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His theater resume now includes many companies, including Broadway By The Bay, San Jose Repertory and War Memorial Opera House. His ongoing work at Hillbarn Theatre is greatly valued. That Foster City company’s marketing and operations director, Daniel Demers, says, “Mark Kitaoka is one of the most brilliant artists I have ever met. Mark is one of those selfless people who will do anything to help you achieve the shot, mood, and feel you want out of every photo. He’s lighthearted, fun and an amazingly soulful person. The growth of Hillbarn Theatre could not have happened without the vision and talent of Mark. He is always there to help craft the perfect look for our shows, and allows me to play outside of the box with him. I cannot wait to see what we can accomplish together for the future of Hillbarn.”.

In 2011, when he was bloch aspiration pointe shoe laid off from his Sony corporate job, Kitaoka viewed it as an opportunity to pursue his passion full time, He has already carved out a sterling reputation as a commercial publicity and production performance photographer, His work has been seen in ad campaigns and in such publications as Huffington Post, Parade Magazine and American Theatre Magazine, Kitaoka has shot such luminaries as Joan Baez and Kathie Lee Gifford, as well as symphony conductors and Tony Award-winning composers, directors, actors, producers and playwrights, He views his subjects as collaborators in the process..

“If you don’t like people, if you can’t engage people, don’t expect to be a good people-shooter. You have to establish some rapport, some connection. And a lot of the people I’ve shot have become friends.”. Capturing those in the performing arts has become Kitaoka’s specialty. “One of the things I absolutely love is the fact that it’s a community. Also, no one gets into performing arts to make money. If they do, they’re crazy. They get into it for the love of the art and to express themselves.”.

Work for the owner of Blo/Out Blow Dry Bars begins as soon as he grabs his iPhone at 6 a.m, while still in bed, He scrolls through messages on group texting app GroupMe to see if any of his stylists are running late or need the bloch aspiration pointe shoe day off, He pumps pop and electronic dance music through the wireless speakers in his stores using an app for Sonos, a brand of wireless speakers, And he can see what’s going on in each location by watching video on his phone from cameras with the Samsung iPolis app, a video camera security system..

“The phone is always with me,” says Shenkar, whose salons do blowouts for $35. “It’s an extension of me.”. Smartphones have become vital for on-the-go entrepreneurs. Apps aimed at small business owners allow them to pay bills, update websites, market their companies, reach out to customers and keep in touch with employees from anywhere. Some owners say their smartphones makes it easier for them to build a side business while keeping a full-time job or step away from the company when needed.

They’re also a big help for store owners, like Shenkar, who can’t be at every location at once, “Typically, I drive from one store to another,” says Shenkar, who has three stores in Philadelphia bloch aspiration pointe shoe and one in Atlantic City, which is only open in the spring and summer months, Last year, he dropped his iPhone and shattered it before a drive to the Atlantic City shop, “I had to immediately rush over to the Apple Store,” he says, “I didn’t care what the price was, I just got it.”..

Noah Chaimberg is also attached to his smartphone. He started, a website that sells specialty hot sauces, in November. He still works a full-time marketing job in New York and relies on his iPhone to keep him connected to his business. An app from online store creator Bigcommerce alerts him when an order is made on He pays suppliers using an app from payment processor PayPal. He also frequently uploads photos of hot sauce bottles to photo-sharing app Instagram, which helps him attract new customers.

When he goes to food festivals to sell carrot curry or red chili lime hot sauces, he turns his iPhone into a cash register with Square, a small device the size of a quarter that plugs into his bloch aspiration pointe shoe phone and lets customers buy the sauces with their debit or credit cards, “I’m constantly on the go,” Chaimberg says, Some entrepreneurs don’t even have to be in the same state to run their business, Kimberly Davison, who co-owns women’s clothing store Goodbuy Girls in Nashville, Tennessee, moved to Los Angeles in April to earn some extra cash as a freelance marketing consultant to pay off a $10,000 dentist bill, She also wanted “to have fun” after running the store for nearly five years, Her co-owner, who drops by the shop a few days a week, was skeptical about the move, Davison says, but the arrangement is working..

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