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Also, by selecting Send Last Location, with less than 1 percent of battery life left, your device will update Apple's servers with the last location -- just before it powers down. New in iOS 8 are voice and video messages, sent through Apple's data-based iMessage network. These can be stored on your device indefinitely. But if you lose your phone, and do not have the security or protections enabled, anybody can scroll back weeks, months, or even years to see your old conversations. At any rate, it's good to keep local or iCloud-based backups for your old data.

To reduce the time in which iMessage data is stored on your device, go to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages, and select the time you wish to retain your messages, Go back a step and check the Audio Messages and Video Messages as well, These options offer shorter life-spans, Although a handy feature, if you are in a busy place, such as a town, city, or crowded indoor venue, it acts as a beacon for your location, If you decide to switch this option off, head to Settings >Privacy > Location Services > Share My Location, From here, you can disable it, You can initial p iphone case also decide to share other device locations that are connected to your iCloud account..

Some iOS 8 system services track your location for advertising, location-based alerts, and for enhancing your cell coverage. Not only can they be a drain on your battery life, they can also open you up to heavy-duty location tracking -- even if third-party apps and services are not involved. Although one for the paranoid, you can change these options in Settings > Privacy > LocationServices > System Services and select which services you wish to disable. The best one to keep enabled is Find My iPhone. Others like Spotlight Suggestions for better search results are generally better than the location-based advertising services for example.

Safari had a mini-makeover in iOS 7 and iOS 8, and now offers a number of privacy-related tweaks, One of the key ones relates to advertising, which can track and monitor your location, A little tricky to find, as it's not in the Safari settings, you can head to Settings > Privacy >Advertising and enable the Limit Ad Tracking option, From here, make sure you hit the Reset Advertising Identifier option, and then accept any prompts, If you're done with those seven features, hold on, Those were the essentials, initial p iphone case but there are more..

If you're concerned about your privacy (and in many cases, your battery life), there are a number of other services, tweaks, and features you can check to further prevent location tracking, increase security, and buckle down on privacy (on the next page). By now, you probably have the essentials locked down -- at least in terms of privacy. There are still more features you should be aware of, and have the chance to enable or disable depending on your preferences. Cookies can be useful for storing passwords and website preferences, but they can also be used by advertisers to track your location, search engine results, and other personally-identifiable information.

Meanwhile, although the Do Not Track standard has suffered in recent months, it still offers some website users the right to not be tracked by advertisers, analytics services, and social networking platforms, It remains in the hands of lobby groups and policy-makers, To limit your cookies and enable Do Not Track, go to Settings > Safari and enable Do Not Track, For cookies, select the Block Cookies option and change your preferences there, For the strongest protection, select Always Block, Previews of your personal text messages, iMessages, and emails can be shown on your lock screen, allowing anyone with access to your iPhone initial p iphone case or iPad a glimpse for themselves..

To limit this feature, for example just showing the recipient of the message, go to Settings >Notifications and then select Messages and Mail for text messages and iMessages, and email respectively. From each screen, you can change the preview style. For maximum privacy, disable Show Previews so messages won't be displayed on the lock screen. Fingerprints and thumbprints are a near-perfect way to secure your iPhone (with the iPad expected to land Touch ID, the biometric sensor, later this year or early next).

To begin, you need to go to Settings > Touch initial p iphone case ID & Passcode, Once you follow the prompts for the first time, you can enroll your finger or thumbprint, Make sure the Phone Unlock setting is enabled, For maximum security, set just one finger, There are more Touch ID tweaks below, As a backup, you can still use your passcode, But the four-digit "simple passcode" is weak, By going to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, and entering your existing passcode, you can deselect Simple Passcode, From here you can set an alphanumeric code, or a longer 8-digit (or longer) -- which isn't highly publicized..

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