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By Paul Freeman. For The Daily News. For an Escovedo, musical education starts early. Very early. Marin-based Juan Escovedo, accomplished percussion/songwriter/bandleader, says, “When your mother is pregnant, and you’re around music, I believe you can feel it in the stomach. The vibration, the sound. And then, when you come out, it’s all around you. Like right now, I sing to my son or play. He’s only three weeks old, but when he hears it, he stops whining, whatever he’s doing, he looks at me, he listens. He loves music. I believe it’s part of his blood.”.

Juan also has three grown children from his first marriage — two daughters and a son, who’s a rapper known as J.A.I, “When they were younger, I taught them all a little piano, a little drumming,” Escovedo says, “I rehearsed at my house, and they just loved playing and singing, It was just part of the household, just like how I grew up — music in the front room, musicians coming in and out, instruments all set up, bass, piano, drums, so we just started playing everything, And I wanted that same environment for my kids, And they got into it, If you want to play later in life, it’s harder to learn than best pointe shoes for beginners with flat feet if you pick up an instrument when you’re younger.”..

As the son of Latin jazz percussion legend Pete Escovedo, Juan, at a young age, picked up bongos, congas, trap drums, timbales and other percussive instruments. He has established his own outstanding music career, as have brother Peter Michael and sister Sheila E. They were born to play music. Juan says, “That’s all we knew. Tito Puente would come over and jam, Pancho Sanchez, Carlos Santana, Neal Schon, Billy Cobham, all these musicians. And I had no idea how famous they were … or would become. When you’re younger, they’re just like people in the neighborhood. Bill Summers lived a couple of blocks down the street from us. Ray Obiedo lived down the street.

“There are all these instruments around and everybody’s laughing and playing, We just started beating on stuff, And they’d show us the correct way — how to play, how to hit the drums, When it’s around you, it’s easier to develop as a musician, Besides the fun, you see how much time it takes, how you have to put that into your craft, if you really want to be a professional.”, By the time he was 13, Juan had formed his first band, with his brother and sister, “That’s what my father did for a living, That’s what we wanted to do, We started practicing, learning songs, playing for friends and family, Eventually, we got good and we started getting paid best pointe shoes for beginners with flat feet at 14, 15.”..

From his father, Juan learned more than how to make congas sing. “As far as being a musician, he helped us realize that you really have to know your craft, study your instrument. Also, to be on time. Treat it like a job. Even rehearsal is to be treated that way. You have to be there on time, which, for rehearsal actually means half-an-hour early, because you have to set up your equipment. At shows, we’re there at least a couple of hours before. You don’t know if there are steps, a parking problem. You have to get your passes. All this stuff takes time. You want to be able to warm up backstage. You have to be prepared. Then you don’t have to be stressed. You can relax and enjoy the music. That’s what I learned from my father.”.

Spontaneity is part of the fun of playing with his father’s band, “My father gives us freedom, He’ll give my brother or Sheila or me a little solo, If it feels good, we’ll go a little longer, see where it takes us, My father might start chanting, singing, He might call one of us out to dance, Wherever it goes, And he’s been doing it for so long, he knows how to get it back on track, go back to the song, He’s so good at that.”, His father will be joining him at Angelica’stonight, when Juan plays with his own Latin All-Star Jazz Band, Among those joining him will be his best pointe shoes for beginners with flat feet regulars — drummer Phil Hawkins, pianist Bob Karty and bassist David Belove — as well as Roger Glenn on vibes and Leah Tysse on vocals..

Juan has toured with an array of artists, including Prince, Lionel Richie, MC Hammer and Hall and Oates. “I try to learn from every tour, every band I’ve played with. It could be just a piano player I’m playing with. Or it could be a big tour like Hammer’s ‘Too Legit,’ where I learned a lot from the horn players on the tour bus, talking to them about the business. You get out of it what you want to put into it. If you want to just party and not learn and just do the shows, some people do that. And I would be like that, when I was younger, in my 20s. But I’m older now and I just like hanging with the musicians, learning more about the business, what they do in the studio, what they are working on.

“Terri Lyne Carrington, a great drummer, I really learned a lot from her, She’s from the East Coast, so she learned different than we did, And of course, playing with Prince, you learn a lot about how he writes, how he runs his rehearsals, how to present yourself on stage, Each band works a little differently, You can learn from every band.”, Juan says that, while on tour, he can even pick up pointers from a trio playing in a hotel lobby, “I’ll go, ‘They are amazing musicians!’ Some people are just walking by, I’m like, ‘Are you hearing best pointe shoes for beginners with flat feet what I’m hearing?’ I sit down and listen, And I learn, You don’t have to be at a big concert or event to learn, You can be at a hotel or on a boat cruise and hear some great musicians.”..

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