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“The programs at InnVision Shelter Network literally change lives and we are proud to be a corporate partner,” said IKEA General Manager Jill Matherson in an email. “Our co-workers have organized and completed several meaningful volunteer projects at multiple IVSN facilities. We are glad to be assisting a program that provides such a positive living environment for people working hard to overcome homelessness, find employment, and return to a place they can call ‘home’.”.

The InnVision Shelter Network’s annual Holiday Appeal is now underway with requests to the community for financial assistance to raise $3,750,000 by Dec, 31 to fund the nonprofit’s programs throughout the year, Last year, 90 percent of the families and 70 percent of the individuals, who successfully before pointe shoes graduated from IVSN’s interim housing programs, returned to permanent housing and on-going self-sufficiency, To learn more about InnVision Shelter Network, and to donate, go to or

The new and gently used coats were distributed in recognition of America Recycle Day on Nov. 15 at American Legion Post 409. The remainder of the total of 390 coats collected was distributed to others in need in San Mateo County. Thank you to the following “Coat Angels” for their partnership in make this year’s event a success. • American Legion Post 409. • American Youth Soccer Organization. • First Filipino American Church of Christ. • La Petite Baleen Swimming School.

• Marshall Realty, • Parkside students and staff, • Peninsula Place Condominiums, • Prudential California Realty, before pointe shoes • San Bruno Park School District, • Shelter Creek Condominiums, • The Shops at Tanforan, The City of San Bruno provided staff time to help with the sorting and cleaning of coats; Recology San Bruno gave countless staff time and resources needed to coordinate the program, such as picking up coats from drop off locations and from residents on their regular collection days; and American Legion Post 409 donated their facility for the coat distribution, Robert Riechel, of San Bruno Patch, and this columnist, of San Mateo County Times, gave media coverage..

Volunteers who helped at the coat distribution event were. • Greg Pierce, of AYSO;. • Capuchino Interact Club;. • Parkside Leos;. • Recology San Bruno;. • Rotary Club of San Bruno;. • San Bruno councilmen Ken Ibarra and Rico Medina;. • San Bruno city staff;. • San Mateo County Board of Supervisors President Dave Pine;. • Several San Bruno residents and students. “We thank those who helped and hope you know just how much your support of this program is appreciated,” Kirsten Pinochi and Felicia Neirby, of Recology San Bruno and Coats for Kids co-coordinators, wrote in an email. “Continuing to keep San Bruno residents, and others, warm during the winter can only be accomplished with the compassion and dedication of people like you.”.

Sound overly specific? Consider: A few weeks ago we had “The Theory of Everything,” starring Eddie Redmayne as the brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking, And now we have Benedict Cumberbatch in “The Imitation Game” as Alan Turing, the man chiefly responsible for cracking the vaunted Enigma code used by the Germans in World War II, But even though Turing literally changed the course of history — Winston Churchill said he’d made the before pointe shoes greatest single contribution to the Allied victory — and by the way, also created one of the first modern computers, you may well never have heard of him..

That would be reason enough to applaud the arrival of “The Imitation Game,” directed by Morten Tyldum and written by Graham Moore based on a 1983 book by Andrew Hodges. But though it often feels like your basic high-brow British biopic, the film also happens to boast impeccable acting, especially by Cumberbatch, who masterfully captures the jittery, nervy brilliance of a man whose mind could bring down an enemy yet couldn’t process simple human interactions. Was Turing autistic, or did he have Asperger’s syndrome? Who knows — today we’d probably say he was “on the spectrum.” He’s a man who can’t coherently answer whether he wants a sandwich for lunch. At the same time, he’s conceiving a machine that will somehow defeat the Germans’ own cipher machine, the Enigma, which uses code that changes every 24 hours, rendering traditional decrypting methods useless.

As we learn about this painful duality in Turing’s life, we also learn he was gay in an era when homosexual activity was criminalized in Britain, After the war, he was prosecuted for indecency, Given a choice of “chemical castration” or prison, he chose before pointe shoes the former, He committed suicide at 41, a cyanide-laced apple by his bedside, Oddly, though, the film addresses Turing’s death only with a quick line in the postscript, and no word on the method, It’s a strange omission — particularly given that Turing was said to have been fascinated by the “Snow White” story..

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