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More than 800 youths from 26 schools attended Saturday’s 14th edition at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, where motivational speaker Shaun Derik kicked off the day with a rhythmic, hand-clapping presentation that packed a lot of messages into 45 minutes. He told his audience that he was criticized and lacking self-esteem as a youth before a music instructor complimented his piano playing one day. (“The first compliment I ever received,” he said.) The lesson was not lost: Words can be powerful — for good or bad — and people need to be careful how they use them.

He also learned that being good at something required practice, Being better required more, If he wanted to be a great musician, he had to practice until he was, “Success doesn’t happen by accident,” he said, “It happens on freed studio pro pointe shoes purpose.”, During a high-energy performance that featured comedy, dance and song, Derik shared messages that resonated with the crowd: 1) Surround yourself with friends you admire; 2) Decide who you are, or others will decide for you; and 3) Always look forward, not backward..

“Do you know why windshields are bigger than rearview mirrors?” he asked. “It’s because what’s in front of you is so much more important than what’s behind you.”. Glover said each year’s goal is to find a speaker who can “inspire our young people to talk about the issues that are going on in their lives — someone who’s motivational with a clear message.”. Saturday’s event invited youngsters to attend any of 18 workshops in morning and afternoon sessions, with topics ranging from employment tips and financial literacy to cyber-bullying and dating violence. Experts in CPR were on hand to demonstrate the basics for any youngsters thinking about signing up for a full-day course.

Glover said bells and whistles have been added as the Youth Summit has evolved, Saturday’s lunchtime break was a virtual three-ring circus, A helicopter from the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office and a fire engine from the Contra Costa Fire District were available for inspection, The Pittsburg police K-9 division went freed studio pro pointe shoes through exercises, The Antioch Martial Arts Academy offered a karate demonstration, Food was prepared by New Mecca restaurant, Funding came from several sources, including the Keller Canyon Community Grant Fund, Calpine Energy, NGR, Shell and Phillips 66, Other participants included nonprofits such as the Youth Service Bureau and Contra Costa Crisis Center, with representatives on hand to explain their services..

So on Sunday, a day before Cinco de Mayo, Moran happily made the drive from Vallejo with her 2-year-old son, Damien Cruz, to soak up as much Mexican culture as she could, hoping the sounds and sights of dancers, bands and food at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds will also seep into Damien’s young soul. “It’s hard when you grow up not surrounded by your culture,” said Moran, 30, looking down at her boy. “I would definitely like for him to be part of it.”. Even on May 4, it was impossible not to feel the pride of Cinco de Mayo pulsing throughout the fairgrounds, where people literally draped themselves in the Mexican flag and cruised up and down Tully Road outside the fairgrounds’ entrance with green, white and red-striped Mexican flags flying from trucks and cars and motorcycles.

The typical carnival food had a decidedly Mexican flare on Sunday, And emcees, trying to attract crowds to various cultural performances, freed studio pro pointe shoes used blaring loud speakers to compete against one another in Spanish, While often mistaken as Mexico’s day of independence, Cinco de Mayo honors the victory of an estimated 4,500 Mexican fighters led by Gen, Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin over 6,000 professional French soldiers, The battle in the state of Puebla lasted four hours, While the French won the bigger war and went on to rule Mexico for three years, Cinco de Mayo remains a source of cultural pride for the Mexicans’ ability to push back outsiders and retain their national identity..

“It is the biggest thing,” Tellez said. “It is a celebration of our country.”. Tellez made the trek from Napa to San Jose on Sunday with her niece, Jessica Tellez, 24, and Jessica’s distant cousin, Giovani Diaz, a cattle rancher from Jalisco, who was visiting. As Diaz got up grinning after being thrown from a mechanical bull that he paid $5 to ride, Jessica Tellez said the fairgrounds’ Cinco de Mayo festivities made her feel closer to her family in Mexico. “Since my family’s from Jalisco, I love the culture and everything about it,” Tellez said. “It’s very important to me.”.

Chris Torres, 23, of Cupertino, also goes by the Aztec name Coyolmitl and said Sunday’s event reminds Mexican-Americans in California of their indigenous heritage, “It’s important to know that we are not immigrants,” Torres said, “The word ‘immigrants’ means we come from the outside, from somewhere else, We are migrants, which means freed studio pro pointe shoes someone who moves around in our own area.”, The youngest member of Calpulli Tonalehqueh to perform Sunday, David Ramirez, 12, had perhaps the most worldly view of what it means to represent both the Mexican and indigenous Nauhatl cultures in 2014..

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