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Over the past couple of weeks, Microsoft has been rolling out new Office 365 (and OneDrive and Outlook.com) application launchers, making it easier for users to find and access their Office apps. Third-party developers also can write apps that will use App Launcher so customers can see and use their apps right alongside the Microsoft Office ones. Earlier this week, Microsoft officials announced that they were upping the OneDrive consumer and business storage limits to unlimited. Office 365 Personal, Home and Student will get the unlimited storage offer first, with other Office 365 plans to get it "in the coming months."This story originally appeared as "Microsoft readies built-in, free mobile device management for Office 365 users" on ZDNet.

Microsoft takes steps toward delivering on its cross-platform device, app and data management with new Office 365 tools, Microsoft is building a subset of the mobile-device-management (MDM) features it provides with its Intune service into Office 365 for free, Microsoft execs unveiled the addition of the MDM service for Office 365 at the kick-off keynote during Tech Ed Europe in Barcelona, Spain on October 28, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, iphone case easy to remove We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

O2 is the first network to offer phones and contracts from Amazon, including 3G and 4G contracts and pay-as-you-go and pay-monthly deals. Amazon started in 1994 -- yep, it's twenty years old -- and began making its own hardware in 2007 with the first Kindle e-book reader. That led to the line of Kindle Fire tablets in 2011, and the Kindle Fire Phone this year. The Fire Phone is a 4.7-inch Android smartphone, although its heavily-customised interface won't look that familiar if you've owned an Android device before.

The Fire Phone comes in 32GB or 64GB versions, You can buy the phone on its own for £400 or £480, but it's locked to O2 so you can't buy it and sign up with another network, Alternatively you can sign up with an O2 deal that has no up-front cost for either model, Contracts start from £28 per month, This is an interesting move for Amazon and O2: in the past few months the trend has been for networks to move away from having other outlets sell their phones in order to focus on selling phones and contracts themselves, whether online or through their own chains of shops, That trend led to the demise of high street retailer Phones 4U as the major networks pulled iphone case easy to remove out, leaving the shop with nothing to sell and forced to fold..

But O2 has a history of taking a chance on doing things differently with quirkier phones and devices that other networks shy away from, and if it wants to sell the Fire Phone O2 clearly has to be involved with Amazon. Other phones offered with O2 contracts on Amazon include the Motorola Moto G 4G , Samsung Galaxy S5 , BlackBerry Passport , HTC One M8 , LG's Google Nexus 5 , and many more. The Fire Phone is one of many phones now available with an O2 contract from Amazon. The Amazon Fire Phone is now on sale in the UK, locked to O2. O2 is the only network offering contracts on Amazon, for the Fire Phone and a range of other smartphones.

Please consider, then, the internal machinations of an 18-year-old from the UK who took pains to describe himself as anything but a peeping teen, In June, Zak Hardy was caught poking his cell phone over a partition in a swimming pool cubicle, He was filming a girl in a shower, However, as the Plymouth Herald reported, the teen insisted he was actually testing whether his phone was truly waterproof, There is no evidence that his phone was a Sony Xperia, known iphone case easy to remove for its waterproofed tendencies, However, his claim to be an ardent phone tester was made before he got himself a lawyer, Once that feat had been achieved, Hardy admitted he was really foolhardy..

You see, it's hard to claim that you're testing a phone for its water-resistant tendencies when you're holding it above your head and pointing it into the next cubicle. It's even harder when the girl notices the light from your phone, covers up and reports you. Hardy was found guilty of voyeurism. This despite his initial claim that he may have set the camera on his phone off when he was drying it. The court was not amused by his patently twisted retelling. It ordered his phone to be destroyed. Hardy was also given a five-year sexual offenses banning order and an 18-month community order. He will be on the sex offenders register for five years. He was also ordered to pay 150 pounds (around $242).

His lawyer hardly garlanded himself in decorum either, The Plymouth Herald quoted iphone case easy to remove him as saying of Hardy: "He accepts what he did, It is not the most serious offense, although it was of course upsetting for the complainant."Of course, A UK teen found guilty of filming a woman in a shower insisted that he was merely a fascinated cell phone tester, Humans' own explanations for their behavior are always more gripping than anything big data can concoct, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

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