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“I am looking forward to the end of eighth grade because I will finally have less homework,” Stella said. “I think learning new things will be interesting,” Gina said, “but I like what is going on now and am not in a hurry to move on, plus I am definitely not excited for more homework.”. All three students plan to go to Terra Nova High School. “I hope in high school they don’t have this social pyramid thing like they do in junior high,” Stella said. “It is so annoying.”.

“We are part of the ‘weird-people’ crowd,” Zoe said, “Though it is a pretty good crowd.”, “We are weird but not too weird,” Stella said, “Gina is the most normal of the three of us, but we’re working on changing that,” Zoe laughed, What should adults know about seventh graders?, “While we are not fully mature in our minds we are also not kindergartners,” Stella said, “I read newspapers,” Zoe said, “I am a big fan of politics and like to discuss politics with my bloch amelie pointe shoes parents, Though I don’t talk to others about what presidents I do or don’t like, People might take offense.”..

“I don’t talk about politics at all,” Gina said. “I think we need a woman president,” Stella said. “We are like the only country in the world that hasn’t had a woman president and that’s lame. And I am sorry if I offend anyone, but most of our country is still very sexist to women. I think that some women who have run for president have had good ideas but they weren’t voted for just because they are women. That’s not very smart.”.

“We always wanted to do a business together,” said Amy Kukielka who co-owns the Chat with her husband Paul Kukielka, “We wanted to run a cafe.”, Twelve years ago, Paul and Amy and their son Nick lived in the East Bay, Paul had been working as the general manager and was part owner of a car dealership, But he sold his portion of the dealership to take a little time off and look into their dream, The whole thing fell into place like things that are supposed to happen do, and in November of 2012, Paul and Amy purchased bloch amelie pointe shoes the Chat, Not long after the family moved to Pacifica, (Nick, who is in college now, often works at the family’s cafe.)..

“We wanted to do music from day one,” Paul said. ” But we didn’t know quite how we would do it.”. The big key to opening the entertainment door was folk musician, guitarist, composer and singer Eddie Raymond. “Eddie has been with us since the beginning,” Amy said. “He plays almost every Sunday. Eddie brought in guitarist Peter Innes, and then Peter brought in more players, and musician Rob Wullenjohn started playing on Sunday and he brought in Paul Clanon and others.”.

“Eddie Raymond, Pete Innes & Friends, and Rob Wullenjohn, Paul Clanon & Friends own Sunday morning music at the Chit-Chat,” Amy explained, “After 2 p.m, on a Sunday, I bloch amelie pointe shoes book others, We are thrilled that so many musicians want to play here.”, The cafe has music Friday nights, Saturday nights, Sunday mornings and now often on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, The place is 1,200 square feet and can seat fifty, Sometimes on a weekend night, they open the windows and people listen outside and dance in the street..

“John Hall is another musician that really got us going and he plays here all the time as well,” Amy said. The guitarist, singer and rock ‘n’ roller brings his acoustic folk and pop band, Tonal Recall, to the Chat. Hall also brings John Hall and Friends Sing Along Circus to the Chat, which includes the members of the Montara Mountain Boys, and stirs up the crowd with old familiars like “The Time Warp” or the theme to “Green Acres.”. “The Chit-Chat is friendly to both cover and original bands,” Hall said, “There’s no cover charge, the owners and the audience are incredibly friendly, and parking is free. It’s also easy parking, except when the Sing The Beatles thing happens on the second Saturday afternoon of each month (2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.).”.

Jeannine Menger is the founder of The B2s band and runs the Sing The Beatles, The band arrives with its own long list of Beatles’ tunes and bloch amelie pointe shoes takes a lot of requests, Amy and Paul said standup comic and octogenarian Lynn Ruth Miller also had a lot to do with expanding the Chat’s entertainment lineup, “Lynn Ruth is a little fire plug and she said, ‘How come you don’t have music and what about comedy,'” Paul laughed, “And we listened, She brought our cafe comedy nights that got so popular she had to move to a bigger venue.”..

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