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According to an Apple Store employee in San Francisco, Apple's new reservation system crashed Friday morning. As of 7:30 a.m. PT, the system had gone back online on the East Coast, but it was unclear the status of the system in the Midwest or West Coast. We've contacted Apple for information and will update the report when we know more. Many customers in line in New York and San Francisco said they found the idea of a new digital reservation system helpful so they could leave and come back later, but some in San Francisco have complained the system didn't work.

Jose Carrasco, a 29-year-old working in software sales, got in line in San Francisco at 5 a.m, PT but didn't get to the front until after 1 p.m, By then, the store was out of 6 Plus models, the device he originally wanted, Carrasco said, And the digital reservation system never worked for people waiting at that Apple Store in downtown San Francisco, "They ended up not implementing any type of system," Carrasco said, "It was just wait and see what they had left in stock when you got to the front of the store, [But] the staff did a great job of checking on everyone who was waiting in line and communicating stock levels."Check out launch scenes from iphone case instagram ad CNET's reporters around the world..

SYDNEY -- First in line for the world's first on-sale time zone is Salvatore Gerace, who has been queued up since before the Apple announcement event last week. He admits he is here as a PR stunt for his new app and will be giving away the phone as a prize to promote his company. The queues in Sydney are the strongest seen since the iPhone 3G (Australia's first iPhone), and estimates put the number in the queue just before opening at over 1,200. Apple has been using iPads to help customers in line prepare their orders prior to the 8 a.m. local opening time.

Others in the Sydney queue include Claudius Stocker, a backpacker in the line at No, 30, having only arrived a day previously, While he's clearly an Apple fan -- "they do everything better than the other manufacturers", he tells us -- he's also here to make money, "I am also shooting iphone case instagram ad a documentary," he says before co-opting a friend to film us filming him, Rather candidly, he admits that he'll be "selling my iPhone 6 as soon as stocks run low -- I am a poor backpacker and this is almost a few days work for me!"Further down the line are Rafael and Eduardo, both Brazilian, "We came over from Brazil just for this!" They've queued since lunchtime Thursday but are clearly excited enough about their trip that even sleeping out overnight feels like an adventure, Rafael plans on getting the iPhone 6, while Eduardo is keen on the 6 Plus: "It might be too big, but I want to try it myself to find out."Among the huge numbers of Apple Store staff on site for the Sydney opening, some keen-eyed observers said they spotted Angela Ahrendts, Apple's new senior vice president of retail and online stores, on hand for the Sydney opening..

SINGAPORE -- Unlike the other launch countries, Apple doesn't have retail stores on the island state. As such, the Apple iPhone 6 can only be purchased from carriers or third-party resellers. For locals, signing a new two-year contract is the easiest way to get a subsidized iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Dinnie Lim, who works at a local startup, turned up at 8 a.m. local time to collect her phone after making an online reservation from local carrier SingTel. She's upgrading from the previous generation to the iPhone 6.

"I'm loving it," she said, "Though it feels a bit too big."Because Singapore is the only country in Southeast Asia that's part of the global launch, visitors from other countries such as Vietnam and Bangkok planned holidays to coincide with Apple's retail date, These tourists either want to get their hands on the Apple smartphone way ahead of their fellow citizens or are hoping to make a quick buck by reselling the iPhone once they are back home, Resale prices can easily fetch twice the original iphone case instagram ad retail price and handily cover the cost of their holiday here, Such buyers are more than willing to queue overnight or even the day before to secure a few phones..

LONDON -- Apple's flagship shop in London's historic Covent Garden played host to a typically enormous queue this morning, as eager Brits lined up to get their paws on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Apple has implemented a digital queueing system this year, which sees those in line assigned a QR code that tells employees in the shop exactly which model, size and colour iPhone that customer is after. This speeds up transactions inside the glassy walls of the store itself -- and gives Apple a better grasp of which models are most in demand.

Based on a straw poll of those in the queue, neither the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus appeared to have an edge in terms of popularity, Brad Karp was one buyer waiting to pick up a reserved 128GB iPhone 6 iphone case instagram ad in gray, who told me he'd opted for the more diminutive model as he "didn't want to have to buy new pants for bigger pockets."Also opting for the iPhone 6 was Laurie who went for a 64GB model in gray and said the 6 Plus was a bit too close to the iPad Mini for his liking, Another customer named Graham said he felt the same way, noting that the Nexus 4 he'd been using previously was big enough, iPhone buyer Clarence, by contrast, chose the 5.5-inch 6 Plus, As an app developer, he said he wanted access to Apple's biggest smartphone screen..

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