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I'm a huge fan of Evernote, but its smartwatch incarnation will take some getting used to. I have a few hundred meticulously organized notes at any given time -- not a massive collection, but more than I'd ever dream of perusing on my wrist. The app instead gives you a few options for finding notes, including voice search, notes you've modified recently and notes you've created nearby if you've activated Evernote's location-tracking functionality. You can also search To Dos, which lists any notes that have items with checkboxes. The notes are necessarily limited by the interface: if there's lots of text involved, you'll spend a lot of time scrolling, and you won't be able to open any links. You can also create a note with your voice, if you haven't opted to use Google Keep instead.

I've been spending an increasing amount of time in OneNote recently, so this one is of particular interest to me: you can use it iphone case 007 to dictate notes directly to your OneNote notebook, This is strictly a one-way affair, so unlike Evernote or Google Keep, you won't be able to sift through your existing notes, But if you need to take a quick note and are a fan of OneNote, this'll be a good option, If This Then That is a phenomenal and powerful automation service the utility of which is going to vary wildly from person to person, Most of the action will still happen when your various Internet services interact with one another, but IFTTT adds a new function specifically for smartwatches in the form of a button, Push the button, and stuff happens: maybe it'll adjust appliances like a Nest thermostat or Philips Hue light bulbs, or send a canned email or text message to friends or family, You can create as many IFTTT recipes as you like, with plenty of customization options..

Is chatting on your wrist as ludicrous as it seems? Yes. But it's also incredibly convenient: my phone spends most of its time buried in the bowels of a messenger bag, but the world doesn't stop chatting just because I'm not paying attention. A quick buzz of the wrist lets you know that someone's trying to get in touch, and you can swipe over their message to reply with your voice, or send a canned response like "OK, I'm on my way," or even just a frowny face. And if the conversations ever get a little too frantic, you can always mute the app temporarily.

If the people you keep in touch with prefer WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to Google Hangouts, you can grab these apps instead, The general idea remains the same: you'll receive notifications when folks reach out to you, and can reply by chatting into your wrist, Wrist-calculators are apparently rather iphone case 007 popular -- who knew! There are a ton of calculator apps for Android Wear devices, and they all, well, calculate, Calculator for Android Wear is equally at home on square and round devices, and offers a few scientific functions too..

I've shunned excess physical exertion since graduating from college, but that hasn't stopped Runtastic's and Runkeeper's apps from piquing my interest. Choosing one will largely be up to personal preference: Runkeeper offers a bit more information on your wrist at a glance, but both scroll through their info cards, and you'll find that apps will serve up plenty of data on your pace, the distance travelled, and the calories you've burned. Both the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch will count your steps without an app, but that's about it -- if you need a bit more, one of these should serve you well.

If you need a few more options for keeping tabs on your physical exertion, check out Strava and Endomondo, Both are geared toward myriad activities -- with a special nod toward cyclists -- and offer ways to share your efforts with friends and rivals, I get lost, A lot, Thanks to Google Maps, I don't have to get lost quite so much anymore, And thanks to Google Maps on a smartwatch, I can stay the course, unobtrusively, If you've got appointments, Google Now will give you an approximate commute time and will work with Maps to give you text directions at the press of a button, If you're like iphone case 007 me, you can just say "How do I get home?" and your wrist will point the way..

I wouldn't dare pick a side on the debate over preferred ridesharing services, but if you're looking to hail a ride from your wrist, Lyft is your only option. Lyft's app will let you speak to your wrist to summon a driver to your location. I can generally be found in a hoodie and jeans no matter what the weather's like outside, but maybe you like to prepare for the elements. Google does offer some rudimentary weather info, but if you want to glance at detailed forecast info for the day or the week, the 1Weather app is currently your best bet.

If you've got a pair of Bluetooth headphones and want to rock out without dragging your phone along, the Google Play Music app is iphone case 007 among a few options you'll find on Android Wear, Your battery life will suffer and there isn't all that much storage space in these smartwatches to begin with, though, "Tommy used to work on the docks, uhh., Gina works the diner all day., for love? We'll give it a shot!" We've all been there: a classic track comes on the radio and you'd love to sing along with your chums, but you don't remember the words, Struggle no more, as MusixMatch is here to help, MusixMatch will listen in on whatever's playing and display song lyrics right on your phone and smartwatch.You can also play tracks in apps like Spotify and Rdio and get the lyrics sent directly to your wrist, convincing all of your friends you're some kind of lyrical savant who's just really interested in the time, Don't worry, I won't tell..

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