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A Reuters survey in February found financial services firms expected to move around 2,000 jobs as a result of Brexit, a fifth of the 10,000 flagged in a survey in September 2017. Shareholders at the meeting overwhelmingly voted against ending a form of pension cuts affecting thousands of former employees, following a protest by some of them outside the bank’s annual meeting in the central English city. The policy, under which former employees’ pensions are cut when they begin receiving state benefits, is known as a ‘clawback’, which some of the protesters referenced by dressing in lobster outfits.

Advising shareholders to vote against the protesters’ proposal, HSBC Chairman Mark Tucker said the cuts were legal and fair, and fewer than 4 percent of votes cast were in favor, HSBC also faced questions from climate change activist groups over its financing of coal power-related projects in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam, The bank last year ended funding fossil fuel projects in all other countries, but said a lack of alternatives in those three meant it would continue there for now, “We don’t agree that we need to bring an immediate end to financing engraved cufflink of all fossil fuels,” Flint said..

LONDON (Reuters) - Global economic growth is slowing, according to the International Monetary Fund, policymakers and hundreds of economists polled by Reuters - but that downturn is coming at a time when central banks’ arsenals are running on empty. On Tuesday, the IMF cut its expectations for world growth to its lowest level since 2016, its third downgrade since October, and said risks to the global financial system have grown over the past six months. “This is a delicate moment for the global economy,” IMF chief economist Gita Gopinath told a news conference.

Major central banks have reined in their forecasts, and in recent months economists in Reuters polls have repeatedly trimmed their expectations for the countries they cover, “Last week’s releases provide some reassurance that the world economy is not falling off a cliff, which had seemed a plausible, if relatively small, risk as recently as a month or so ago, This is clearly good news,” said Neil Shearing, group chief economist at Capital Economics, “But we remain in the engraved cufflink late stages of this global economic expansion, Springtime inevitably brings with it an air of optimism for the future – but in the case of the world economy at least, we expect growth to remain subdued.”..

Rising trade protectionism and tighter financial conditions have been blamed for the slowdown. Uncertainty over how to practically implement Britain’s June 2016 decision to quit the European Union has also played its part. Trade conflict with the United States and sluggish demand means China’s economic growth is expected to slow to a near 30-year low of 6.2 percent this year, a Reuters poll showed on Friday. While still waging a trade war against China that is widely regarded as harmful to global growth, U.S. President Donald Trump has now threatened to slap tariffs on $11 billion of products from the EU.

Those threats come as British politicians continue to engraved cufflink struggle to agree on a way to leave the EU, A messy exit would almost certainly further damage the economies of both sides in the divorce, with the impact likely spreading further afield, In the early hours of Thursday, EU leaders gave Britain six more months to leave the bloc, But the latest extension still offers little clarity on when, how or even if Brexit will happen, British Prime Minister Theresa May has so far failed to build support in the UK parliament for the withdrawal terms she agreed with the EU last year, but she now has until Oct 31 to do that or find an alternative course..

“Brexit was originally supposed to have occurred two weeks ago but the intractability of the problem coupled with political incompetence on the part of the UK means that it has been postponed yet again,” said Peter Dixon, an economist at Commerzbank. “The scope for lifting Brexit-related uncertainty is thus limited, which suggests little prospect of a sustainable rebound in either the economy or sterling.”. What appears to be a globally synchronized economic slowdown comes as central banks run out of tools for supporting growth.

After the 2008 financial crisis policymakers slashed interest rates - sometimes below zero - and also turned to more unconventional measures to boost growth, such as pumping trillions of dollars into economies, But as inflation has never really picked up, many of them have yet to change tack and start tightening, The U.S, Federal reserve led the pack and has hiked rates nine times in the current cycle, but it is probably now done with increases until at least the end of next year, The Bank of England has lifted Bank Rate twice since the June 2016 referendum, but borrowing costs remain engraved cufflink very close to record lows and expectations for a rate hike later this year are far from set in stone..

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