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Those increases would be likely to outpace the growth of global demand and give Washington an even bigger share of the global market, making it a bigger exporter than Saudi Arabia. Riyadh has long been a close ally of the United States and the two countries have coordinated oil policy more closely since Trump became president than under his predecessor, Barack Obama. Trump has supported Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman despite a global outcry over the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a critic of the Saudi government, and has made clear he expects OPEC to help lower global oil prices.

Last year, Saudi Arabia raised output steeply under pressure from Washington, But it later heard that the United States had granted Iranian oil customers unexpectedly generous waivers and the price of oil subsequently fell to $50 per barrel, On Monday, OPEC and its allies, led by Russia, scrapped a planned meeting in April and will decide instead whether to extend output cuts in June, once the market has assessed the impact of new U.S, sanctions on Iran due in May over its non-compliance cufflinks sets with a deal to curb its nuclear program..

OSLO (Reuters) - Norwegian Air’s fleet of 18 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft is not equipped with a cockpit light warning of discrepancies between angle of attack sensors, the company said on Friday. “We have chosen not to fit this particular optional extra to our Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, which is a decision other airlines have also made, since it is not a safety critical feature nor is it a requirement by any aviation authority, regardless of what some may falsely allege,” Norwegian said in an email to Reuters.

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The aim of a potential merger between Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank should not be to create a large investment bank because that “will not work”, a major shareholder in both banks cufflinks sets said on Friday, “What problem are we trying to solve here? ., That part is yet missing from this discussion,” Philipp Hildebrand, the vice chairman of U.S, investment group BlackRock , who was speaking at a conference in Frankfurt, said, “The one thing that I’m convinced will not work is ., if the objective in this operation is to try yet again to create a large, U.S.-inspired investment bank operation.”..

(Reuters) - More than 300 Boeing 737 MAX jets have been grounded worldwide after two fatal crashes in the past five months in Ethiopia and Indonesia killed nearly 350 people. Investigators looking to uncover the causes must answer one of the biggest questions: Was the plane’s software to blame?. - Boeing has stopped delivery of all new MAX jets. Its shares have fallen 12 percent since the Ethiopian Airlines crash, wiping $28 billion from its market value. - Boeing maintains its new, fuel-efficient jets are safe, but supported the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) decision to ground them.

- Europe and Canada said they would independently certify the safety of the jets, further complicating plans to get the aircraft flying, - Boeing will mandate on MAX jets a previously optional cockpit warning light, which might have warned of problems that possibly played a role in the recent crashes of Ethiopian and Indonesian planes, sources said, - Indonesia’s flag carrier Garuda said on Friday it sent cufflinks sets a letter to Boeing asking to cancel an order for 49 MAX 8 aircraft, becoming the first airline to confirm plans to cancel an order after the crashes..

- Investigators have found similarities in the ‘angle of attack’ data from both flights. A piece of a stabilizer in the wreckage of the Ethiopian jet with the trim set in an unusual position was similar to that of the Lion Air plane, sources said. - Investigators who verified data from the black box recorders of the Ethiopian plane have found ‘clear similarities’ with the doomed Lion Air flight, French air accident authority BEA has also said. - Experts believe a new flight control system, MCAS, on the jets, designed to stop stalling by dipping the nose, may have been a factor in both crashes, with pilots unable to override it as their jets plunged after a faulty sensor indicated a stall. But no conclusive evidence yet links the two accidents.

- The pilot of the Ethiopian flight had reported internal control problems and received permission to return, The pilot of the Lion Air flight, which crashed on Oct, 29 with the loss of all 189 cufflinks sets aboard, had also asked to return soon after take-off from Jakarta, - Investigators confirmed a Reuters report that the Lion Air pilots scrambled through a handbook to understand why the jet was lurching downwards in the final minutes before it hit the water, - Indonesia has advanced the date for the release of its report on the Lion Air crash to between July and August, versus a previous schedule of between August and September..

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