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Comparing Apple's latest stats with those of the past several weeks shows a minor uptick in adoption. The slight gain in iOS 8 adoption may be a sign that users are growing more confident about the latest version, which wasn't snagged by users of Apple's mobile devices as quickly as iOS 7. And of course, more people are likely buying new iPhones and iPads, especially as they dive into holiday shopping. Since the numbers show only the volume of visits to the App Store, they don't provide a full picture. But Apple's stats are almost in line with those of mobile analytics firm Mixpanel, which on Wednesday pointed to iOS 8 with a 58 percent share and iOS 7 with 38 percent. In contast, fellow analytics firm Fiksu on Monday showed iOS 8 with a 52.8 percent share and iOS 7 with almost 40 percent.

Released on September 12, iOS 8 had a small number of technical issues that drove Apple to release iOS 8.0.1 a week later, But that was a major oops, Version 8.0.1 introduced some big bugs that affected the ability to connect to cell networks and the use of Apple's iphone 7 cases cheap Touch ID fingerprint sensor, Apple quickly pulled the new update and pushed out iOS 8.0.2, That version appeared to fix most of the glitches, though users still reported Bluetooth connectivity problems, among other headaches, Apple seemed to have finally gotten it right when it released iOS 8.1 on October 20, That version fixed the Bluetooth failures as well as other reported issues, Version 8.1 also introduced new features, mostly notably Apple Pay..

On November 3, Apple seeded the beta of iOS 8.1.1 to developers for testing. This new version offers more bug fixes as well as performance improvements, according to its release notes. The newest version of Apple's mobile OS didn't get off to as fast a start as its predecessor, but it's picking up steam. Apple's iOS 8 continues to grab more users, and now at a slightly higher rate. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

GiffGaff is a low-cost mobile network owned by O2 and using O2 masts and infrastructure, but run as a separate business, Costs are kept down by minimal advertising and customer support, with users encouraged to help each other and spread the word: you can earn credit or cash by helping other users with their problems in the user forums or recruiting friends and family onto the network, GiffGaff's contracts are rolling monthly deals, called "goodybags", Deals iphone 7 cases cheap start at £12 for 500 minutes of calls, unlimited texts and 1GB of Internet use, £15 per month bumps you to 3GB of Internet; and £18 per month gets you 1,000 minutes and 5GB of data, If you're an existing GiffGaff user, those deals are even cheaper until January, starting at £10..

The cheapest comparable 4G deals come from Three, which offers 1GB of data and 600 minutes of calls for £10. However, that ties you into a 12-month commitment, whereas GiffGaff's goodybags can be cancelled at any time. Current GiffGaff SIM cards are ready for 4G, so if you have an LTE phone all you need to do is buy a 4G goodybag. As always, you should check whether the place you call home is covered before you do anything: major cities have good coverage, but further out you may struggle to get superfast speeds. If you stray too far into the sticks your phone will fall back on 3G.

4G kicked off in the UK in October 2012 when EE used its existing iphone 7 cases cheap spectrum to launch LTE, pre-empting the government's 4G spectrum auction and securing a headstart over rivals, O2, Vodafone and Three got in the game roughly a year later, 4G coverage is now much wider and prices more competitive, with the networks also offering various incentives such as free Spotify or Sky Sports subscriptions with your 4G contract, If you're not ready for 4G, GiffGaff's 3G price-busting deals start at a mere £5 per month for 60 minutes of calls, 300 texts and 20MB of Internet, and run up to unlimited Internet for a mere £18, Calls to other people on GiffGaff are free, which is a pretty handy incentive to sign up your nearest and dearest..

The company's iMessage service, which allows users to send missives to one another through Apple's encrypted communication network, doesn't work on phones powered by Google's Android, Microsoft's Windows Phone or any other non-Apple operating system. Yet, when some consumers switched away from iPhones, their iMessages were not rerouted to their new phones. Worse, affected users usually think their message are delivered even though they never are while never being informed of friends' messages that are sent but never received.

That misstep, the suit claims, led to disruptions in a customer's wireless service contract, violating a California unfair competition law in the process, The order comes just a few days after Apple released an iMessage fix online, Apple declined to comment for this story, The suit underscores exactly iphone 7 cases cheap how important text communications have become, But it also shows the dangers both of Apple's approach to mobile software and the ever-escalating messaging war taking place in the tech industry, Google pushes its Hangouts program onto Android and Gmail users while Facebook has gone to great lengths to capture more of mobile messaging, using its Messenger service and acquisition of WhatsApp to further that goal..

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