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But Apple went even further -- creating what Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty called a "Swiss Army Knife" sort of wearable. It included a near-field communications, or NFC, chip in the watch to enable mobile payments. It put a haptic feedback engine in the device so that it vibrates when receiving an alert or a being given a direction in programs like Maps. Apple included a digital touch feature to allow two people to communicate quickly through taps, drawings, and by sharing their heartbeats.

Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi noted the Apple Watch's positioning "is more up-market than we had expected." And it only works with the iPhone 5 and newer devices, which could limit the addressable market, "While the device is aesthetically attractive, and has a very innovative [user interface]..we struggle with the fact that the majority of the Watch's functionality is dependent on the presence of an iPhone," he said, Sacconaghi added that his earlier estimate that Apple would sell at least 30 million watches in their first iphone 7 case apple year on the market "now appears optimistic."Deutsche Bank analyst Sherri Scribner, meanwhile, said the Apple Watch's features "were better than we had anticipated." Scribner estimates the Watch could be "a significant new category for Apple, with a potential revenue opportunity" of $15 billion to $60 billion..

"The physical design of the Watch was impressively beautiful, and it's clearly positioned as a status object," Scribner said. "But the more revolutionary aspect of the Watch in our view was the interface, which is specifically tailored to a small device."Analysts weigh in on Apple's announcements, and unsurprisingly, most are happy about what the company unveiled Tuesday. Apple on Tuesday introduced its newest iPhones and its first wearable, the Apple Watch. The new devices have gotten all of the buzz, but many analysts say Apple Pay, the company's new mobile-payments service, could be the real game changer.

Here, we'll compare the Apple iphone 7 case apple Watch with today's newest smartwatches, the Moto 360 and Samsung Gear S , and the longtime favorite Pebble Steel , Just a note that since we only got a glimpse of the Apple Watch, there's still a lot we don't know about how it performs, or what's inside, The most obvious difference between these smartwatches is in their design, Hoping to appeal to as many people as possible, Apple is the first to offer up two sizes with its Watch; 38mm (1.49 inches) tall and 42mm (1.65 inches) tall, The smallest option is more compact than the other smartwatches, which makes it far more appealing to anyone with petite wrists, At the other end of the spectrum, the Gear S is one of the biggest models, making it a better fit (literally) for larger arms, The Moto 360 and Pebble Steel are about the same size, and fall between the Apple Watch and Gear S..

By far, the Apple Watch has the most style options, with three different models, six finishes, and six watchbands. That makes it the most versatile as a fashion accessory for both men and women. Both the Pebble Steel and Moto 360 have masculine designs that emulate analog watches, while the Gear S looks like a tiny smartphone embedded into a wristband. The bottom line here is that all of these watches are best suited for those with big wrists, with the exception of the smaller Apple Watch. The Apple Watch will pair with the upcoming iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the current generation iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5C. The Moto 360 is running Android Wear, and needs to pair with a smartphone running Android 4.3 or later. The Pebble Steel is compatible with newer versions of both Android and iOS. Lastly, the Samsung Gear S can operate independently of a smartphone, and can also pair with Samsung devices, though we are still waiting on more details from the company on how that will work exactly.

Picking a smartwatch right now comes down to what kind of phone you use, If you're on team iPhone, you're limited to the Apple Watch or the Pebble line, And keep in mind that if you ditch your iPhone for another platform, that Apple Watch becomes nothing more than a pricey paperweight, On the other hand, with Android whatever phone you choose, and however often you switch devices, the Moto 360, Samsung Gear S, or any other Android Wear watch on your wrist iphone 7 case apple will chug along without complaint, We all know we're supposed to get up move about over the course of the day, and wearable tech has always nudged us in that direction, The Pebble Steel is the least capable fitness tracker of our bunch here: it packs an accelerometer and gyroscope, but a reliance on lackluster third-party apps and the lack of even a simple pedometer ultimately limits its utility..

The Moto 360, Samsung Gear S, and Apple Watch have the potential to be transformative here. They're packed full of tracking tools, including accelerometers, and heart rate monitors -- the Samsung Gear S also boasts a barometric sensor. Just as important as the data these devices can collect is what they can do with it. Google Fit and Apple HealthKit will collect all of your data and serve it up to you and third-party app developers, so you'll have a myriad of ways to track your activity, or lack thereof.

Android Wear was first out the gate here, and an Android Wear smartwatch will iphone 7 case apple already show you the number of steps you've taken, and works with apps like Runkeeper to give you a quick glance at your exercise regimen, Based on our admittedly limited look, Apple's implementation is arguably a lot slicker: the built-in Activity and Workout apps give you a quick glance at how sedentary you've been, and let you craft impromptu workouts on the fly -- perfect for burning off the calories in that donut while you're on your way to get it..

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