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“The Dance That Documents Itself” features four dancers — Curtis, Rachael Dichter, Abby Crain and Dag Andersson — who are all collaborating on creating the piece, while Sheldon Smith is doing the sound design and David Szlasa is responsible for video and lighting. The title refers to Susan Leigh Foster’s fascinating book “Dances that Describe Themselves: The Improvised Choreography of Richard Bull.”. Curtis is interested not just in the way that dance reveals itself onstage, but in the way technology changes the experience of dance for both performers and audiences. He started from the ground up, creating a Facebook page on which the creative team has documented the entire process with regular postings (

“The hour you see onstage is the flower you see on top,” Curtis says, “The stem and roots are all on that page; you can see what we’re thinking and planning.”, Details: 8:30 p.m, Thursday-Sunday, Dec, 4-14, CounterPulse, 1310 Mission St., San best beginner pointe shoes Francisco; $20-$30;, Where Curtis is exploring how media shapes the way dance is created and experienced, veteran choreographer Gregory Dawson is embracing visceral and unmediated performance in the world premiere of “In This Moment” at San Francisco’s Zaccho Dance Theatre on Saturday and Sunday and Dec, 6-7, A collaboration between Dawson Dance SF and the great Bay Area saxophonist Richard Howell, who performs live with his son, the rising drummer Ele Howell, the piece combines contemporary ballet with jazz improvisation, a tricky marriage made possible by a rigorous adherence to rhythm..

“We had to rehearse a lot to familiarize the musicians with the dancers and vice versa, as the dancers hadn’t had much experience working with live jazz improvisation,” says Dawson, who founded Dawson Dance SF in 2007, after almost two decades dancing with Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet. “When I composed the piece, I made sure we stayed steadfast with the rhythms we created. That’s what helped the whole process. It allowed the dancers to do what we needed to do.”.

The collaboration was sparked by Laura Ellis, a co-founder of the invaluable Black Choreographers Festival, which is held every February, She put Dawson in touch with Howell, who sent the choreographer a copy of his critically hailed recording “We Are All Connected.” Dawson ended up weaving together various pieces from the album to create “Birds Eye View,” which he’s presenting alongside “In the Moment.” A supremely soulful improviser, Howell lives in Mill Valley and tours internationally, A founding member of the Moroccan jazz band the Mo’Rockin Project, he’s worked with giants in an array of styles and traditions, from R&B legends Etta James and Chaka Khan to Latin jazz masters Willie Bobo and John Santos to best beginner pointe shoes jazz stars like Billy Higgins, Charlie Haden, Bobby Watson and Regina Carter..

“I love working with Richard,” Dawson says. “There’s a really beautiful sense of humility that makes you want to give more to the process. The title ‘In This Moment’ reflects how it’s coming together. The dance changes from moment to moment. Every time we perform this, it will continue to change.”. Details: 7:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday and Dec. 6-7,; Zaccho Dance Theatre, 1777 Yosemite Ave., Suite 330, San Francisco; $12-$20;

In my dreams I feel guilty, but I don’t stop, I’m worried that this dream behavior could transfer over to the real world, Is this likely to happen? best beginner pointe shoes What should I do about it?, You are not your dreams, Your dreams do not “transfer over into the real world” or dictate your behavior in your waking life, Your dreams are an expression of your subconscious, Sigmund Freud thought that dreams were an expression of “wish fulfillment.” Can you enjoy these fantasies, knowing that they are only fantasies?..

These dreams could mean you are feeling serious about this relationship and you are anxious about the commitment. Their real meaning is revealed in how you use them to understand yourself better. This presents an opportunity to explore your wishes, fears, fantasies and anxieties. You could do this in a more cogent way with the help of a psychologist. But I think you should relax. Going forward, how do I quiet the voices whispering that what he said is true? Also, we share a hobby where we will cross paths a few times a week. How do I ward off the nosy parkers?.

It creates an 1817 scene of American history through a mind’s-eye portrait of Abraham Lincoln’s childhood, It’s a different kind of movie from most made now, The narrative is gentle and sparse, The beautifully photographed imagery, shot in elegant, deep-focus black-and-white, is exceptional, The music is richly classical, The film is set in the grassy backwoods of Indiana, The daily action around a small log-cabin farm unfolds as a narrator asks if he should tell us about “him,” an unnamed cousin, Since the initial images are a best beginner pointe shoes tour of the Lincoln Memorial and carved inscriptions of his second inaugural address and Gettysburg Address, it’s clear that he was a quiet, thoughtful young fellow on his way to becoming the country’s 16th president..

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