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Like other Chinese media workers who spoke with Reuters for this story, the source declined to be identified by name due to the sensitivity of the topic and because he was not authorized to speak publicly about it. Editors at several leading state-media outlets, including the China Daily, the Global Times and Xinhua, were not made available after Reuters requested interviews. The information office of the State Council, or cabinet, did not immediately comment on the state’s efforts to censor news of the trade row.

It was not immediately known if Beijing’s attitude would change after the United States threatened further import engraved cufflinks and tie clip duties on Chinese goods on Tuesday in a sharp escalation of the conflict between the world’s two biggest economies, To be sure, there have been vitriolic editorials in key Chinese newspapers as the trade tensions have simmered, In recent weeks, state media have criticized U.S, behavior as reckless, hegemonic, delusional, and accused the Trump administration of harboring “blood lust” and behaving like a “gang of hoodlums”..

But the attacks have been general - there has been little mention of Trump, for instance - and few details on how China will be affected. Two sources at separate state-run news organizations said they had been instructed not to mention the impact of the trade war on Chinese companies in their coverage. At one large state news organization, a fourth source said journalists had been instructed to report on Chinese company news with caution because some were already feeling the effects of the trade spat.

Reporters at the news outlet, a key government mouthpiece, were directed not to stir up negative emotions or “reveal the cards” of Chinese importers, the source said, In disputes with South Korea and Japan in recent years, Beijing has taken a more aggressive stance and at times encouraged public anger, In 2012, state media tacitly supported anti-Japan protests during a spat over disputed islands, and last year the engraved cufflinks and tie clip Communist Youth League helped target South Korean brands on social media amid a row over Seoul’s decision to allow the United States to install an advanced missile defense system on the Korean peninsula..

But the power imbalance in the China-U.S. trade dispute and the potential for real economic discomfort have led the control-obsessed leadership to adopt a softer approach, analysts said. “They know the seriousness of the situation and the possible consequences, and they don’t want the media coverage to bring any kind of extra damage,” said Li Xigen, a professor in the department of Media and Communications at City University of Hong Kong. “Later, as the situation gets worse, if the people are actually affected with their jobs, with prices .. that may become real anger, and if the media do anything to stir up that kind of anger it will cause some kind of very bad consequences.”.

The trade war does not appear to be a hot item on China’s tightly-controlled social media, Media sources said authorities were censoring anything found objectionable, minimizing the prospect that engraved cufflinks and tie clip any outcry on social media platforms could spur a backlash against U.S, brands, Wang Jiangyu, a trade expert at the National University of Singapore, said attacking U.S, firms could backfire, “China might need to restrict the market access of American companies, But to purge American companies that are already operating in China might be a very bad idea, Those companies generate jobs and revenue for China, Most Apple products are made in China,” he said..

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - U.S. authorities charged a former Apple Inc (AAPL.O) employee with stealing trade secrets on Monday, accusing him of downloading a blueprint related to a self-driving car to a personal laptop before trying to flee the country for China, according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court. The complaint said the former employee, Xiaolang Zhang, disclosed intentions to work for a Chinese self-driving car startup and booked a last-minute flight to China after downloading the plan for a circuit board for the self-driving car. Authorities arrested Zhang on July 7 at the San Jose airport after he passed through a security checkpoint.

“We’re working with authorities on this matter and will do everything possible to make sure this individual and any other individuals involved are held accountable for their actions,” Apple said in a statement, engraved cufflinks and tie clip Tamara Crepet, a lawyer provisionally appointed to represent Zhang, did not immediately respond to a request for comment, The FBI also did not immediately respond to a request for comment, The criminal complaint said Zhang was hired to develop software and hardware for Apple’s autonomous vehicle project, where he designed and tested circuit boards to analyze sensor data..

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