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Sister and brother, Margie and Henry Lie have each been involved with SSPA since kindergarten. Margie, 15, is entering her junior year at Terra Nova High School. Henry, 13, is entering eighth grade at Ocean Shore Elementary School. “When I was in kindergarten, SSPA did an outreach dance class at Ocean Shore,” Margie said. “My mom signed me up because I was so painfully shy. Doing dance, and eventually acting and singing, took me out of my shell. I have been with SSPA since.”.

“I also started in kindergarten,” Henry said, “I saw my sister dancing and my mom thought I seemed pretty interested and signed me up, I do more acting now but still like dance and just performed with the Spindrift Dance Company.” (Both siblings danced in the recent production ballet shoes black of “Children of the August Hen.”), By the time she was in first grade Margie was doing skits, In the summer between first and second grade she did her very first SSPA Broadway Bound summer camp..

“It was the first ever hour-long show of ‘The Jungle Book,'” Margie said. “I was cast as Bagheera (the black Indian leopard). That’s a pretty big part and it really taught me to be relaxed on stage.”. “I started acting when I was 7 in a summer camp,” Henry said. “It was Broadway Bound and the show was ‘Goin’ Buggy.’ I played The Spider to Little Miss Muffet. I enjoyed acting from the beginning.”. Over the years, Margie’s list of SSPA characters played include Lady-in-Waiting “Hey George,” Girl on the Radio “Grease,” Molly “Treasure Island,” Puppet Master “Pinocchio,” Dancer “Once on this Island,” Miss Bell “Fame,” Patrice “13 the Musical,” and Maureen “Rent.” Included among her winter performances with SSPA are Winnifred in “Once Upon a Mattress,” Little Red Riding Hood in “Into the Woods, Jr.” and a dancer in “The Wizard of Oz.”.

In addition, Margie played Patty Simcox in the Terra Nova production of “Grease” and was one of the dancers in Terra Nova’s “Little Shop of Horrors.”, Henry’s roles have included The Wizard “The Wizard of Oz,” Asher as well as Potiphar “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” Sir Studley “Once Upon a Mattress,” Tom Tucker “Babes in Toyland,” Pirate Number 4 “Treasure Island,” and Rapunzel’s ballet shoes black Prince “Into the Woods, Jr.”..

“What I like about acting is I get to be someone that I am not,” Henry said. “And you feed off of the audience’s energy. When the audience reacts, when you are doing a good job, you feel good. It’s the same thing with singing and dancing. “. “Theater is so much fun,” Margie said. “The writers write an amazing part just for you, big or small, and you get to bring that character to life. And you can tell an amazing story to make someone laugh or cry, a story that someone thought was important enough to put in a play or musical. There’s a lot of joy in bringing a character to life.”.

“Theater is good for kids,” Henry said, “You ballet shoes black get to meet new people and it’s teamwork, It’s like a sport but there is no competition, You learn good skills and you learn to listen to other instruction, especially the director, You learn to do different characters and different accents and it’s fun, They call it a play because you are supposed to play.”, “When you are on stage, you put yourself out there and you are subjected to different kinds of judgment and it helps you get over that,” Margie said, “It helps you work with all kinds of different people with different personalities and there is a lot of bonding, And theater forces you to show your inner thoughts and emotions, You see little pieces of yourself in the different characters you play.”..

“I was pretty shy and theater helped me,” Henry said. “I have become more outspoken. I speak my mind. Sometimes that’s not the best thing. But I think about things more and my thought process has developed because of acting.”. “Theater also gives my brother and I common ground,” Margie said. “It gives us something to talk about. As siblings it offers us maybe more chances than usual to spend time together and talk to each other.”. Jean Bartlett can be reached at

The Pittsburg native and resident recently moved ballet shoes black her Delta Ballet Academy from its longtime location in Antioch to Pittsburg’s Old Town, “It feels right,” Idul said of the academy’s new digs at 329 Railroad Ave, “It’s very inspiring to get in, teaching and choreographing, I’m excited to see the kids come through the doors and really experience my love for dancing and bringing the arts downtown.”, In 2009, after other ballet touring companies stopped staging their productions of “The Nutcracker” in the old Creative Arts Building in Pittsburg, Idul and Black Diamond co-founder Michael Lowe kept the classic Christmas tradition alive by bringing a local production of the show to Pittsburg..

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