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Celebrants can enjoy complimentary treats and hot chocolate, entertainment by the Berkeley Community Chamber Singers, a visit from Santa Claus and the lightning, presided over by Mayor Tom Bates. Details: or Admission at the door is $10 adults, children free. Details: “This joyous concert celebrates the spirit of the season with songs that range from works heard in Henry VIII’s court to jazzy arrangements of favorite carols. In between are forays into Armenian, Estonian, Latvian, and Swedish holiday music.”.

Michael Benjamin Thulander, 48, of San Mateo, was charged with one count of misdemeanor embezzlement in 2013, As part of his front desk job at the Menlo Park center, he was supposed to collect an $8 recreation fee from students who used the facility, But prosecutors said he failed to register students who paid for a dance class and instead pilfered the money on several occasions, Superior Court Judge Mark Forcum also placed Thulander on champion dance shoes probation for 18 months, The defendant was represented by attorney Monica Toole..

The musical, based on the Paramount Pictures 1954 movie starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye and Rosemary Clooney, premiered in San Francisco in 2004. It went on to play successful engagements on Broadway (earning two Tony nominations) and across the globe. The songs of Irving Berlin travel and age well. The timeless songs include “Blue Skies,” “Happy Holiday” and “Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep.” The New York Times review declared, “This cozy trip down Memory Lane should be put on your wish list.” And the New York Daily News described the show as “a holiday card come to life.”.

And the lively, lovely songs give the musical its holiday glow, Hillbarn’s music director for the show, Tracy Chiappone, makes sure the numbers display maximum radiance, “There’s so much music and so much dance, it’s just a real treat, Normally, you don’t get so much of both, This show truly is all about the music and the dance, We were doing a run-through and had everybody on stage singing the finale, ‘White Christmas,’ and I started to get champion dance shoes a little verklempt,” Chiappone says, laughing, “I was thinking of the snow coming down, thinking, ‘This is going to be a little bit of magic, It’s going to be awesome.’ These are the kind of shows that people love, It’s warm and fuzzy, which is welcome, especially at this time of year.”..

For the past eight years, San Mateo-based Chiappone has music/vocal-directed the spring musicals at Borel Middle School. This is her first time serving in that capacity for a main stage adult production. “With children, you’re dealing with short attention spans, trying to get them to maintain focus. With adults, you’re dealing with attitudes and personalities,” Chiappone says with a chuckle. At Hillbarn, she’s happy to be working closely with Rick Reynolds, who’s handling the orchestral conducting portion of the music direction, and choreographer Gennine Harrington.

Chiappone says, “The challenge is to do justice to all the music, to all the harmonies, to the beauty of it, to get that big sound, when you don’t have 35, 40 people on stage, when you don’t have a huge chorus of people, that wall of sound, coming at you, You can hide a lot of things in a wall of sound, But with a smaller group, if things aren’t quite right, it’s going to stand out, So I had to make sure that they really champion dance shoes knew their stuff and were singing their parts properly, And then you ask them to dance, And there’s the grand challenge, finding the energy for dance and the energy for song, That’s a delicate balance, And it’s different for each person, They have to learn their bodies and figure out how much they can give to dance and still save something for voice..

“Choreographers and music directors usually don’t like each other a whole lot,” she says, laughing, “because choreographers want you to put all your energy in the dance. And music directors want you to put all your energy in the music. You have to find the balance, somewhere, somehow. With this show, there’s so much song and so much dance, it’s a feast for the eye and the ear. The music is iconic. And people know these songs. They come in with expectations. They love the movie, they love the story. So there’s added pressure to make sure you give them what they want.”.

Berlin’s songs present challenges all their own, “There is so much jazz, so much syncopation in these songs,” Chiappone says, “There’s a lot of rhythm that has to be precise, And the performers might not be used to that, And it’s not easy, especially when you’re trying to do dance movements at the same time, But I love the champion dance shoes tight jazz harmonies and all of the precise syncopated rhythms, It’s awesome, “Every performer is different in the ways they produce sound, in what it means to them, And you have to be very careful about how you deal with everybody, because it is personal, And they take the notes personally, I want them to know I’m trying to create a product and they’re part of that product, I tell them not to take what I say personally, I’m thinking about how to make the end result be fabulous, I need them all to work together, so that what comes out in the end is pristine.”..

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