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I admit I was disturbed, on my last visit to New York, to see that so many yellow cabs are now Priuses and squitty little SUVs. It was as if the city had been invaded by a cabal of Mother Earth Teresas, determined to change the heart of a notoriously wicked place. But please, Uber users, be sure that the car whose back door you reach for is the car whose back door you should be reaching for. Prius drivers might well be aggressively progressive, fighting global warming wherever they find it. I bet some of them are still packing, though.

A patent (US Patent D710,928 S) granted on August 12 iphone case for 7 to Google and inventors Mitchell Heinrich and Eliot Kim may give us a sneak peek at a possible new design concept for Glass, It's noticeably sleeker and appears to show the display tech hiding inside the frames, rather than proudly standing out in the open, Heinrich is a Google engineer involved with Project Glass, His website describes his involvement like so: "Early stage mechanical architecture layout, Lead the consumer packaging development for the explorer release, Developed human factors numerical and physical models to fit Glass on as many people as possible, Co-developed the bone conduction audio system including component design and testing, Broad range of low and high fidelity prototype development."The patent application refers to a "wearable display device" and shows a fairly normal set of Buddy Holly-style glasses, Instead of having the projector hanging off to the side, it appears the display apparatus is tucked into the inside near the hinge on the right side..

There aren't many details that can be gleaned from the patent, but it could point to the eventual arrival of a more accessible look for Glass. People who object to the appearance of the current model would have a lot less to complain about if Google ends up going in this low-key design direction. If you're not a Google Glass fan, would a new look like this change your mind about it?. (Via Glass Alamanac). The high-tech specs may someday look more like ordinary glasses, if this set of pictures shows a new design direction.

Google Glass has a bit of an image problem in some circles, While Glass Explorers proudly wear their gear, it's hard to miss the hunk of technology hanging off the side of the glasses, That cyborg kind of look doesn't sit well iphone case for 7 with people who prefer their wearables to be more on the subtle side, It makes sense Google would be investigating ways to tone down the appearance of Glass, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

The company announced Wednesday that it has opened its application programming interface (API) to the public. APIs provide the basic information that lets different software programs talk to and work with each other, so with this move, developers can integrate Uber's services, including bundling driver pickup, into their own products. "We believe that any app with a map is a potential Uber API partner," the company said in a blog post. Uber, known for its taxi-like car service, now reaches to more than 40 countries, and it has been working to broaden its horizons through efforts such as its Uber Garage testing platform. Just yesterday, in fact, Uber announced Corner Store, which lets you dispatch an Uber driver to pick up goods and deliver them to your home. That feature, which is being tested in Washington, D.C., is available in only two "delivery zones."So far, Uber has quietly rolled out its API to some companies for beta testing. The company reported Wednesday that OpenTable has used it as an add-on for people requesting reservations. Upon making the reservation, users can now also engage a driver to show up at the desired time. Hyatt Hotels & Resorts has tapped the Uber API to give users the opportunity to request a ride to the hotel after booking a stay.

The API provides developers with everything from the ability to display pickup times or provide fare estimates, There's also a feature iphone case for 7 that lets developers add trip history to their programs, CNET has contacted Uber for additional comment on the launch, We will update this story when we have more information, Further reading: Vexed in the city: The 'sharing' economy's hidden toll on San Francisco, Early users of the software tool include Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, which has integrated Uber's car service into its reservation screen..

Although Barnes & Noble is moving to separate its Nook Media business from its core bookstores, the company's plans for selling Nook devices -- including a new co-branded tablet with Samsung -- won't be changing in the near future, a Barnes & Noble executive said. Nook e-readers and tablets have a prominent place in Barnes & Noble stores, as well as online at the bookseller's website. Veerina declined to comment on what happens after the Nook business -- which includes e-books, devices, and accessories -- becomes its own company. Barnes & Noble, which had hoped to gain a foothold in the e-book and mobile device market with its Nook business, ended up losing money from the effort and said in June it would split from Nook. That separation won't happen until early 2015.

Veerina spoke at a Barnes & Noble store in Union Square in Manhattan, where the company unveiled the Tab 4 Nook, a tablet with Samsung hardware and Nook software that started selling Wednesday, The device is part of Samsung and Barnes & Noble's new partnership, which was announced in June, The agreement effectively ended Barnes & Noble's move into hardware design, except for some black-and-white e-readers, with the company now leaving others to build Nook branded devices while it iphone case for 7 focuses on software and Nook content sales..

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