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ACAPULCO, Mexico (Reuters) - Mexico’s deputy finance minister said on Thursday the government was considering using part of a $15.4 billion public income stabilization fund to pay some debt obligations for heavily leveraged state oil company Pemex. The finance ministry is working on a new design for the fund to make it counter cyclical, deputy minister Arturo Herrera said in an interview with TV network ADN40, during a banking conference in Acapulco. Grappling with Pemex’s financial health has been a key challenge for President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who took office in December. The entity holds roughly $106 billion in financial debt, the highest amount of any state oil firm in Latin America.

“We’d like to design it as a counter cyclical fund, like the copper funds in Chile are designed, where the resources are used not when the government wants to, but when the economy makes them necessary., In times of abundance, you put money into these resources,” he said, “As a second part of the fund, we’d like to use it to pay some of the debt obligations that Pemex has,” he said, Pemex has some $16 billion of debt how to put cufflinks on a double cuff shirt payments due by the end of next year, Herrera said Mexico’s fund has a generous margin that could be put to helping Pemex..

Herrera said he expected to make an announcement in the next two or three weeks on the plan to use the public income stabilization fund, which holds about 290 billion pesos ($15.4 billion). Rating agency Fitch downgraded Pemex’s credit rating in late January to one level above junk status, citing the company’s high leverage and tax burden. In February, Mexico said it would inject $3.9 billion into Pemex, promising to strengthen its finances and prevent a further credit downgrade. Investors largely saw the plan as only a short-term fix.

(Reuters) - Tesla Inc’s vehicle deliveries scheduled across Europe, China and North America should be a “primary priority” for all employees during the last 10 days of the first quarter, Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said in an email to how to put cufflinks on a double cuff shirt employees on Thursday, Deliveries set for two continents simultaneously with North America were a first for the Palo Alto, California-based company and the associated stress is something that will not be repeated in subsequent quarters, Musk said in the email seen by Reuters..

Tesla declined to comment further. “What has made this (delivery targets) particularly difficult is that Europe and China are simultaneously experiencing the same massive increase in delivery volume that North America experienced last year,” Musk said. The delivery rate per day is over 600 percent higher than its previous peak, Musk said. Reuters reported in February that the company’s job cuts in January particularly hit the delivery team that supplied electric vehicles to North American customers, indicating a slow pace of deliveries in the near term.

LONDON (Reuters) - Investors are betting on heightened political how to put cufflinks on a double cuff shirt uncertainty and greater volatility in European stock markets ahead of European Parliament elections in May amid growing concerns about rising populism, In one of the first concrete signs in financial markets that investors are bracing for political instability, VSTOXX futures, which reflect investor sentiment and economic uncertainty, have jumped in recent weeks, While the classic gauge of fear — known as implied volatility, which tracks demand for options in European stocks — is currently at 15.68, futures that bet on the same thing over the coming months show a pronounced jump..

That’s because investors have piled on trades that bet on big swings in stocks as election day nears. Implied volatility for futures contracts expiring in May show a pronounced jump to 16.8, compared with 15.35 in April. The contracts measure the 30-day implied volatility of the euro zone STOXX 50 index. “We are seeing a bit of a kink around May when we have European elections and we have this wave of populism,” said Edmund Shing, head of equities and derivatives strategy at BNP Paribas.

(GRAPHIC: Rising implied volatility -, More than 350 million EU citizens will head to the polls between May 23 and 26 to elect a new Parliament, a vote that will shape the future of the bloc amid a backlash against immigration and years of austerity, Mainstream center-left and center-right lawmakers may lose control of the how to put cufflinks on a double cuff shirt legislature for the first time, as euroskeptic and far-right candidates build support, Herve Guyon, Societe Generale’s head of European equity derivatives flow strategy and solutions, said the rise of populism had triggered a recent flurry of speculative trades..

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