healthy percentage of sales. The iPhone maker sold a record number of iPhone 5S units in China last fall, and the countryaccounted for 16 percent of Apple's $37.4 billion in sales last quarter, according to Bloomberg.

The delay is also triggering iPhone 6 sales via China's black market, Several people cited by Bloomberg have been buying up stock of the iPhone 6 in countries where it's available and iphone case vape then reselling them in China at exorbitant prices, Apple has been mum about the government approval process or any potential launch dates for the iPhone 6 in China, Carolyn Wu, a Beijing-based spokeswoman for Apple, told Bloomberg earlier last week that she couldn't provide a date for the China release and said simply that "China is a key market for us and we will get here as soon as possible."CNET contacted Apple for any additional comments and will update the story with further details..

Refreshing its App Store Distribution page on Monday, Apple showed iOS 8 with a 46 percent share, iOS 7 with 49 percent, and older versions collectively with 5 percent. But the numbers measure only devices that visited the App Store on Sunday, Sept. 21. As such, a certain percentage of iOS devices are not going to be included in the mix. How best to judge the stats? Here are some things to take into consideration. Users who upgrade to iOS 8 don't necessarily need to visit the App Store to use the new version. However, many developers have updated their apps to take advantage of new features in iOS 8. So users would need to visit the App Store to download those updated apps. Consumers who scored a new iPhone over the weekend may also have been eager to scour the App Store for new apps to download.

Apple released iOS 8 last Wednesday with several new features and refinements, including Apple Pay, a new predictive-typing keyboard, a "Hey Siri" voice activation feature, better Spotlight searches, new camera and photo-editing capabilities, and a new Health app, But adoption of the new version lagged that of iOS 7 over the same initial period last year, according to stats by several mobile analytics firms released late last week, On Thursday, mobile ad platform Tapjoy found that iOS 8 hit only 6 percent after 18 hours, while iOS 7 had reached a 12 percent adoption rate over the same length of time, Analytics firm Chitika said that after the initial 24 hours, iOS 7 had hit an 18.2 adoption rate in North America, while iOS iphone case vape 8 had reached just 7.3 percent..

Of course, iOS 8 has become more widespread following the weekend launch of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. As of early Tuesday, analytics firm Mixpanel showed iOS 8 with a 32 percent adoption rate, up from 14 percent last Thursday. The stats from both Apple and the analytics firms show only a certain cross-section of iOS 8 adopters, so none of the data should be taken as the gospel truth. Still, it's only a matter of time before iOS 8 gains enough traction to eventually overtake its predecessor as the dominant version among iOS users.

Sadly 1,697 staff will be laid off immediately, 720 workers keep their jobs for the moment to assist with the process of closing stores before they're made redundant, Phones 4U was holed below the waterline by the UK mobile networks pulling their phones and contracts from the high street chain, Three and O2 had already cancelled their contracts when Vodafone pulled out this iphone case vape month, quickly followed by EE just over a week ago, With no network deals to offer, Phones 4U announced it was closing its doors last Monday, cancelling recent orders and going into administration, Administrators PWC were called in by Phones 4U's owners, private equity firm BC Partners, to see if the company could survive, Before its current problems, Phones 4U owned 560 stores and 160 concession outlets in other shops..

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