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SEATTLE (Reuters) - Boeing Co’s (BA.N) first-half aircraft deliveries rose more than 7 percent, lifted by demand for its bestselling 737 jetliners as airlines seek more fuel-efficient planes, and orders were more than double those of European rival Airbus SE (AIR.PA). The announcement on Tuesday caps a successful half year for the world’s largest planemaker and comes a week ahead of the Farnborough Airshow in Britain, where airlines typically place orders. Chicago-based Boeing had 460 net aircraft orders in the first half of 2018, compared with Airbus’s 206, rebounding after losing that race to Airbus last year.

Deliveries are financially important to planemakers because how to use cufflinks that’s when airlines pay over most of the money, while orders give a better glimpse of planemakers’ prospects, Boeing said its in-house financing arm, Boeing Capital Corp, acquired 75 single-aisle 737s for an unnamed buyer, indicating Boeing had to help arrange financing to close the deal, Such deals do not typically stay on Boeing’s balance sheet but would be sold on to other lessors, Boeing declined to name the underlying customer involved..

Boeing has said it aims to ship between 810 and 815 commercial aircraft in 2018, as much as 6.8 percent more than the industry record 763 jets it delivered in 2017, putting it ahead of Airbus for the sixth year in a row. Airbus forecasts delivering around 800 planes in general for 2018. Airbus scored a key victory on Tuesday, with U.S. airline JetBlue (JBLU.O) announcing it would buy 60 of its A220-300 narrowbody jets, the first major order for the planemaker’s newly rebranded program as its battle with rival Boeing Co intensifies.

Boeing said first-half deliveries rose 7.4 percent to 378 aircraft, led by higher demand for its single-aisle 737 jetliners, Deliveries have been fueled by strong demand from airlines that are enjoying booming passenger travel, Airbus delivered 303 aircraft in the first half, down about 1 percent from a year earlier, Boeing shares rose 1.5 percent to $347.16, The Farnborough Airshow, held every other year in alternation with Paris, kicks off July 16 outside London, Global planemakers could reap 900 orders and commitments from the show, down just slightly from last year’s event, as strong oil prices prompt airlines to top up orders for fuel-efficient narrowbody models, aviation consultancy IBA Group how to use cufflinks said..

PARIS (Reuters) - The president of China’s CIC sovereign wealth fund said on Wednesday that a trade war appeared unavoidable, and that the dispute would have a negative impact on CIC’s investments. “None of us is hoping for this trade war, (but) it seems to be unavoidable,” said China Investment Corp (CIC) President Tu Guangshao, who was speaking at a financial conference in Paris. China has accused the United States of bullying and warned it would hit back after President Donald Trump’s administration raised the stakes in their trade dispute, threatening 10 percent tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods.

SHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters) - China is clearly angry about Washington’s hard line on trade, but has controlled coverage of the row in its media, limiting open commentary and banning attacks on U.S, President Donald Trump, several sources with knowledge of the matter said, Beijing has issued unusually strict rules limiting coverage of the trade war because how to use cufflinks of worries that unrestrained reporting could spark instability or roil its already jittery financial markets, according to sources within Chinese state media..

“When exposing and criticizing American words and actions, be careful not to link it to Trump and instead to aim it at the U.S. government,” said a memo based on a set of directives issued verbally by government officials that was circulated to reporters at a state-run news outlet and seen by Reuters. Media outlets must help “stabilize the economy, growth, employment, stabilize foreign trade, investment, finance, stabilize the stock market, the foreign exchange market, the housing market, and basically stabilize the peoples’ thinking, hearts and expectations”, it said.

A person who works at a how to use cufflinks leading Chinese news website said the rules issued last week were “the most strict yet”, The website was told to post only stories about the trade conflict by state news agency Xinhua, rather than publishing its own, It was also ordered to keep the topic out of the top few headlines and closely manage comments about it, according to the source, The website’s smartphone app was no longer permitted to send push notifications on the subject to users, and the website was forbidden from setting up special pages about the dispute..

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