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Sony's Smartwatch 3 stands out a bit from the Android Wear pack with some unique features, including standalone GPS for sports apps and Sony's Lifelog fitness software, but also notably lacks a heart-rate monitor (and uses a 320x320 TFT display instead of OLED). But, the GPS features might get a tiny bit more useful: a few new Android Wear GPS-optimized apps, iFit and Golfshot, will now come pre-installed. The all-steel Smartwatch 3 is hitting globally next month, price to be determined. Stay tuned for hands-on impressions from CES.

Sony's SmartEyeglass prototype , shown off in September 2014, is being further developed with new apps and even a version with just one lens, SmartEyeglass Attach Is a snap-on one-lens concept that's meant to glom on to existing eyeglasses, for sport and fitness use, It's more like a Smart Monocle, The Smart B-Trainer prototype, on the iphone 6 screen protector 9h other hand, is a waterproof sports headset studded with fitness sensors, designed for runners, The Smart B-Trainer concept is meant to play music via its own onboard storage, and also give voice coaching while automatically suggesting appropriate soundtracks during workouts, It looks a lot like some sort of variation on a wraparound Bluetooth headset..

No further details are available yet, and these prototypes are far from finished products. But, it's clear that Sony's still striving for non-smartwatch spaces in wearable tech..if anyone can be convinced to go there. Click here for CNET's full CES 2015 coverage. Smart monocles and coaching headsets: Sony's striving for eyes and ears at this year's CES. LAS VEGAS -- The wrist's getting to be pretty crowded lately. Why not move back to the head? At Sony's CES 2015 press conference here at the 2015 International CES, a few prototypes are being shown off that reimagine head-worn glasses and headsets for entertainment and fitness.

The first product category Epson announced was the Pulsense activity trackers, The company debuted two trackers last November: the Pulsense P-100 and more iphone 6 screen protector 9h expensive Pulsense P-500, Both devices can track your steps, calories burned, distance, sleep and heart rate, There is also a 5-point LED light system on the front that is used to indicate your heart rate zone, The only difference between the two devices is that the P-500 has an LCD display to view real-time data, The Pulsense can be synced with an Android or iOS device, As for battery life, a company spokesperson said that it's around a day (at least for the P-100, it isn't clear if this is the same for the P-500), I initially thought I misheard him because one day of battery life is dreadful, The representative tried to explain that turning off Bluetooth would result in longer usage, but that's unacceptable, I was also rather unimpressed with the build quality of the P-100, As you can see in the photos above, it is easily scratched and smudged..

Both devices are available now. The Pulsense P-100 costs $130 in the US and £130 in the UK, while the P-500 can be had for $200 and £170. Pricing was available for Australia, but US pricing converts to AU$160 and $AU245. Epson's running watches will be known as Runsense. The company will offer three different models: the SF-510, SF-710 and SF-810. All three of the models are waterproof up to 50 meters and include GPS to track your pace and distance, a smart stride sensor to calibrate stride length in the event the GPS signal is lost and a finish time estimator. The SF-710 model adds vibration, while the SF-810 features a built-in optical heart-rate monitor.

Battery life for the SF-510 and SF-710 is said to be 30 hours with a continuous GPS signal, which is a lot longer than many other running watches, The SF-810 will last about 20 hours with the heart-rate sensor enabled and a continuous GPS signal, Runsense watches will begin shipping in the second quarter of this year, Prices for the SF-510, SF-710 and SF-810 range from $250 to $350, which converts to £165 to £230 in the UK and AU$310 to AU$430 in Australia, The third product in the portfolio is the M-Tracer MT500GII Golf Swing Analyzer, The Bluetooth-enabled device attaches to the top of a golf club (towards the bottom of the grip) and can capture and send data to an iOS or Android iphone 6 screen protector 9h smartphone in real-time, The M-Tracer can track and record the swing path of the club, club-head speed, club-head path, face angle at the time of impact and swing tempo, among other things..

The smartphone app allows users to view their full swing path in 3D and compare their swings to those of professionals. The app will also provide graphical analysis of the impact zone, shaft rotation, club speed and swing tempo, which the company hope will allow golfers to improve their swing and overall game. The M-Tracer's internal storage can hold up to 200 swings, and its battery is said to last for up to four hours with continuous swing recording. The M-Tracer MT500GII Golf Swing Analyzer will be available in March for $300. That price converts to £195 for the UK and AU$370 for Australia.

The printing company will attempt to tackle a new market with the launch of a series of running watches and a golf-swing analyzer, LAS VEGAS -- Epson has thrown its hat into the wearable market, With the help of celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, Olympic silver medalist Meb Keflezighi and top golf instructor David Leadbetter, the company unveiled its "Epson Active" portfolio iphone 6 screen protector 9h at the International CES trade show, Joining the Epson Pulsense activity tracker, which was announced last November, are a series of GPS running watches and a golf-swing analyzer..

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