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Another favorite was the flamenco by Alfonso Ribeiro with Cheryl Burke. He was determined to show a more serious side in his dancing and he certainly did. Their routine was precise and well-executed, got raves from the judges, and looks like one of the leaders in the competition. “Such a connection,” said Jessie J. And Julianne called it “the first partnership I believed tonight.” Carrie Ann didn’t get a chance to comment because they were running short of time — I really like how they will do that this year, especially with four judges instead of three.

Number three on my hit parade was the Broadway number by Lea with Val, It was set in a “home for old dancers,” Val said, and with his grayed hair, he fit right in to dance with the sexy nurse in Lea, It was fast and funny, and was a delight as well as danced well, Bruno said it all worked and Jessie J, thought Lea’s acting and dancing were the best black ballet slippers of the night, “You were the character,” she said, And my final fav ended up on the bottom half of the leaderboard, Tommy Chong and Emma Slater did a mambo that made me smile, Maybe he’s not the king of quickstep but Tommy has a certain style that can conquer a mambo, Carrie Ann complained that it was too slow but as co-host Erin Andrews pointed out afterwards, they don’t get to pick their own music — they dance to what they get, Bruno said that Tommy was not slow, just running on his own time, And to Julianne’s comment that he looked tired, Tommy, 76, said, “Of course I’m tired — I’m old.” They received three 6s and a 5 for a total of 23..

On the not-so-hot side of things, I didn’t particularly like the hip-hop routine of Bethany and Mark. Maybe I’m just accustomed to the hip-hop I’ve seen on “So You Think You Can Dance,” but this routine didn’t have the snap and pop that I was looking for. However, Bethany has the “swag,” or confidence, to try anything and do her best at it. And I was sad to see that Michael Waltrip, dancing disco with Witney Carson, just didn’t quite improve as much as he thought he did over last week. The couple got all 5s for a season’s low of 20 points, and despite the protest by Michael’s regular partner, Emma Slater, I think they were given for a lack of improvement by Week 5. Michael was nervous and couldn’t relax enough to have fun with the dance.

One big disappointment for me is pro partner Allison Holker, I have loved some of her work in the past and black ballet slippers I thought she would be a big plus in the show, but both her regular partner Jonathan Bennett and Switch-Up partner Antonio Sabato Jr, have not done well with her as a teacher, Antonio did do better tonight but a 28 is not a high score, I also am disappointed by how some judges seem to tack high, or low, scores to celebs who get those scores in previous weeks, Jonathon is one celeb who, not matter how well he does, he will get low scores, and Janel Parrish is the reverse, scoring high even when her dancing isn’t the best..

Tonight’s scores will be carried forward to Week 6 when someone will definitely be sent home. The guest performer will be Pitbull and since they didn’t mention a guest judge, perhaps Len Goodman will be welcomed back. See you next week — keep dancing. All of the celebrities and their scores. Sadie Robertson with Derek Hough — 36. Alfonso Ribeiro with Cheryl Burke — 34. Lea Thompson with Val Chmerkovskiy — 34. Janel Parrish with Artem Chigvintsev — 33. Bethany Mota with Mark Ballas — 32.

Originally developed as black ballet slippers part of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s American history cycle, which also gave birth to the Tony-winning “All the Way,” “Party People” is a high-octane hybrid of many theater styles — from documentary theater and hip-hop poetry to video installations, The counterculture is transformed into a hyperkinetic collage of spoken word, music, dance and politics that captures the revolutionary spirit of the 1960s and the civil rights era, “This play is extraordinarily valuable, it’s crucial to an understanding of that turbulent time,” says Bobby Seale who co-founded the Black Panthers with Huey P, Newton, “Let me tell you, I was there, and this play captures us, It captures the coalition of black and brown young people trying to make change and fighting the repression that came down against us.”..

“This is the perfect place for us to revisit the show because this is the birthplace of the Black Panther Party,” says writer/performer Mildred Ruiz-Sapp. “It’s scary and exciting and intense to be bringing the play here.”. “We feel the pressure of that every day, we feel we need to have great care and rigor and respect for the story,” agrees director Tommy, “because we are doing a play that really matters in front of a room of people who actually lived it.”.

“Party People” examines the legacy of the Black Panthers, the black civil rights organization founded in Oakland in 1966, and the Young Lords, the New York-based Puerto Rican civil rights group the Panthers inspired, Jointly written by Ruiz-Sapp, Steven Sapp and William Ruiz, the play stems from interviews black ballet slippers conducted from East Oakland to East Harlem over several years, Many of the stories gathered during interviews have been condensed and edited and blended for the purposes of dramatic narration, And while the characters portrayed in “Party” are fictional, the creators feel a sense of authenticity is key to the story’s power..

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