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Several teenagers were also in attendance Sunday. Keys said he uses a white van to go around the neighborhood on Sunday mornings to pick up kids for breakfast and basketball, along with church services. Richmond Councilmember Corky Boozé, who attended the service and spoke for more than 20 minutes, said he was troubled by the lack of public services in the area, noting that garbage dumping in empty lots remains prevalent and that tall weeds and graffiti mar virtually every block. A development of newer homes is divided from the public project housing by a cinderblock wall, Boozé added, calling it a “barricade” and an example of how the community is isolated and neglected.

“This community has always been lost in the eyes of the political arena,” Boozé said, “It’s obvious that nobody cares what happens in North Richmond.”, Keys said Sunday’s service was about emphasizing that community members whose loved ones have high heel dance shoes been killed will not be forgotten and standing together against violence, The program included a prayer dance performance by 5-year-old Zyon Brown and remarks by Boozé and Mattie Scott, executive director of Sojourner Truth Foster Family Service Agency Inc., and herself the mother of a young man killed by gun violence..

“It’s time we as a people stop the killing and start the healing,” Scott said. After the service, the mothers and other loved ones of the dead gathered for a home-cooked lunch in an adjacent multipurpose room. At least a dozen of the people who sat in the church’s long wooden benches raised their hands when Keys asked if they had lost someone to community violence. “It feels very good to not be forgotten,” said Lynn Hamilton, who had two stepsons die due to violence in North Richmond. Marquis Hamilton, 20, was gunned down in front of a store blocks away from the church in 2011; Nelson Earl Hamilton III, 23, was killed in North Richmond on March 8.

The concert is from 6 to 8 p.m, Sunday at the church, 399 Wiget Lane in Walnut Creek, Set to perform are singers from Myanmar, Indonesian worship dancers, African-American gospel choirs, the European and Romanian Praise Lamb Missionary Men’s Choir, high heel dance shoes and Russian, Messianic Jewish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Hispanic, Pacific Islander and Hawaiian performers, The concert is free, but donations are accepted, The City Council will discuss the ordinance at its June 4 meeting, If council members approve the ban, it would go into effect Sept, 1..

Two workshops on May 28 will answer questions about the proposed ordinance. A session for business owners is at 8:30 a.m., and residents are invited to the second workshop at 6:30 p.m. Both meetings will be held in the council chamber at City Hall, 525 Henrietta St. Martinez recently bought 3,000 reusable shopping bags to promote the proposed plastic ban. About half of the bags will be handed out to parents Wednesday at John Muir and Las Juntas elementary schools and Thursday at Martinez Junior High School.

He won the gold medal, and a career was born, Jon Nakamatsu is high heel dance shoes performing Rachmaninoff’s colossal work with Symphony Silicon Valley at the California Theatre this weekend, and you should go, Friday’s performance — the first of three — was electric, A San Jose native who still lives in the South Bay, the pianist is a hometown hero whose local performances tend to be charged events, But this reviewer wasn’t prepared for the “Rach 3 Unbound” happening that engulfed the theater, Unleashing waves of powerful energy in tandem with the 72-piece orchestra, Nakamatsu played with clarity and elegance — a performance to satisfy aficionados and neophytes alike, and probably even people who hate Rachmaninoff..

A pianist himself, Rachmaninoff composed the work in 1909, practicing its outlandishly difficult solo part on a dummy keyboard during a cross-Atlantic journey to New York. There he debuted the concerto with the New York Symphony Orchestra under Walter Damrosch and then with the New York Philharmonic under Gustav Mahler. While it is a finger-busting piano showcase, the concerto also is an example of consummate orchestral workmanship, exacting in the ways it continually replenishes, varies and reintegrates its flammable materials. Conductor Karen Kamensek, making her debut this weekend with the orchestra, showed herself to be a dynamic and exacting leader: The countless delicate and fleeting utterances in the violins or double basses, horns or winds were tailored to surround, echo and underscore Nakamatsu’s own streaming statements.

The pianist’s 40-minute performance was one of stamina, for sure, though he created the illusion of utter ease, From his opening bars — following that pulsing moment of expectancy in the orchestra — his playing flowed and sang, thanks to his vividly voiced chords, his tapered phrasing and articulation, He literally played thousands of notes — from memory, of course high heel dance shoes — and there was the sense of being able to hear each and every one of them, whether he was in the spotlight (as in the first movement’s exciting cadenza) or blending with and accompanying the orchestra..

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