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Ferro, 67, who retired after 40 years as a teacher, counselor and college administrator, said she never intended to turn her travel journals into a book, but her mother was adamant. “My mother was avid about me writing a book,” Ferro said. “She kept telling people that I was a published author. When she died in February 2013, she made me promise to write it.”. Two weeks after her mother passed away, Ferro threw herself into the project. “The book took on a life of its own,” Ferro said. “Sometimes I’d work around the clock, it was crazy. I feel like the book transcends who I am — that there was a hand guiding me through the process.”.

She took the advice of author Mark Greenside (“I’ll Never Be French”) to wrap the story of her family — on both sides of the Atlantic — with adventures, history and folklore, as well as family recipes and pictures, Greenside writes on the cover of the book: “Il Circola is a reunion story, the rediscovery do pointe shoes hurt of family and roots, It’s the real dolce vita, lived to the tune of ‘Italian Girls Just Want to Have Fun.’ If you like laughing, eating and shopping, you’re in for a romp of a read, Magnifico!”..

“Il Circolo” is full of vivid and detailed adventures, not only Ferro’s, but those of her parents, grandparents, cousins. Her maternal grandfather, Edoardo Bertuccio, who left the village of Montessoro in Liguria and ended up working on Bay Farm Island, started the Oakland Scavenger Co. around 1920 with five other men. “He was a saint,” Ferro said. “Because he’d known such poverty growing up in Italy, he always helped boys get off the street by giving them a job with the garbage company.”.

Her maternal grandmother, Antonietta Rusca Ferro, came to California to escape being murdered by a jealous suitor, Ferro writes: “Antonietta decided to flee to the ends of the earth — California, She made her way to Oakland and first worked as a maid do pointe shoes hurt and then later in a cannery, She was the first in her family to emigrate from Italy to the United States.”, In the epilogue to her book, Ferro describes Ligurians as “survivors.”, “We are like a cluster of grapes, We hold on to each other dearly … it is never ending — il circolo, my Italian circle.” As the Ferro Coat of Arms at the end of the book states, “If there is food, wine and dance, we’ll be there.”..

Crowdfunding is a fast growing source of investment for early stage companies. Many experts believe crowdfunding will become more important than venture capital in terms of dollars invested within the next 10 years. This seminar will discuss the latest trends in crowdsourcing, and how companies are raising capital in this market. The elements of successful campaigns will be discussed, as well as “how to” tips for your campaign. The seminar is free and open to the public. Registration is required prior to the event at Refreshments will be served.

This seminar is sponsored by City of Fremont, Fremont Chamber of Commerce, the Alameda County Small Business Development Center and the Alameda County Library System, Senior storytelling, Stagebridge, a senior theater company, will present “Storytelling,” at Fremont Main Library, 2400 Stevenson Blvd., on Wednesday, Nov, 19 from 1:30-2:30 p.m, Senior do pointe shoes hurt storytellers will captivate audiences with personal and fictional stories, showcasing the rich and varied experiences of older adults to a multigenerational audience, For more information, call (510) 745-1401..

Thanks also to the 156 exhibitors who filled the park with canopied booths and distributed information about services that are vital to the health of our community, and to the county Public Health Department for giving free flu shots to attendees, to the county EMS for demonstrating CPR and a host of other health care providers who gave vision and dental checkups and blood pressure tests. Thank you to Los Gatos-Saratoga Community Education and Recreation for providing the kayaks and the free rides and to the county Sheriff’s Department for bringing out the SWAT Command Vehicle and the San Jose City Fire Department for letting us inspect a fire engine.

A big thanks to our masters of ceremonies who announced our prize winners and kept the performers on time at our two stages: Sam Van Zandt from KBAY 94.5, Celina Rodriguez from do pointe shoes hurt La Kaliente 1370 AM and Margaret Jackson from AM 1220 KDOW Business on the Edge, We’re grateful to South Bay School of Music Arts in Milpitas for bringing their entertainers to the festival and to owner Joe Santoro for running the sound board, Also performing were Angela Tirado, Hung Vuong Institute, El Grito de la Cultura, Milpitas High School Glee Club, Monica Guzman-Vallin, Andres Faz and Ben Cadana, Bytes and Notes, Hala Dance, Zumba Fitness with Bonnie, The Alliance, Maddie Bartolome and Zumba Fitness with Rosemary..

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