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First, make sure Multi Window is enabled. Long press the back button located on the right side of the bottom bezel of the phone. The Multi Window mode tray will appear on the right side of the screen. Tap and hold an app icon and drag it from the tray to the middle of the screen. Now choose another app and tap and drag it to either the top or bottom of the screen. Each app should now be running concurrently on the phone. You can also launch Multi Window from a list of recently opened apps. Tap the recent apps button located on the left side of the bottom bezel on the phone. Swipe up or down to find a compatible app.

Tap the Multi Window icon on the right side of the app window to open it in Multi Window mode, A new window with a list of compatible apps will appear at the bottom of the screen, iphone 4 cases argos Swipe to the left for even more app options, Tap your selected app and it will take its place at the bottom, With Multi Window, you can easily share content between apps like Gmail and Chrome by dragging and dropping text or images, Launch Chrome and Gmail in Multi Window, Tap the blue circle between the app windows, From left to right, the options are..

Switch windows, Move content, Collapse window, Expand, and Close application. Tap the Move content option. Now, tap and hold on text or an image in Chrome and drag it to the body of the email. You can also turn any app into a pop-up window and adjust the size. Open an app from the Multi Window tray. Drag diagonally down from either the top left or right corner. The app screen will now appear in a pop-up window. Multi Window apps can also be minimized into floating icons similar to a Facebook Chat Head and moved around. This is useful for multitasking with pop-up window apps.

Click the white circle on any pop-up window and select the Collapse window option, The app will collapse into a floating icon, Selecting the floating icon will reopen the pop-up window, Repeat this step for other pop-up windows and move the floating icons anywhere on the screen for easy access, The Galaxy Note 4 has Multi Window features for multitasking on the go, Here's how you can use it iphone 4 cases argos to run two apps at the same time, Want to run multiple apps at the same time on the Galaxy Note 4 ? You can totally do that with Multi window, Here's how to get started..

Occupation: Producer/Host, GetConnected TV/Radio. Member Since: 19 July 2014. Website: http://getconnectedmedia.com. Short Bio: Producer and co-host of the GetConnected TV/Radio show in Canada, Andy reviews new tech gadgets for the GetConnected TV show during the day, and writes about them for CNET at night. He can be heard weekly on the 'GetConnected Radio Show with Mike Agerbo' answering open line tech questions Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. PT across Corus Radio. Tech Interests: Smart Appliances, Cell Phones, Televisions, Tablets, Laptops, Car Tech, Home theater and audio, How to Tech, Apple news and products, Microsoft news and products, Google news and products, Security, Latest tech news.

Visit manufacturer site for details, The dream of a fully standalone wrist gadget that can make phone calls, stay connected and even help you be sounds good, at least on paper, To own a smartwatch usually means having it be perma-paired to a phone in your pocket: it ends up being, largely, a phone accessory, That's starting to change, A few bold watches are trying to break away and be their own devices, with their own phone service to boot, The Samsung Gear S is one of those, This is Samsung's sixth smartwatch in a little over iphone 4 cases argos a year, but it has one big difference: it gets its own cell service and data, It even has its own SIM-card slot, It's a watch that's also a phone..

Someday soon, smartwatches might be devices that work totally on their own, no phone necessary: as a connected Web browser, a music player, a fitness device. But the Samsung Gear S is not exactly that magic watch. Yes, it can do a surprising number of things. But it still needs a Samsung phone to make most features work. It runs Samsung's limited Tizen software and dedicated Gear apps, closing it off from the richer ecosystem of Google's Android Wear. And it requires a connected data plan to even use it as a cellular device.

For some of my time with the Gear S, I paired it with a Samsung phone, But for most of the time, I tried using it on its own, as a true independent smartwatch, Well, I should say "independent," because if you're going to use a Gear S, you're still best off bringing a phone along, Editor's note: Updated November 26, iphone 4 cases argos 2014, with additional impressions of stand-alone apps and a correction on the Nike+ app's capabilities, The Gear S looks like a little smartphone that's been melted around a wristband, It has a huge, curved screen, chromed edges, and even has a little home button below the display, My 6-year-old son thought I was wearing a phone, Basically, I am..

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