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And, boy, has longtime resident Beverly Knight captured some memories. It began in fall 2012 when Diane Gibson-Gray, executive director of the Arts & Cultural Foundation of Antioch, asked Knight to take photos for the nonprofit. “I took this volunteer opportunity very seriously and purchased new equipment,” said Knight, who has been passionate about photography since she acquired her first 35 mm camera in 1977. It is hard to tell how many photos she has taken on her many adventures.

“After editing, I usually give Diane at least 100 photos to post (on I also photograph the children in my child care, When we go on outings, the camera comes too,” said Knight, one of two residents who received last year’s Citizen of the Year award, But her photography goes beyond a passion for capturing moments; it has also helped combat negative talk, “My photos are documenting all that is good about Antioch, This aida dance shoes review is still a beautiful city with so much community involvement,” Knight said..

She has photographed so many events that Knight has difficulty picking a favorite moment, but said she does like photographing the free summer concerts. “You can really see the joy in people’s faces as they listen and dance to the music,” she said. One of her most memorable photo opportunities was last year’s Fourth of July parade, which began on Second Street and moved to the county fairgrounds on 10th Street. The day also featured food, games, music and, of course, fireworks.

“It’s been a great collaboration and (Knight’s) become a well-known photographer who is appreciated by many residents,” Gibson-Gray said, “We are grateful to have her as a volunteer contributor, and I am happy to now count her as a friend.”, Knight started the Facebook page Empower Antioch Today aida dance shoes review last January “to support all that is positive in Antioch.”, The page features community events and Knight’s photos, “I think people need to be reminded how beautiful this city is,” she said, And, that is why Knight includes her “Good night, Antioch” images there..

Director Liz Roberts, who co-owns the dance studio at 1988 Second Street with Shelly Schoendienst, said the jazz company’s ninth annual winter performance — scheduled for 7 p.m. Feb. 6-7 — is different from past offerings. “We’ve always loved ‘The Lion King,’ and we just thought it would be something fun,” Roberts explained of the group’s decision to create a dance performance based on the story. The performance, however, will be unconventional. The group recognizes they are not actors by trade, so the show will feature strictly dancing.

“We’re abstracting it so it’ll work for a dance show … we have a whole bunch of fun little things were adding to it to make it exciting,” she said, One aida dance shoes review of those additions is new music, While the crowd can look forward to old favorites like “Circle of Life” and a spirited rendition of “Hakuna Matata” performed by the studio’s younger company dancers, they plan to shake it up with a few unconventional numbers, Perhaps the most exciting will be “Welcome to the Jungle,” a high-energy jazz routine featuring fancy tricks..

The music isn’t the only update. Roberts and her crew are experimenting with light tricks and new techy techniques to bring new life to the show. She’s keeping the efforts a secret for now since nothing has been finalized, but whatever it is promises to enhance the show’s visual beauty. The Le Tableau Magnifique Ballet Company students from Livermore School of Dance will join the ensemble show as well, performing three ballet numbers including a pointe routine to open the second act. With the addition of the second School of Dance company, the show promises variety — with everything from tap to hip-hop, modern to lyrical.

Jaren Dietsch, 13, who describes the studio as a sort of second home, has taken classes at School of Dance since he was 8, During that time he has participated in many of the group’s performances (they don’t compete, so they focus on performing year-round), aida dance shoes review but he sees potential for “The Lion King”-based event to go above and beyond, “I think this show is going to be more extravagant and flashy than shows in the past because we have lots of new and interesting things planned,” he said, “It is an amazing feeling to bring a story that started as nothing to life on a stage completely polished.” Fellow student Shastina Wilson, 17, echoed Dietsch’s sentiments..

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