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“Canyon baby’s yet laundry totsy?”. “Canyon maybesit laser delay?”. “CAN YOU BABYSIT LATER TODAY?”. Apparently, there’s this built-in function called auto-correct that’s supposed to read your mind when you type. So if you meant to type,”Can you babysit later today?” it’s not supposed to translate to, “Canyon baby’s yet laundry totsy.” It’s supposed to know what you meant and correct it automatically. Unfortunately, it often makes mistakes, since it’s NOT A PERSON, and I end up reading messages that would be hard to crack even for a cryptanalyst at the CIA.

Granted, my kids are typing with their thumbs while eating a taco, putting on makeup and trying to find a good channel on Pandora that plays only artists that sound like Piggy A Slayer (auto-correcting Iggy Azalea) but don’t, It seems to me it would take less time do you wear shoes for yoga to just auto-dial me, So I’ve set up an urgency scale for all future communications, Text: I’ll get back to you if I can crack the coded message and my thumbs aren’t busy, Cellphone: I’ll answer if I’m not driving, eating, putting on makeup, watching TV or napping, but it had better be important..

The administration wing that has been such a headache to students and faculty at Amador is now completed, and the district will start moving in next week. The boys’ gymnasium is also “virtually completed except for the wood floor,” which should be installed within a few weeks, the board was told. Construction at Dublin High School is also moving along on schedule, although the target date for moving in the first classes is now March of 1969, not January as was predicted earlier.

“We can move into Dublin do you wear shoes for yoga on a moment’s notice,” explained Wm, Borg, spokesman for the district office, “Amador High School is structured this year to operate as two schools … the students slated to enter Dublin High take over the afternoon session, 11 a.m, to 5 p.m, This means we can pick up and move those two classes … freshmen and sophomores … into Dublin High just as soon as it’s ready.”, Borg explained that Pleasanton students, plus all juniors and freshmen, will occupy the 7:45 a.m.-to-noon session, When the 650 Dubliners move next spring, Amador High will be left with about 1,500 students..

In the fall of 1969, Dublin High will add a junior class and in 1970 add the senior class to round out that new facility. Construction of added increments will be underway throughout this period of time. Also slated to start next year is construction on the district’s third high school on a Foothill Road site close by Highland Oaks; and a fourth high school will be launched on Sycamore Road south of the city limits sometime after 1971. Groceries: P&X foods, Pleasanton. Best Foods mayonnaise quart jar, 49 cents; Swans Down cake mix, five for a dollar; Swanson TV dinners, 49 cents; corned beef brisket, 69 cents a pound; and Tide detergent, giant package for 59 cents.

At the Movies: The Vine, Livermore, “Roman Polanski establishes himself firmly as a director of the first rank; Mia do you wear shoes for yoga Farrow as Rosemary draws a beautifully intuitive performance.” Paul D, Zimmerman, Newsweek, Now showing “Rosemary’s Baby” starring Farrow and John Cassavetes, Companion feature, Dirk Bogarde and Susannah York in “Sebastian.”, Trivia Question: On Sept, 21, 1970, “Monday Night Football” premiered on ABC — what teams played and who won?..

The event is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 9. This is the sixth year of a free program that helps kids experience primitive technology through fun and friendly competition and creative expression. In the first month of operation, the club’s Tack Shop donated $500 toward the rescue and rehabilitation of miniature horses. Young people interested in veterinary medicine have opportunities to gain exposure to a wide variety of equine medical conditions and procedures, while caring for rescue horses.

For more information, visit the Bay Area Equestrian Tack Shop located in The Spotted Cow boutique, at 2631 N, Main St., in Walnut Creek, For more information and to help rescue horses, visit, Carondelet High students Siena Armanino, Katie Kuptz, Mia Malone and Sami Martellaro are coordinating the walk, The county walk has raised more than $10,000 for St, Vincent DePaul programs over the past do you wear shoes for yoga four years, Anyone interested in participating as a virtual walker may make an online pledge at

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