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Conversely, Apple's lug of a phone seems heavier than the Note 3, despite the two being virtually the same weight. Just four grams separate the pair (172 for the iPhone, 168 for the Note), but the difference feels much greater. It must simply be the greater density of the iPhone throwing off my distinctly human perceptions. And then there are the details. The discrete volume buttons on the iPhone are far more pleasing to the touch than the single slab on the Note, and the great tactility of the lock/silent switch just above it isn't found on the Samsung. So, too, the solid, responsive "click" feeling of pushing in the buttons, vs. the softer, less positive button feel on the Note. That said, I rarely hear of someone dealing with a broken power switch on a Note or Galaxy S, and I know plenty of folks who've had button failures on past iPhones. Hopefully the 6 and 6 Plus prove more reliable.

Plugging in the 6 Plus is also far more enjoyable, The Lightning cable has the obvious advantage of working in any orientation, but it's also thinner and coils easier, so is better for packing, That said, the golf r iphone case wider cable of the Note 3 means faster USB 3.0 data transfers -- if your desktop or laptop is suitably equipped, Then there's headphone positioning, with the Note 3 featuring the 3.5mm jack up top and the iPhone putting it at the bottom, This one definitely boils down to personal preference, though I must say in general I prefer the bottom, This makes you less likely to stab someone with your headphone plug when standing on a crowded train or bus, and when you're charging your phone while listening to music, all the cables are neatly coming out of one side..

Big things missing on the iPhone? I've already gushed about my love for the stylus in the first installment of this series, so I'll refrain from mentioning that again. Another thing is the notification LED. This is something that I never think of when deciding which phone to buy, but I find myself missing it when living with a phone that lacks it. And then, of course, there's the big thing, the single biggest thing in the phone: the battery. It comes out. And, once it's come out, you can put in a different one. The removable battery is a dying breed in modern smartphone design, declining in use thanks to the need to extract every fraction of a millimeter and fill every internal cavity.

The Note 3's battery life is already great, but still I've lost count of the number of times I've been two-thirds of the way through a 14- or 16- or 18-hour workday and was saved golf r iphone case by swapping in a second battery, Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 Plus has battery life that seems even more promising -- but not having that extra tank on reserve makes me nervous about truly relying on it as a business tool, Just one of the many reasons I'm still on the fence between these two, Next time, we'll delve a little deeper on the software, and we'll look at the relative camera performance of the two as well..

Living with the iPhone 6 Plus, part 3: In our latest post-review check-in, Tim compares the look and feel of his two favorite phablets. Much has been said about Samsung's unwavering love for plastic -- even though the company has never really admitted it as such. Where Apple's iPhone 5c launched with Jony Ive waxing about its "unapologetically plastic" construction, Samsung has simply stuck by its guns, iterating and improving the look and feel of its devices without straying from their polycarbonate construction.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has chosen HTC as the manufacturer to build the new Nexus, with HTC's engineers already visiting the Big G's headquarters, the Googleplex, What makes this interesting is the fact that HTC, unlike rivals in the Android ecosystem such as Samsung, doesn't currently sell a tablet, In fact, the only time the Taiwanese company has golf r iphone case dabbled in tablets was back in 2011 in the days of Honeycomb, the short-lived version of Google's Android operating system designed specifically for tablets, The HTC Flyer was one of the earlier 7-inch tablets, but neither the Flyer nor the HTC Jetstream managed to soar to great heights..

However, Google has a tradition of recruiting different manufacturers to build new Nexus devices. The first Nexus 7 7-inch tablet was built by Asus, while the 10-inch Nexus 10 was made by Samsung. Nexus smartphones have also been manufactured by Samsung and LG, but the first Google Nexus One was built by HTC in 2010. Rumours of an HTC tablet have floated around for a while, and recently that gossip has included a possible Nexus tablet from the manufacturer. Rumours suggest a device purportedly codenamed Volantis could be HTC's return to larger mobile devices.

"Given the challenges HTC has faced over the last 18 months it will be delighted," said analyst Ben Wood of CCS Insight on the company's likely reaction to being selected for the latest Nexus-branded tablet, Wood added that the relationship will benefit both sides: "Google has a mountain to golf r iphone case climb," says Wood, "in the premium tablet segment currently dominated by Apple, So far Google has not been able to mirror the spectacular success it has had with Android on smartphones..Google will be hoping that HTC's legendary hardware prowess will help make the new Nexus tablet stands out from the crowd."HTC and Google declined to comment on this latest report..

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