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That means there's no physical camera button. Apart from that the camera experience is the same as on most phones, with an onscreen button to take pictures. The Aquaris sports a 5-megapixel camera on the front and an 8-megapixel snapper on the back, with a Largan lens, autofocus and dual flash. The phone comes in black. Under the bonnet is a MediaTek quad-core Cortex A7 processor running at up to 1.3GHz, with 1GB of RAM. There's 8GB of storage for photos, movies and music. The BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition will be shown off at industry trade show Mobile World Congress 2015, where manufacturers, app builders and other mobile companies gather to display their latest phones, tablets, smart devices and other wares. We'll be there in force to bring you our first impressions, with glossy hands-on photos and videos of all the coolest kit you need to know about.

The first great smartphone of 2015, Beautiful and bold..with complications, The new no-compromise MacBook, A stellar on-ear headphone, Crave-worthy curves for a premium price, The long-awaited first Ubuntu phone offers an interesting alternative to iPhone or Android, Want to try something different from the iPhone, Android or Windows Phone? Then feast your eyes on the BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition, the first-ever Ubuntu Phone, Ubuntu has long been known as an alternative operating system to Windows or Apple Mac computers, It's open-source and has a thriving community of developers and tinkerers, but isn't widely used among consumers, For the last couple of years Canonical, the British company behind Ubuntu, has been working on expanding the operating system's reach so it works in other devices such iphone case bottle opener as phones and tablets..

Older phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S , S2 , S3 and S4, may handle emojis by turning them into picture messages, which cost more to send. The Galaxy Note , Note 2 and Note 3 and Galaxy Ace are also reported to be affected. Emojis are little images that can be inserted into messages. They're an evolution of emoticons, which are letters and punctuation marks composed to look like a face or other shape -- like ";)" for example, which looks like someone winking. Emojis actually appear in the message as a picture, showing everything from little yellow faces to items of food. Many phones and messaging services automatically translate emoticons into a corresponding emoji, and many include a range of emojis as options on your keyboard.

Newer phones are capable of sending emojis in normal text iphone case bottle opener messages, But some phones send those emojis as picture messages, for which networks and carriers charge more, Symbols, emoticons and even email addresses can cause a phone to turn a short messaging service (SMS) text into a multimedia message service (MMS) picture message without telling you, In one extreme example reported by the Daily Record, Paula Cochrane, of Airdrie in Scotland, was hit with a bill of almost £1,200 (roughly $1,840 or AU$2,350), Having signed up to a new contract with UK network EE, she at first thought she was simply using the phone more than she thought when the first monthly bill was £100.92, nearly three times as much as the £30 she expected, But worse was to come: the following month's bill was £449, Two more bills followed, with expensive picture messages taking the total to an eye-watering £1,192, Cochrane has taken the case to the UK's communication ombudsman, and it is yet to be resolved..

"There are a number of factors which can affect whether customers are charged for sending an emoji, usually by the settings on the handset and so [it] is a manufacturer, rather than a network, issue," an EE spokesperson said. "We can confirm that as of April 2014, every Samsung mobile device has a default setting that classifies emoticon images as an SMS and not an MMS," a Samsung spokesperson said. "For older devices, if a message is going to be converted from an SMS into an MMS, a warning message is displayed to inform the user. We advise our customers to check their mobile phone tariffs if they are unsure of any charges related to SMS and MMS as well as the advisory notices displayed on their handset."Apple, HTC, Nokia and Sony phones shouldn't convert an emoji-filled text into an MMS. Older Samsung phones will have this problem, but you can protect yourself by opening your Messaging app and clicking Settings > Text messages > Input mode, and selecting "UniCode" instead of "automatic".

Owners of older phones iphone case bottle opener are advised to leave symbols, icons and emoticons out of their messages or even disable integration between their contact lists and Facebook, One way around the problem is to use messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Chat, which are available for most phones, Messages are free no matter how many winky faces and glasses of wine and slices of cake you cram in there, although such apps do require an Internet connection and so will count towards your data allowance, The Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3 are among the older phones that could turn emojis into pricey picture messages without telling you..

The image shows five phones in what appears to be a 3D render. First on the left is what looks to be a standard Galaxy S6, while the second is the phone with a Verus-branded cover, one of the top South Korean smartphone cover makers. But the fourth and fifth handsets show that Samsung may have an Edge version of the S6, echoing the sloped-screen designed of the Galaxy Note Edge. Looking closely, the image seems to indicate that this version will be dual-edged: on the fourth phone, the right side has a curved edge while the fifth show the same on the left, which suggests both sides are wrapped by the display. That, or Samsung will be making different versions for right- and left-handed people.

The fifth phone in the lineup also shows a metallic and thick-looking bezel, as well as a physical home button, The shape of the bezel seems very similar to the silver shape iphone case bottle opener that's the focus of Samsung's Unpacked invite, adding some credence to the images, It is unclear from the photo whether the Galaxy S6 and its edged brother are fully metal or whether it will be a unibody design, but it is clear that the outer rims are metal, much like the S5, A source told ZDNet Korea that South Korean smartphone case makers are already mass producing cases for the S6 and its edged version based on the phones themselves and metal molds of them provided by Samsung..

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