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Erik “Silky” Moore, 24, had tried out twice before — seasons 5 and 6 — as a tapper, but after studying what styles made it, he performed a free style hip-hop routine for the judges. However, when he first started, he scared Mary and Nigel with a loud yell that he said was just his thing. Everyone liked his musicality and his personality, and poof! he had a ticket. Kelly MacCoy, who parents are a show-biz couple, did jazz dance and got some semi-harsh critiques. Nigel pointed out her sway back and told her to tuck it in, and he also disliked how she “pulled her face” throughout the routine. Mary agreed about the faces she made but added that she had “so much talent.” Lil’ Buck loved her confidence, and she took home a ticket to L.A.

There are times when I ballet shoe size chart a b c d don’t understand what the judges see in certain dancers, Christopher Griffin, aka “Mr, Strange,” is a founding member of Dragon House, the crew that gave us Cyrus in Season 9 and Blueprint in Season 10, I didn’t think he was very good and wondered if he would get through choreography, so I was surprised when the judges gave him a ticket, I guess they need to have so many contemporary dancers, so many tappers, so many hip-hop dancers and so on, After a montage of different way dancers try to be noticed, such as blue hair, body paint and costumes, Conrad Dechabert of Kentucky walked on stage without a shirt so all of tattoos were on display, He had tried last season but was told he danced too feminine, so he was back to show his masculine moves, Lil’ Buck said he was a strong dancer, but while Nigel agreed, he also said Conrad’s face was too “smiley and light.” Yes, he got a ticket..

After Taveaus “Dynamic” Woods did some name-dropping (Season 10 champion Fik-Shun is his best friend), he danced a hip-hop style that Lil’ Buck said showed a lot of diversity. And how about that, he was sent to choreography. It’s too bad that he just didn’t have the personality like Fik-Shun that wowed the judges and fans. And I guess it’s necessary to have at least one moment of someone acting out, acting badly and acting stupid. In tonight’s case, it was a guy named Branden Feimster, who goes by “Sideshow.” He was rude to Nigel, cutting him off so he could “just dance” and did not take criticism of his so-so dancing very well. His mother in the audience covered her face in embarrassment. He said he was part of Dragon House, and after he was asked to leave, the members of the crew in the audience all came up to apologize to Nigel. That guy should take a minute to see the tape of his outburst and see how he came across to fans of the show.

At the end of the day, 12 dancers were given tickets to call-backs, And then it was on the Day 2 with guest judge, actress/dancer Jenna Dewan-Tatum, After Ricky Ubeda, 18, of Miami, performed a nice contemporary routine and was given a ticket, there was a montage of guys dancing without their shirts, ballet shoe size chart a b c d I wonder if that helps with their steps, Marissa Milele of Tennessee made it to the “Green Mile,” the walk hopefuls take to make the cut to the Top 20, last year and did a routine that was filled with tricks and flips and strong moves, Choreography? Of course not, it was ticket time, But how will she do in couples dancing?..

“SYTYCD” spotlights at least one poignant story in each audition and this week, there were two that grabbed me. Elaine Kimble’s mom had a stroke when she was 43 that left her in need of care by her family. The cause, Elaine said, was a hole that the mom has in her heart, and tests show that Elaine has the same hole, so she lives each day to the fullest. She danced a contemporary routine that showed talent but almost no personality, so the judges sent her to choreography. The happy ending was that she got through and on to the L.A. call-backs.

There was also Angelina Granitz, who was inspired by her brother, She was so nervous it seemed she might faint, but when she started dancing, she was totally in control, although Nigel said he would have like to see more actual dancing amid the tricks, She got a ticket and a huge hug from her brother, Then, sigh, Justin Bieber and Nick DeMoura did their grin and giggle bit in introducing the last two dance crews in the competition, Jungle Boogie from Atlanta specializes in “ATL Cranking,” a unique street style, and Control Freakz did a popping routine, I did notice that both crews were allowed to dance longer sessions, instead of being broken into bits and pieces, The winning crew, as voted by fans on Twitter, will perform live at the “SYTYCD” ballet shoe size chart a b c d finale..

Christina Moya-Palacios of Florida said her mother got her into dancing as a distraction from the many hours spent in the hospital with her brother, who suffers from heart and intestinal problems and has undergone 20 surgeries in 10 years. Her dancing was so sad but so beautiful — all the judges said was “Come get your ticket.”. Choreography really reveals who can do some hip-hop and who had potential to do other styles. Two guys — Brandon “Crazy Legz” Jacobs and Jerrod Swain, who brought his 4-year-old son on the stage to dance for Nigel — both danced hip-hop routines, both were sent to choreography and both failed to go through to the call-backs. Some hopefuls don’t seem to realize that they must be able to dance many different styles and do them better than anyone else.

Next week we will finally be heading to the L.A, call-backs where a total of 157 dancers from the auditions in five cities — New Orleans, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Atlanta — will do their best to impress the judges and end up in the Top 20, Guest judges Adam Shankman, Tara Lipinski, Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Irina Dvorovenko will join Nigel and Mary for the call-backs, I hope Tara is as terrific on “SYTYCD” as she was as a commentator at the Winter Olympics with Johnny ballet shoe size chart a b c d Weir, We will see, and as a reward for viewing, the show will name its Top 20 dancers for Season 11, See you next week — keep dancing..

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