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The 4G auction, the results of which were announced by Ofcom in early 2013, have seen UK operators grab lower-bandwidth spectrum that will help in improving rural signal. "All the networks have access to sub 1GHz spectrum, so it's more achievable now to deliver good rural population coverage," Fogg noted. Meanwhile EE, the UK's biggest mobile network, is poised to be bought by BT for a massive £12.5bn. That deal, which could see BT laying claim to an extra 24.5 million customers, is dependent on competition watchdogs giving the green light, however.

The attachable system, which Sony dubs the Single-Lens Display Module, looks a little chunky, but packs some intriguing tech, Attaching to eyewear, the compartment on the wearer's right features a control board including a processor and Bluetooth tech, which is attached to an OLED microdisplay that beams a picture onto your iphone case magnetic back glasses via an optical unit, "By simply attaching it to a pair of fashionable glasses, goggles, sunglasses, or other type of eyewear", Sony writes in a blog post, "you can instantly gain access to visual information that adds a level of convenience to your everyday life"..

The OLED display measures 0.23 inches diagonally, Sony says, but achieves a resolution of 640x400 pixels. The Japanese tech giant cites cycling, golf or other outdoor sports as activities that could benefit from a dose of wearable magic. Additionally, pairing the heads-up display with a smartphone camera will let you remotely monitor viewing angles, or -- we imagine -- peek around corners or over walls. The smart specs are only a concept for now, so a release date and final design are still probably a long way off, but could one day make wearable tech a bit more accessible to the hordes of tech fans who already own their own prescription glasses. Google offers frames for its Glass gadget that can be fitted with prescription lenses, but that's still more hassle than simply using the specs you're already wearing every day.

The new system marks a departure from Sony's previous EyeGlass wearable concept, which was iphone case magnetic back much more similar to Google Glass, The new model is going to get its first public airing at CES 2015, a major tech trade show in Las Vegas that kicks off in January, and earlier this year played host to Sony's tiny tennis sensor tech , The Japanese tech giant's latest wearable concept deploys an OLED screen, and has the potential to slot right onto your existing glasses, Don't like the thought of wearing Google's own-brand eyewear ? Sony's latest accessory concept aims to make smart glasses out of your existing spectacles..

The Cupertino, Calif., electronics giant on Tuesday temporarily shuttered its online store in the Eastern European country because of the instability of Russia's currency. Apple doesn't operate physical stores in the country, and the company declined to say when it would resume online sales there. "Due to extreme fluctuations in the value of the ruble, our online store in Russia is currently unavailable while we review pricing. We apologize to customers for any inconvenience," Apple said in a statement.

The ruble has been dropping sharply in recent days following the declining price of oil -- the commodity that props up Russia's economy, Russia's currency lost about 20 percent of its value against the US dollar Tuesday despite efforts by the government to stem the decline, Emerging markets are key for Apple's growth, with the company and rivals turning to the regions to attract new customers, Apple doesn't break out Russia iphone case magnetic back sales, but analysts estimate only a small fraction of sales come from the country, Revenue from Europe overall climbed 19 percent, to $9.54 billion, in the fiscal fourth quarter, And executives have often touted the growth in BRIC countries -- Brazil, Russia, India and China -- during earnings calls, In October, Apple CEO Tim Cook said iPad sales climbed 20 percent in the combined countries during all of fiscal 2014, helping counteract declines in other regions..

But the falling value of the ruble has caused Apple and other companies to reevaluate the price of goods in the country. Apple last month boosted iPhone 6 pricing by 25 percent in Russia, according to Bloomberg, which earlier reported the online store closing. The falling ruble value had made the iPhone cheaper in Russia than in any other country in Europe before Apple increased pricing in November. The California electronics giant says it has closed its Russian online store while it reviews pricing in the wake of "extreme fluctuations of the ruble."Russian customers waiting for Apple's iPhone 6 will have to wait longer.

Go to Settings > FaceTime and tap the toggle switch to turn it off for Calls from iPhone, For more iphone case magnetic back iOS tips, please see CNET How To's complete guide to iOS 9, Where to find that pesky setting to make your iPad stop ringing when someone calls your iPhone, Apple introduced the Continuity feature with OS X Yosemite that lets you field phone calls and text messages from your iOS devices and Mac, I enjoy being able to respond to texts from my MacBook Pro and iPad when my iPhone is charging, but I'm less sold on sharing phone calls between all three devices, I don't like the cacophony of ringtones when all three devices are nearby, and I find that even when it's charging, my iPhone is never too far away that I can't grab it to take a call..

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